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How come Marcel's whole, I mean WHOLE image is made up out of Klaus?

He wants New Orleans like Klaus, says things like warrior, like Klaus, and thinks he use to be a Mikaelson even though kol was like " Oh for god's sake you were never a Mikaelson ".
 AilaniLuv posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Autumn_Heyes said:
Marcel's WHOLE image is NOT made up of Klaus.

Marcel has a 'WHOLE' set of morals that he DID NOT learn from Klaus. He took what he was taught and then went his OWN way...

For example: Marcel's rules...

We DON'T kill our own - Bampira must not kill Vampires.

We DON'T mess with kids - Marcel WILL NOT tolerate ANYONE harming kids.

We are LOYAL!

This is SO DIFFERENT from Klaus.
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posted 7 days ago 
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