Caroline raked her fingers through her long golden curls; blue eyes filled with tears after the sight she had just saw. Damon. Elena. Kissing. It hurt too much to think. She had called Stefan hoping that he could help her but he wouldn't be able to. A part of her knew that.
She turned to face Elena; her long brown curls rippling down her shoulders in waves. Caroline wiped away the tears with her thumb, smiling weakly.
"Oh, um, hi!" Caroline chirped cheerfully, trying to hide her depression. But Caroline was a very bad liar, worse than Elena actually and Elena could tell sa pamamagitan ng the mascara stain down her cheek that Caroline was upset. Very upset.
"Caroline do you, um, have feelings for Damon?" Elena whispered, stepping closer to her friend. Caroline reeled backwards; hurt flooding her face. Caroline didn't have feelings for Damon. She loved Damon. SO much that if she thought of him halik Elena like he had been a few minutos ago; she felt that her puso would shatter into a million pieces.
"I pag-ibig him, Elena." Caroline muttered, puso thumping against her chest. Then, she raised her blue eyes. "And i WANT him."
Elena's big brown eyes widened. Want him? How could that be? Caroline was one of Elena's best friends, shouldn't she be supporting Elena that she'd finally made her decision between Stefan and Damon.
Caroline stepped forward.
"Damon and I have chemistry, Elena. Stefan and you had chemistry but you blew it all away for Damon. My Damon." Caroline raised her eyebrows, folding her elbows. "And i will fight for him until my very last breath."
Elena shook her head.
"Fine." She snorted, "Bring. It. On."
Rain was thundering the front porch; Caroline's blond hair was sticking to her face and if Stefan didn't answer soon and invite her in; then she'd scream. The front door swung open.
"Come in," Stefan said, moving out of her way. Caroline swaggered in; anger building inside of her.
"I want Damon." Caroline said, straight to the point. Stefan nodded, pouring a glass of pure, rich blood into a glass; offering it to her eagerly. She shook her head.
"I want Elena," Stefan copied, determined. "She was mine once and she'll be mine again.Damon had no right to take her from me."
Caroline nodded; ignoring the strong essence of fresh, thick blood from that fresh young blondie cradling herself in the corner of the room. Poor doll.
"Well if you want Elena so badly, you have to stop drinking." Caroline suggested nodding over to the girl. Stefan snorted, plonking down onto the black cushioned sofa.
"Damon isn't clean." Stefan pointed out, eyes blood shot as he peered at the girl.
"Yeah," Caroline snapped, "But Elena doesn't know that."
Stefan cocked his head to the side; raising a sardonic eyebrow.
"Or does she?"
"No Stefan, she doesn't!" Caroline yelled,"She doesn't understand how much danger she's in! Damon could crack at any moment, tear off her head with just one quick snap! As for me, i'm a vampire. I'm invincible."
Stefan shook his head, raising a glass to her cockily.
"Caroline, what are you trying to say?"
Caroline grinned.
"I'm saying, i have a plan."
Damon had just finished his daily feed - a young, vulnerable woman just walking tahanan from her first ever date. The blood had tasted so exquisite, rich and gorgeous that he wasn't able to tear himself away. The girl was dead. On his sleeve, he wiped the blood sneaking down the corner of his mouth; dropping the girl to the floor. What was her name? Oh yes - Georgia! Poor Georgia.
"You need to be madami careful,"
He jumped off guard, turning towards Caroline. Oh how beautiful she looked under the crescent moon. Her long, beautiful blond curls raining down her back and shoulders; milky pale skin and pooling blue eyes.
"Caroline," Damon smirked, "What are you doing here?"
"Someone wanted to see you."
Quick as a flash, Caroline disappeared. In her place, Elena stood gagged and cuffed. Damon ran to her.
"Did Caroline do this?" Damon boomed; anger coursing through his veins, "Did she hurt you?" He gently ripped off the gag, snapping the cuffs with just one single blow. Elena clung to him but then caught sight of the young girl.
"Damon?" Elena whispered, "What did you do?" Damon's black pleading eyes met with Elena's and his face was contorted with shock. What had Caroline done?
"Elena, i-"
"I thought you were clean!" Elena cried, pushing him away. "You lied to me, Damon! How could you lie to me? After everything we've been through."
Damon reached for her but she snatched her hand away; mascara trailing down her cheeks. Then, she turned away and ran. Damon didn't chase after her. Elena would only hate him madami than she does now.
"You evil, twisted bitch!" Hissed Damon, slamming the door behind him as he entered Caroline's house. Caroline looked up from the kusina table, hardly surprised sa pamamagitan ng his arrival. Her puso quickened.
"Damon," She said, "I was expecting you."
Angry, he swung over her table; china crockery smashing to the floor. Caroline jumped up. She'd never seen him this angry. Never.
"How could you do this to me?" Damon yelled, "How could you?"
Caroline swallowed.
"Calm it, Damon." Caroline whispered, "It was for the best. You know it was."
"What?!" Damon shrieked, "How could losing Elena be the best for anyone, Caroline?"
Caroline swallowed but Damon sped out onto the porch; rain lashing against their faces.
"Damon, i-i pag-ibig you." Caroline whispered, "I wanted you and i did that for my own pleasure. I'm so sorry."
Damon's face softened. susunod thing he knew, they were in each others arms. Caroline's fingers played through his hair. Damon kissed her fiercely; together they molded into the embrace.
"I pag-ibig you too, Caroline." Damon whispered into her hair. "Oh i do."