Ang Hari ng Leon The Lion King in Capitol Theater

onthebroadway posted on Oct 14, 2010 at 09:29AM
The Lion King that is much popular and famed owing to its puppet designs and also staging is a theatrical marvel by the very talented director named Julie Taymor. The show has made a comeback and this means that the legendary singer and composer that is none other than Elton John has been represented with the two Loop shows ever since his musical version of the popular musical "Billy Elliot" has been premiered. It will keep running through till the 15th of January.
It has been beautifully penned and composed by James Burn, who is a former assistant musical director has previously worked on Disney's popular “The Lion King” at the venue of the Mogador Theatre situated in Paris. So if u want to see this show live so we are offering link.It has not only been directed but also has been choreographed by the former performer turned film director that is none other than the talented Ian Poitier. The respective show had prior to this been staged in Bermuda back in the year 2003.
I have been fortunate enough to attend a jam packed performance of the Broadway Across America’s touring production that had been for the show the Lion King at the venue of the Capitol Theater just last night. Lion king is performing in different cities get you tickets of your cities like link etc and enjoy the show in your own city. The production front has already been splendidly reviewed by a writer named Lara Rosenbaum hence there is no need to go there. All I will say is that it’s the Lion King and who just doesn’t love it?
But there are several people who don’t love it and might be termed as being a grouch. They give the argument that it’s a good play but for children.

Ang Hari ng Leon No ang sumagot