The Vampire Diaries TV ipakita What was your paborito scene from The Vampire Diaries - Catch Me If You Can?

Pick one:
Jeremy & Matt run for their lives; Damon, Jeremy, Matt and Klaus at the bar;
Elena saves Matt
Elena, Damon, Jeremy & Matt discuss the hunter's mark at the cabin
Rebekah and Stefan discuss their plan in his room
Shane helps Bonnie control her magic; Shane is arrested
Damon and Jeremy talk at the car
Kol attacks Damon and Jeremy
Rebekah and Stefan paghahanap Shane's office; they talk about their time in the 20's
Matt tells Elena that Damon can't be trusted; Elena goes to Klaus for help;
Kol compells Damon to kill Jeremy
Stefan and Rebekah get really close; A mysterious man finds the headstone
Damon and Elena talk on the porch
Shane admits to the 12 dead counsil people;
Damon tries to attack Jeremy and realises he's compelled; he tells Jeremy to run
Stefan and Rebekah try to get sagot out of the mystery man; he kills himself
Bonnie loses control of her powers; Shane manages to help her regain control
Elena calls Stefan for help but Rebekah picks up; Jeremy shoots Damon in the head
Damon wakes up and curses at Jeremy for shooting him
Rebekah threatens to dagger Kol if he doesn't uncompell Damon;
Elena tries to stop Damon from killing Jeremy; Stefan snaps Damon's neck
Stefan locks Damon in the basement; Stefan tells Elena that she can't see Damon
Bonnie's dad tries to get her to see that she needs help
Klaus wants Jeremy to come with him; Elena and Jeremy refuse
Rebekah and Stefan have sex
Elena tells Jeremy that he needs to kill Kol
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