Hit Me Like A Man Cover
Hit Me Like a Man is the segundo EP sa pamamagitan ng American alternative rock band The Pretty Reckless. The upcoming extended play album will be released on March 6, 2012, sa pamamagitan ng Interscope Records.[1] It features three new songs, as well as live versions of two songs from their 2010 debut album, Light Me Up.

1) Make Me Wanna Die (Live)
2) Hit Me Like A Man
3) Under The Water
4) Sice Your Gone (Live)
5) Cold Blooded

A bunch of young girls doffing their tops on stage at a concert? Pretty reckless. The new EP Hit Me Like A Man? Also Pretty Reckless. Frontwoman Taylor Momsen snarls like the best of ‘em in a prebiyu of the Rolling Stone Spain-featured band’s latest sonic offering, featuring “Make Me Wanna Die” as well as four new songs. On the pamagat track, Momsen sings: “Hit me like a man, and pag-ibig me like a woman,” and while we will refrain from doing that first part — there’s been enough discussion of that sort of thing in the news lately, hasn’t there? — we will gladly do the second. Head below for snippets.

Taylor Momsen