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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 666demon said…
Ares Vince
district 2 boy

Good at: beating the shit out of people who need the shit beat out of them, knife throwing, swinging swords, axes, surprisingly snares and knowing what is poison and what's not, quick thinking in the heat of things and hunting for food and stealing food, providing distractions, protecting Athena when need be.

Weaknesses: His little sister, he feels like if she dies he's going to commit suicide. That and spears and Bow +arrow.

dark crimson red hair, jet blue eyes, tan skin tone, scars covering any visible part of his body since the crazy chick from his district went loco crazy on him from saving an old man from a fire

Ares had a great, great grandfather who married, had a child with and divorced a woman from 9, that quickly became a tradition and now we are with the children from 2 and 9. Growing up Ares lived with his mother while his twin lived with her Father. Life was hard. He knew he had a sister, she just wouldn't tell him until they were both picked for the games.

Athena Vince
district 9 girl.

good at: knives providing distractions, stealing food, learning things from Ares, small hunters axes.

Weakness: Ares, for the same reason. Anything that could kill her.

black hair, light green eyes, tan skin, stripe of blood across her forehead both cheeks chin ad bridge of nose.

Its pretty much like Ares only a lot more funnier.