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nikki8green6 posted on Apr 13, 2010 at 06:48AM
Okay, I've seen this game on a few spots and I've posted a few myself. It's pretty fun when alot of people participate. So here's how it works, I name a character from the show & you submit a 1-3 word answer describing that character. After everyone who wants to participate in that round has submitted I will post all of them as a pick and let the fans pick thier favorite answer. The winner recieves props and their name is added to the forum. The first character is....

Round 1: Michael Scott
link ~ mono631 with jackass
Round 2: Creed Bratton
link ~ PrisonMike91 with Enigma
Round 3: Jan Levinson
link ~ PrisonMike91 with Downward Spiral
Round 4: Dwight Schrute
link ~ amymeymy with Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
Round 5: Oscar Martinez
link ~ PrisonMike91 with Gay Accountant
Round 6: Andy Bernard
link ~ nikki8green6 with The 'Nard' Dog
Round 7: Ryan Howard
link ~ PrisonMike91 with The Fire Guy
Round 8: Angela Martin
link ~ PrisonMike91 with Short, Perky & Judgemental
Round 9: Jim Halpert
link ~ amymeymy with Adorkable
Round 10: Kelly Kapoor
link ~ Moonbeam1953 with Cute and Shallow
Round 11: Pam Beesly {Halpert}
link ~ Kayla97 with Pamalamadingdong
Round 12: Todd Packer
Round 13: Karen Filippelli
Round 14: Stanley Hudson
Round 15: Phyllis Lapin-Vance
Round 16: Kevin Malone
Round 17: Meredith Palmer
Round 18: Erin Hannon
Round 19: Darryl Philbin
Round 20: Jo Bennett
Round 21: Gabe Lewis
Round 22: Toby Flenderson
Round 23: Holly Flax
Round 24: David Wallace
Round 25: Roy Anderson

Each participant can submit up to 2 answers:)
No voting for yourself:)
Good Luck:)
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