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Grrrrr posted on Jul 07, 2012 at 03:02PM
AHMEM, in this RP you can make a character, and live in the hunger games. When describing your character describe:
strong points
low points
So right now I'm going to set the scene. All 24 tributes are set on a volcano. But here's the twist; the volcano has some weird climate changes, like one day snowing and the next day boiling. The tributes can go anywhere on the volcano (but on the very base is located a force field), just know that the volcano is still active, and can blow at any random time. The volcano is completely empty, but the capitol has the power to MAKE it randomly blow. The Cornucopia is full of bags that have food in them, sleeping bags, but NO WEAPONS were included. Your character either has to make their own weapons or fight in hand-to-hand combat.
The scene starts at the chariots.

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