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fetchgirl2266 posted on Mar 13, 2011 at 06:33AM
Easy. Just go by the month you were born in, the holiday you like, and your lucky number...and see what you got.

Step 1: Find the month you were born in:

January-I hate
February-I love
March-I slapped
April-I kissed
May-I chilled with
June-I drowned
July-I talked to
August-I seduced
September-I hugged
October-I killed
November-I fought
December-I played with

Step 2: Find the holiday you like:

Martin Luther King Day-Dr. Hibbert
Valentine's Day-Lisa
St. Patrick's Day-Bart
Mother's Day-Marge
Father's Day-Homer
Fourth of July-Maggie
Labor Day-Principal Skinner
Thanksgiving-Edna Krabappel
Hanukkah-Miss Hoover
New Year's Eve-Patty and Selma

Step 3: Find your lucky number

1-because he made out with my boyfriend/girlfriend
2-because I was lonely
3-because I was drunk
4-because I would be killed if I didn't
5-because I liked how his/her body looked
6-because I'm hyper
7-because I cared for him/her
8-because I'm sad right now
9-because I was paid to do it
10-because it's my choice
11-because I felt like it
12-because I'd be able to touch Marge's breasts/Homer's penis if I did

I know it's gonna sound silly, but that's why it's called "wacky statements game". Have fun :)

P.S., I got this idea when I was playing a game submitted by misssu. So, I'm dedicating this game to that person. :)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas fetchgirl2266 said…
I hugged Millhouse because I'm hyper