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Hey, guys!
So, we voted the whole summer for our paborito characters and couples from season 4 and these are the results. :)

(the number in brackets is the ranking from S3, "-" means that the couple wasn't in the last year's voting)

♥11. Rebekah + Alexander (-)
♥10. Damon + Lexi (-)
♥ 9. Klaus + Hayley (-)
♥ 8. Stefan + Rebekah (11)
♥ 7. Bonnie + Jeremy (9)
♥ 6. Katherine + Elijah (-)
♥ 5. Rebekah + Matt (-)
♥ 4. Caroline + Klaus (2)
♥ 3. Elena + Stefan (6)
♥ 2. Caroline + Tyler (3)
♥ 1. Elena + Damon (1)

You can see presinto from every round link:)

What do you think about the results?
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