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posted by alice_026
This piece of information will be very useful to THG Fans. I hope you accept my discovery. I wasn't able to find the full information about all of the movies. But what's really exciting is that Mockingjay with be into two parts except one. That's going to be a really big hit. So far THG has received 4 stars for the movie and book. I hope the rest of the pelikula receive or even exceed their accomplishments with their new director:

Hunger Games Movie Releases:

Hunger Games: 23 March 2012

Catching Fire: 22 November 2013

Mockingjay Part 1: ??/ ? / 2015

Mockingjay Part 2: ?? / ? / 2018

Link: link
ALEXANDRIA SYMONDS: I saw the movie last night, and it's amazing. Have you been going to all of the premieres?

WILLOW SHIELDS: I just went to the LA premiere.

SYMONDS: How was that?

SHIELDS: That was really awesome—it was huge!

SYMONDS: I saw some pictures. It seemed like it was probably really overwhelming.

SHIELDS: Yeah, definitely.

SYMONDS: And this is your first time dealing with all of that stuff, right? Have you found it to be a pretty natural process, or is it like a total other world?

SHIELDS: It's just like a really crazy experience. Definitely otherworldly, because all of these fans of...
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This is written completely sa pamamagitan ng me so don't you dare steal it! If you do use it, remember to credit me, or else! This was inspired sa pamamagitan ng THG & My friend Nadia (Nahh-Deee-Aaahh)

I bust the windows out your shop
'cause you never gave me my chops
i asked for them a week nakaraan
but you never delivered them, no

I bust the windows out your shop
when i figured you'd never deliver
Those mutton chops in that mutton pie
so because of you im blind in the eye

I must admit you didn't do it
but i aint forgiving you, not a bit
'cause i went to the games
and i got punched in the face

You see, i was quite hungry
and you didnt give me
That pie when i told you i needed it
But now you can see what you have done
My eye has gone, forever it has gone
This is written completely sa pamamagitan ng me so don't you dare steal it, if you do use it, remember to credit me, or else. This has been inspired sa pamamagitan ng THG & my friend Nadia (Naah-Deee-Aaah)

I found food

District 12 is full of food,
'cause there's a mine in our 'hood
There's a baker down the street
His baking's really sweet

He bakes me cheese buns everytime
And it feeds me up alright

I found pagkain in a hungry place
I found pagkain in a hungry place
I found pagkain in a hungry place
i found pagkain in a hungry place

Ever since we were back in school
I thought Peeta seemed kind of cool
He likes me quite a lot
that's 'cause he never...
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This is written completely sa pamamagitan ng me so don't you dare steal it, if you do use it, remember to credit me, or else. This has been inspired sa pamamagitan ng THG & my friend Nadia (Naah-Deee-Aaah)

I am Full

Give me a segundo eye,
now i've told you my story straight,
My sister's in the grave
getting tortured madami than a slave
my lover, he's talking to me
just across the bakery
my food's been taken and im hungry
looking for a scrap and..

I know you have a lot of food
i know you won't give me some bread
but, right now, quickly and secretly
give me a sanwits of cheese
You know it'll be hard for me to go back
so that when i go...
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posted by KateKicksAss
(Credit to xitsdanielle on tumblr)

Katniss is a fierce dame.

She’ll lift up her bow and quickly take aim.

Peeta likes to bake bread, in his dad’s oven

He’s a baker man.

They’re tributes in The Hunger Games.

Now all of Panem knows their names.

And they don’t even know what,

but they’ve gotta survive, yeah they’ve gotta survive.

All the tributes in The Hunger Games

You better run, better hide, gotta be quicker.

All the tributes in The Hunger Games

Fighting for their lives, trying to be the victor.

All the tributes in The Hunger Games

You better run, better hide, gotta be quicker.

All the tributes in The Hunger Games.

Fighting for their lives, trying to be the victor.
TheHubNow caught up with actress Amber Chaney this week to talk about her new film, THE HUNGER GAMES.

Based on “The Hunger Games” trilogy of young adult novels sa pamamagitan ng Suzanne Collins, the film features Chaney as Lavinia the Avox Girl, a Capitol servant who seems familiar to heroine Katniss Everdeen.

For our exclusive Q&A, we pitched her six (and only six) tanong for a feature we’re going to call – yep, you guessed it – SIX QUESTIONS. Why not five? Too cliche.

1) Tell us how you scored the role of Avox Girl.

I was working on this play called “Circle Mirror Transformation,” for which...
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We had a chance to read through the Hunger Games cover story in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, and it is filled with great stuff! Here are the tuktok things we learned (and loved!) from the article:

On the PG-13 rating – Nina Jacobson said, “When I first read the books, of course I asked myself ‘How can you do it?’” Gary Ross said, “You don’t need to be gratuitous in order to be honest and capture the intensity of the book … Is it violent? Yes. Do we back off from what it is? No, we don’t. But I’m not interested in violence for violence’s sake. This is a character’s...
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Back in November, Deadline reported that Lionsgate already had a short listahan of writers they wanted to pen the sequel to "The Hunger Games." According to the report, Simon Beaufoy, the writer behind the Academy Award-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" script, topped the list.

Now the Los Angeles Times is reporting that not only has Beaufoy signed on to write "Catching Fire," but that director Gary Ross will return as well. There had been no direct confirmation that Ross would return, and until "The Hunger Games" comes out, there probably won't be, but as things stand, Ross will likely direct.

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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
I think I felt the same; I wanted every bit of him.

I lied down and pulled the cover over my head and got so close to him our legs and feet touched.

When we both woke up entirely I estola away to my room, an avox was waiting there.

She stared and I grabbed a red tee shirt, put my hair up, and pulled on jeans.

I pulled on a pair of converse and headed out to the table.

Thayer came out of his room and snickered and said, “you first.”

I nodded and went out and Pranet laughed and said, “Look who decided to wake up.”

“You’re just as bad as Thayer”, Elisabeth sinabi laughing.

“He’ll probably...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
“So are you ready for breakfast”, she asked?

I nodded my stomach hurt a lot, whether I was hungry or nervous I didn’t know.

“We’ll be pulling in any moment now”, Elisabeth sinabi when I walked out there, “better eat quickly”, she added.

I sat susunod to Pranet, and then Thayer came out and sat across from me and smiled lightly and piled eggs onto his plate.

I looked away and but sumira browns on my plate and took some toast, I didn’t want to eat I still didn’t feel too good.

Nerves? Maybe.

Pranet looked at me and whispered, “You okay?”

I nodded and said, “Just nervous.”

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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
Be ready to kill runs through my mind as I sleep at night, I get up out of kama and sit on the floor, I’ve never been good sleeping in new places, how screwed am I.

I get up and walk around a bit and I hear a voice “can’t sleep.”

It’s Thayer.

“Never can”, I say.

“Me neither” he says, “not since the games.”

“No one seems to but if I win it won’t be much of a change.”

He stares and says, “I wouldn’t think so being the mayor’s daughter.”

“I don’t have much to gain sa pamamagitan ng winning, I have so much to lose sa pamamagitan ng losing.”

“Yea your life.”

I look down and say, “Yep.”...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
I followed Pranet because I had no where else to go and I said, “I sometimes hope that things that happen are a dream but they never are.”

He turned to me and said, “Yes I know.”

I can tell he’s felt the same way, when his dad died, he pulled away, from everything and everyone.

“Funny how things work out though, they push us back together, to die.”

He looks at me, and says, “You’ll live.”

“And you?”

“I’m ready to die if I must.”



“You still are my best friend even if you did pull away.”

He looks at me and says, “Do one thing for me.”

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posted by percyandpotter
The clink of nails against glass. The silence of thousands holding their breath. The rustling of paper. The sharp intake of air as she prepares to speak the words that will end the world.

I stand in the middle. The middle of the crowd, the middle of her friends, the middle of the ages. But standing front and center was one thing I don't want.

The woman from the Capitol spoke two seemingly meaningless, average words I hear on a daily basis. But today their meaning was different. Their meaning wasn't love. Their meaning was doom.

The woman on the stage
smooths the paper
clears her throat
inhales air...
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Peeta Mellark: First choice: Sterling Knight (17 Again)

People think he's a terrible actor since he was on the disney channel, but before he was ever on the disney channel, he did 17 Again, and he was good! Plus he fits the character description

Second choice: Chord Overstreet (Glee)

Katniss Everdeen First choice: Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson) link

No segundo choice.

Gale Hawthorne First choice: Drew Roy

Second Choice: Adam Gregory

Primrose Everdeen First choice: Elle Fanning

Second choice: Jackie Evancho

Haymitch Abernathy: First choice: Robert Downey Jr. link

Second choice:...
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"Zexion, Hazal, Riley, Donovan, Taylor! Time to come in and eat!" Zexion's mother shouted from the porch of their house. Zexion and his many siblings looked up from playing in the dirt and sand. They all got up and ran inside. "Yum!" sinabi Donovan, walking in to see three loaves of warm tinapay on the table. "Now, now, children. Wait your turn to get some." their mother said, with a tired look on her face. Zexion and Riley were the oldest, 12, so they would get their piece last from their siblings. All children had smiles on their faces, as their father sat down to eat. "Mmmm.. now, remember,...
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posted by Claudia4599

I have read every hunger games book. I must say that I pag-ibig the books! I know every one can't wait for the movie and that we are all very excited. I know that the Hunger games have not taken off as everyone hoped, but the movie might help that. But It might do what the Twilight movie did, that is too destroy it. I know that we, who were already fans will always pag-ibig The hunger games and that nothing could change that. The movie for THG is coming out in may of 2012. I was wondering if anyone know the cast list? this would be very helpful. please post your sagot as comments.

posted by abbie_lelouch
i have read another artikulo saying that the hunger games movie will be released on march 23, 2012. one madami taon to go!!! i actually cant wait.. and they also started filming this february 2011 but there is no announcement for the cast yet..

and another thing they will be releasing the official trailer in mid octebers (i just read that)

can i ask your opinions on who should play who?? :)

anyway, i just hope that avan jogia will play gale's part. (even if im a peeta fan) i just think that he would be great for the role..
but if you have other great suggestions please tell me..
posted by runda99
For all you new comers, WELCOME!

The Hunger Games sa pamamagitan ng Suzanne Collins was released September of 2008. It is a fabulous book which I have read about 6 times now! If you are a tagahanga of the Harry Potter or Twilight Series, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!

Suzanne creates a world that is ruled sa pamamagitan ng a dictatorship, filled with evil, desensitization, action, fear, romance and much more! So susunod time you're at a bookstore go to the teen section and pick up this must-have part 1 book of the soon to be trilogy!

You Can check out Chapter 1 of the book under the iugnay section..