The Vampire Diaries TV ipakita S3 couples | My fave moments for each of them | Which one do you agree with the most?

Pick one:
Elena and Damon | 3x19 kama + halik scene
Elena and Stefan | 3x01 phone call
Stefan and Rebekah | 3x03 "I don't want to run anymore. I wanna be with Stefan."
Damon and Rebekah | 3x22 Damon protecting her and holding her while she's crying
Jeremy and Anna | 3x07 "I pag-ibig her. I always loved her."
Jeremy and Bonnie | 3x21 Jeremy comes back to life
Bonnie and Jamie | 3x20 first halik
Caroline and Klaus | 3x21 "It's OK. It's me. You're safe. / Thank you."
Caroline and Tyler | 3x01 the halik
Alaric and Meredith | 3x20 Meredith being there for him in his last moments
Katherine and Damon | 3x05 the halik in the car
Katherine and Stefan | 3x09 the car scene + "Care, Stefan" flashback
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