Hey, guys!
You may remember that last taon we voted for paborito Season 3 couple and character. I plan to do the same thing this year, after the finale airs. But before that I wanted to remind you of the way of voting and also the last year's results.

How we voted:
>In every round we voted for our paborito couple/character.
>The one with the least mga boto would go out.
>If there was madami couples/characters with the same % of votes, then there would be an elimination round, in which we would vote for our least paborito out of them.

And now here are the results of last year's voting for ▶ paborito S3 character

▶26. Esther
▶25. Vicki
▶24. Abby
▶23. Jamie
▶22. Carol
▶21. Finn
▶20. Mikael
▶19. Sage
▶18. Bill
▶17. Kol
▶16. Liz

▶15. Jeremy

▶14. Meredith

▶13. Anna

▶12. Matt

▶11. Tyler

▶10. Elijah

▶9. Bonnie

▶8. Caroline

▶7. Alaric

▶6. Katherine

▶5. Rebekah

▶4. Stefan

▶3. Elena

▶2. Klaus

▶1. Damon

You can see presinto from every round link:)

Now I have some tanong for you:
1. What do you think about results? Is the order of the characters fair and realistic or not?
2. Did you like this way of voting or do you prefer voting for least paborito in every round?