This listahan is about the five smurfs that I like the most. This listahan is only about the smurfs so Azrael and the human characters are not on the list.

5. Brainy Smurf

Brainy Smurf is a overly smart smurf who gets on the other smurfs' nerves quite frequently. He has madami personality and is madami memorable and funny than most of the other smurfs.

4. Lazy Smurf

Lazy Smurf is a smurf who likes to sleep. He lives up to his name well. He is a 1 joke character, but at least his 1 joke is often funny and amusing.

3. Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is the guardian of Smurfette and the male smurfs. He is a responsible and cool guardian to the smurfs. Plus he's been well voiced sa pamamagitan ng good actors including Don Messick, Jonathan Winthers, and Mandy Patinkin.

2. Smurf Blossom

Smurf Blossom is a character from Smurfs: The Nawawala Village. She is a cute and entertaining character. I hope that she has a big role in future smurfs films and shows. Smurf Blossom is my paborito of the new smurfs due to being a cute and fun character.

1. Smurfette

Smurfette is the awesome smurf. She is quite possibly the most likeable fictional character ever. She is a sweet and heroic girl. She is a excellent example of how people should act: heroic, nice, kind, generous, cute, and adorable. She's a loveable, sympathetic, heroic, and cute character.