Damon looked around in the building, when he saw a silhouette. He rushed towards it and grabbed Veronica sa pamamagitan ng her throat and lifted her from the ground. He threw her inside the fourth room where the apoy had started and locked the door. He heard her scream, but ignored it.
Damon turned around and Elena ran towards him. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
“We have to get out of here” she sinabi when she let go. Damon threw her in his arms and rushed outside.
“Elena, you have to go back to the hospital” Damon insisted. Elena wanted to protest . She just needed five minutos alone with Damon. But then she Nawawala conscious.
Damon rushed inside the hospital. “Where’s doctor Fell?” he asked insisting.
“She’s not available at the moment” another doctor answered. “Maybe I can help you”
“My girlfriend’s dying. She has cancer” Damon explained desperate. He lay her down on a stretcher and followed the doctor to a room.
“Is she using chemo?” the doctor asked. Damon nodded. “What’s her name?” Damon answered and the doctor gave the nurse instructions to get Elena’s file. “You have to leave the room, sir. She’s in good hands”
Damon left the room. In any other circumstances he would’ve stayed, but now he needed to find Meredith. She’d promised him to keep an eye on Elena. He opened the door of the staff room and found Meredith lying on the floor. Someone had knocked her down, but she was still breathing. Damon carried her to the sopa and lay her down. He searched her pockets and found a syringe. He emptied the syringe and left the room with it.
He returned to Elena’s room, but before he could enter the door opened and the doctor walked outside.
“Your girlfriend is still unconscious” the doctor started. “But I’m afraid she won’t be for long. Her heart’s going weaker every minute. She waited too long to get a treatment. It’s a matter of minutes…I’m really sorry”
He walked past Damon and Damon walked inside the room. He walked towards the kama and rolled up his sleeve. He pierced his vein with the syringe and drew blood.
“I’m sorry, Elena, but I can’t let you die” he sinabi and he pierced the syringe in Elena’s arm, giving her his blood. He pulled the syringe out and gave her a halik on her forehead. “I’ll be right back”
He walked towards the door and left.