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“- Stefan’s method was very successful for Caroline, and we’ll see him trying to teach Elena, where Damon is taking the opposite point of view.

- We were heading toward the end of the road knowing that as a human, Stefan was Elena’s choice.

- We really wanted to see Stefan and Elena come back together after a really long and really horrible season. She was his champion and fought for him, even when he didn’t deserve to be fought for, she still came back and sinabi “I couldn’t stop loving you, I could never stop loving you.” That deserved payoff. When we wrote “The Last Day”...
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Stefan Salvatore
Katherine Pierce
Seth Kefner and Tifani Esther

Damon Salvatore
Elena Gilbert
Daniel Levis and Eden Dianne

Damon Salvatore
Katherine Pierce
Anna Nadine and Delton Henri

Stefan Salvatore
Elena Gilbert
Sean Allen and Stella Anne

Katerina Petrova
unknown father

Elijah Smith
Catelle Pierce/Petrova
Ella Tiara and Charles Jac

Mathew/Matt Donovan
Caroline Forbes
Chris Oliver and Cristal Marie

Tyler Lockwood
Caroline Forbes
Lara Tina and Cory Tyson

Jeremy Gilbert
Bonnie Bennett
Noemi Jenny and Benjamin Joe

Mathew/Matt Donovan
Elena Gilbert
Nathan Will and Melissa Ethel

Alaric Saltzman
Jenna Sommers
Jane Claire and Eric Lennie

John Gilbert
Isobel Flemming
Iris Ellen and Joel Jesse

Alaric Saltzman
Isobel Flemming
Ceara Belle and Rico Leslie

this is only made up and my opinion............
posted by Britters13
Honestly I think that they could not have cast someone better to be Stefan. I feel that Mr. Wesley has done a perfect job so far and i'm sure there is madami to come. The Vampire Diaries is one of my two paborito t.v. shows, I mean i pag-ibig the story line and I pag-ibig the work that i'm sure he and evryone else has put into this. Also I have a lot of respect for Mr. Wesley because he has worked hard to get where he's at, I share the dream he, Ms. Dobrev and many other actors/actresses are living, to act in a vampire t.v. series or movie. So the reason i have so much respect for them is because when they had a dream/goal they did something about it and didn't just sit around and wait for something, they didn't give up that is why Mr. Wesley and Ms.Dobrev are my heros and i hope one araw to be as talented as they are.

Damon raced inside the hospital, Elena tightly in his arms. A female doctor walked their way while she signed at a nurse. The nurse pushed a stretcher in their direction. While Damon lay her down, the doctor started asking some question.
“What happened?” was her most urgent question.
“She…she’s sick” Damon sinabi trembling. “She has cancer. I took her home, but I shouldn’t have. She should’ve stayed here”
The doctor shone with a small flash light in Elena’s eyes. “Don’t worry, sir. She’s just sleeping” She looked up. “Who’s treating her?”
“I don’t know”...
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So, I made yes-and-no poll to vote for Paul in TCA's 2012. I included a paglalarawan saying "He needs to win this time and deserves to win." Then a (Not DE fans, a) DE tagahanga picked no and nagkomento saying, "Ian deserves to win. 3rd time in row?? I don't care. He's the best. He should win for eternity."

Like what the fuq, bro? Paul hasn't ibingiay credit or appreciated sa pamamagitan ng his hard work this season and you keep saying those things to him? You (the DE fan), are selfish .

I'm not saying that you should all vote for Paul because he is greater than Ian. I'm saying is that Ian is the best too but, at least be fair. Give Paul a chance. He has worked very hard, as Ian.

Paul needs to win this time. And the Teen Choice Awards 2012 is before his birthday. Make it as his birthday gift from his fans. So he would know that we appreciate him for his hardwork..

Vote for him here: link
This is how Growing Pains would be like if I was in charge, madami or less. Based on what information we do know about this episode.

Caroline and Matt are in the Mystic Grill and Caroline tells Matt not to blame himself. Matt explains that he never thought Elena would do something like that for him, but Caroline calls him stupid and tells him Elena loves him as her own brother. Matt then declares how much he hates that everything is changing. Caroline says that things can only get better, as Klaus is dead. Klaus, still in Tyler’s body, walks through the woods and suddenly speeds off.

Elena wakes...
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Ok, so there are SERIOUS spoilers here, so if you don't want any, stop reading...NOW.

I will constantly update this page as soon as new spoilers are unleashed.

Recurring cast
Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson -- returning
Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson -- returning
Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol Mikaelson -- returning
Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman -- returning
Susan Walters as Carol Lockwood -- returning
Torrey DeVitto as Meredith Fell -- returning
Marguerite MacIntyre as Sheriff Forbes -- returning
Erin Beute as Miranda Sommers-Gilbert -- returning
Jasmine Guy as Sheila Bennett -- returning
Todd Williams...
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posted by Anchybejbe
Hello :) Um,I got this thing from one site where fans of some ipakita getting know other fans,it's great.They write their sagot on the tanong of the ipakita :D So I want it too.
So here are questions,copy them and answer in the comments :):

1: paborito male character?
2: paborito female character?
3: paborito couple?
4: paborito AU couple?
5: paborito friendship?
6: paborito cast friendship?
7: paborito actor/actress?
8: paborito guest star?
9: paborito secondary character?
10: paborito season?
11: paborito episode?
12: paborito song from TVD?
13: paborito quote?
14: Least paborito male character?...
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I don’t know where I’m at
I’m standing at the back
And I’m tired of waiting
Waiting here in line, hoping that I’ll find what I’ve been chasing.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna to fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
Never know why it’s coming down, down, down.

Not ready to let go
Cause then I'd never know
What I could be missing
But I’m missing way too much
So when do I give up what I’ve been wishing for.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna to fall down
I thought I could fly, so why...
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Before anyone says anything, this based on 4x07 and not the current episodes so chill out and let me explain my point before any of you go crazy on me ok.
The reason I don’t believe they truly pag-ibig her has been clear to me since 4x07 (BEFORE THEY FIGURE OUT  the “sire bond”)  , when Elena was still a fresh new vampire who struggling with her to accept it, and has a problem in the feeding department since she turned, but even before she turned Stefan was trying to find any way to turn her back human and have not complete the transition, now a lot of you would say that’s because he...
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Ok, now that I have had sometime to sleep on it and re-watch the episode. I can now speak my mind a little bit. Firstly, all in all the episode was pretty good, the intro to start the episode I think was pointless. It took up time that could have been ibingiay to the actual plot but it was cute… I guess.

Elene Transition.

Considering that there have been two people that have gone through transition ( Vicky and Caroline) It was nice to see them go further and really ipakita us how Elena was seeing the world. How the sight, sounds and smell even had an effect on her.( I loved when she busted the light...
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posted by Ianrocks
Katherine scan through the old books looking for clues. She was sitting in the with her legs tumawid over the arm. Damon was laying on the sopa pagbaba a journal. Katherine sighed and threw the book across the room.
"nothing" She said
"great" Damon sinabi sarcastly.
Katherine turned to Damon "i'm hungry Damon" Katherine said.
"well your the unwanted house guest, go get it" He replied without raising his head from the book.
Katherine got up from the chair and went down to the basement. She opened the door and stepped inside, not knowing what was in there. She went to the fridge and opened it, grabbing...
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posted by maryam1311
♥ Because he remember her bedroom. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he was doing “tst, tst, tst” at her. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he gave her a flower. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he was her escort instead Stefan. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because they danced together. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because he stayed with her. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because he wondered if she stays overnight. | 1×20 Blood Brothers

♥ Because he was helping her with Stefan. | 1×20 Blood Brothers

♥ Because she wanted to hear the rest of the story from him.| 1×20 Blood Brothers

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posted by loveXheart
The brooding ex boyfriend of Elena Gilbert who then went on to petsa one of her best mga kaibigan Caroline Forbes.

Other than this, he wasn't really that much of an important character. At first I thought of him as one of the humans on the ipakita that is completely clueless about what's going on around him, which I really enjoyed and what made it a little believable at first....but he soon became absent a lot and broke up with Caroline and became a brooding ex boyfriend again and he soon discovers everything and becomes a even worse character=USELESS brooding ex boyfriend, at the end of season 2 he...
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1)Put vervain into the water supply of Mystic Falls,so that when people drink it and he bites someone,he'll become weak
2)Each and every time he asks you a question,say "that's for me to know and for you to dot dot dot."
3)Ask him if he ever had a threesome with his brother and Katherine
4)If he doesn't kill you because of the third one and he syas no,say "how do you know?for all we know,she could have erased the memory from your mind with her hypnotic powers."
5)Throw onions on him
6)Flash your crucifix at him every time you see him
7)Bite him and shout "ooooohhhh!you don't like it?!you do it so much,so I thought I should ipakita you how it feels,you bastard!"
8)When he dances,push him and start a dance battle
9)When he talks,repeat after him;like someone backing him up while snapping your fingers with attitude
10)Create a Twitter posing as him and give ALL of his personal information away to his rabid fangirls
Gabe and Rachel Lindy were watching a reality ipakita when the doorbell rang. Gabe let out a deep sigh. “What kind of idiot comes clinging on doorbells at this time of evening?” he sinabi annoyed.
“I’ll get it” Rachel sinabi and she got up. She opened the door and when she saw sheriff Forbes in the doorway her puso beat in her throat.
“Good evening, Mrs. Lindy” Liz said. “Can I have a word with you and Mr. Lindy?”
Rachel nodded. “Gabe! Can you come here for a second?” she shouted trembling. “Who is it?” Gabe shouted back. “The cops” Rachel replied. She heard Gabe getting...
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This one is pretty short but I've been so busy, hope you like it comment and tell me what you think.

Elena’s POV
I woke up to find the curtains being draw open and Stefan gone. Every thing seemed a little fuzzy. I could see a figure walked towards me. I sat up in kama and rubbed my eyes.
“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Damon spoke softly. When things came back to focus I saw Damon half dressed, wearing just a pair of sweats.
I ran my fingers threw my hair pulling it out of my face. “Where’s Stefan.” “Not here, in fact it’s just you and me. Hungry?”
He got up and headed for the...
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Katherine’s POV
I leaned off the pader smiling. “I can tell that you didn’t miss me.” I sinabi turning to Stefan my smile fading.
I turned back to Damon smiling. “I can’t tell much if you miss me with all that ‘I pag-ibig you Elena.” I glided my hands over his perfectly sculpted abs. His sando so thin you could feel every little curve.
My fingers moving up his stomach one sa pamamagitan ng one. “You seem to pag-ibig Elena so much, have you ever wanted to tasted her blood, because I know I’ve been dying to.” I sinabi running my thumb over his lower lip.

Damon’s POV
From the moment she spoke my body...
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Interviewer: Was there a pagtatalo in the writer's room as to whether she would choose Stefan or Damon in this episode, or did you always agree that it would be Stefan?

Julie Plec: We were heading toward the end of the road knowing that as a human, Stefan was Elena's choice. We also knew what was going to happen at the end of the episode. Elena is no longer a human when she wakes up and when the memories come back and when her whole life goes upside-down. Who's to say what that does to her? Who's to say what kind of person she becomes, and how that impacts who she loves and why she loves them? I'm not saying that's going to send her running instantly into Damon's arms, absolutely not, but it's going to ulap the issue even more.
Hello everyone.
I've been wanting to post this for a couple of days now. As some of you may know, I made a spot which intention was to stop the ship wars and to rise above them. Everyone who joined just wanted piece. I posted on the walls of TVD, Delena, Stelena and Bamon to mag-anunsiyo it. I got interest from all ships, especially Bamon. Considering a DE tagahanga made it, it makes me pretty proud. People were getting really excited about the spot and contributing ALOT. Then, within 2 days of it being made, it was deleted. I'm assuming a couple of TVD fans reported it, I can think of a couple that...
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