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PurpleStar17 posted on Oct 24, 2013 at 04:30AM
Hey guys I'm writing an article for my high school about the rise of fandoms and about them. I want to get interview from as many different fandoms as I can. Can you please help me make that possible? Maybe even spread it to any friends that you think would like it.
The interview usually takes around 20 minutes, although I've never done it online. It would be questions like: "What are your favorites things about it?","What made you interested in it originally?", "Who are some people from the fandom you share news with or talk to about new episodes and such?" or, "What are some of your favorite sites to visit about your fandoms interest?"
I think I'll post my questions on here, and you guys can post you're answers or send them to my inbox if you want.
Also, I will need you to inbox me your real name because my teacher wont let us use "anonymous". Sorry. :( I might be able to get away with first name and last initial though; I have to ask.
I'd really love any help though because I know it could take my article to the next level to get people outside of school and make it great!

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas PurpleStar17 said…
Thank you for agreeing to being interviewed! Great news: my teacher said I can just use your usernames! For your replies, I need your answers preferably by wednesday but Thursday at latest. send them to me or post them here. Here’s how it works:
Just answer, but make sure it’s stuff you’re comfortable with being published! Also, since anything you say is stuff you said EXACTLY, I can quote you on it. If you don't want me to quote you, tell me and I will do an indirect quote instead. (so instead of: “Being in a fandom is great!” she beamed, it would be: she happily explained that being in a fandom was great.) Or if you ask, I won't put it in at all.

1. What got you started? (Did a friend show you?) Did you fall in love with your fandom’s object slowly or just suddenly become a huge fan? Describe what happened, because everyone has a unique story.
2. What is your fandom like?(How would you describe it to someone who’d never heard of it?)
3. Describe your fandom in one word. (anxious, determined, stubborn, wierd, crazy, awesome, etc. A list of adjectives helps give me ideas when I’m stuck.­­iv­e­s­fo­­rpe­­op­l­e­.s­­htm­­l)
4. What are some stories you can tell? Stories about you staying up late to watch a new episode with your friends. Stories of the time you stood in line for hours just to get a book. It can be funny, sad, anything.
5. What are some of your favorite online sites to visit (Type name and send link please) for:
For pictures
For news updates
For other
6. Who is your main enemy fandom (If you have one. Maybe a competing show?)? Have you gotten in a fight with any of them, real life or online?
7. What are some challenges you face? (Not being able to meet your idol, writing fanfics and getting writer block, etc.)
8. When something happens in the fandom, like a new episode comes out, who would you usually go talk to about it with? What would you usually say about it? (Talk about the plot or about the actors?)
9. If you could meet your favorite person or character, what would you say to them?Why? (Maybe you would just stand there and scream, or give them a hug.)
10. Do you like being in the fandom? The general opinion of fandoms they cause the fans to go from casual fan to hardcore internet fan and it takes over their life. Is this true for you? Do you spend most of your time in your fandom, absorbing every detail, whether looking at pictures, reading fanfics, or watching videos?
Are you happier now, or would you like to go back to not having a fandom?
11. What fandoms do you like and not like? Why?
12. Do people you know or at people at school pick on you about being a fan? What have they done or said? How did you feel?
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