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Veronica dragged Jeremy downstairs and threw him on the cold floor of a basement. Jeremy screamed and held his leg. As he tried to pull the palaso out, Veronica started pacing up and down.
“You lied to me” she muttered agitated, with a feral look in her eyes. “I asked you straightforward if you were a medium and you lied to me in my face” She walked to Jeremy and looked down on him. “How long has your aunt been spying on me? What does she know?” Jeremy didn’t answer and thus she kicked his wounded leg. Veronica raised her voice above Jeremy’s cries. “How long?” she repeated...
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posted by HappyStar
The season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” involved memory, the movies, and, as usual, lots of blood.

Damon apologizes to Elena for feeding her his blood, but she says she needs madami time. When someone feeds you their blood, a simple I’m sorry usually doesn’t cut it.

Damon kicks back, pours himself a drink, examines the werewolf bite on his arm, takes off his ring, and stands in the sunlight pouring through the open window before Stefan appears and saves him from the burning rays. He tells him Bonnie is looking into something that could help. He locks Damon in a cell for his own protection....
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posted by maryam1311
♥ Because he remember her bedroom. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he was doing “tst, tst, tst” at her. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he gave her a flower. | 1×18 Under Control

♥ Because he was her escort instead Stefan. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because they danced together. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because he stayed with her. | 1×19 Miss Mystic Falls

♥ Because he wondered if she stays overnight. | 1×20 Blood Brothers

♥ Because he was helping her with Stefan. | 1×20 Blood Brothers

♥ Because she wanted to hear the rest of the story from him.| 1×20 Blood Brothers

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I gasped and moved away from him. “Stefan…you didn’t…Oh my God, you killed that little girl!” He looked at me apologetically and his face filled with guilt.
“Elena, the pull of human blood is very strong. I couldn’t resist, it was too much…” He ilipat closer but I sprang up and backed against the wall.
“Stefan…I don’t…I think I’m going to be sick…” I felt ill thinking about that poor little girl…having her blood drained from her body… “Stefan…get out. I…I can’t hear anymore…Not now.” He nodded and got up. I couldn’t look him in the eye.
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Jeremy entered the building and walked straight to the training room. He found Veronica, talking with someone on the phone.
“Jack, you’re going to be so proud of me” she sinabi with a slightly trembling voice. “I promise that when you get here there will only be humans left”
Jack sinabi something in return.
“Of course I’m careful. I’m not going to fall for anyone. They took away the only person I ever cared about and they will pay for it. And anyone who’s trying to stop me, will go down with them…I have to hang. I will see you real soon”
She hung up, turned around and gasped,...
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“I know the RISKS but I have to know her”- Stefan 1x01
“I want you to GET everything YOU LOOKING FOR” – Damon 3x22 flash back

The first time both brothers saw/met Elena and saw theresembles between her and Katherine, both brothers deal with it differently. “saint” Stefan knowing that he’s a vampire with human blood control problem knowing that he would be putting her in danger just sa pamamagitan ng being what he is,still hedecided to come into her life because she looked like Katherine he didn’t care the FACT that she’s a normal human girl who’s in dark about the truth (supernatural creatures...
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Night came in and Amber’s mood had not gotten any better. She was in her room, throwing all her stuff around. She was angry. No, she was starving. The crap she had found in the fridge couldn’t be called food. She heard a key; it sounded like it happened right susunod to her. She heard footsteps and her father saying “I’m home!” She heard him walk to the kusina and opening the fridge. As he got himself a serbesa he saw Rachel sitting on the couch. He walked towards her and sank down to her. That’s when he saw the bruisers on her cheek. “What happened? Who did this? Where’s Amber?”...
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I don’t know where I’m at
I’m standing at the back
And I’m tired of waiting
Waiting here in line, hoping that I’ll find what I’ve been chasing.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna to fall down
I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?
Never know why it’s coming down, down, down.

Not ready to let go
Cause then I'd never know
What I could be missing
But I’m missing way too much
So when do I give up what I’ve been wishing for.

I shot for the sky
I’m stuck on the ground
So why do I try, I know I’m gonna to fall down
I thought I could fly, so why...
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posted by LexisFaith

Damon had brought her down stairs and laid her on the sofa as she slept.
"How can he be out in the day? He doesn't wear a ring." Damon's back was to Stefan and I. He was watching Alexa.
"The ear ring." I whispered.
Damon turned to me, one eyebrow raised.
"He has one ear peirced. It's the ear ring. It has to be."
"Why did she think it was a dream?" Stefan asked and Damon turned his attention back to Alexa.
"She's on sleeping pills." I sighed and sat down at the bar. "School is stressing her out, so to help her sleep Dr. Bennett put her on sleeping pills."
"Why didn't we hear her scream?" Damon's...
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sorry i haven't been writing! I've been Pagsulat my twilight tagahanga fiction I'll try to write madami susunod weekend. please comment!!!

The Daughter of the moon! chapter 3

Damon pov.
I told her what happened with Klaus. She didn’t seem to care that I told her, her fatherly figure was a monster. But I might have seen sorrow in her when I told her about the ghost of the soldiers carried him away but it didn’t last long before she looked cruel again.
“ So…”she sinabi after I finished my story.
“ Who killed Katherine?”
“ A girl named Elena.”
“ I would like to meet this Elena some day. I’ll...
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posted by tvdamon150
You may be dangerous, but you make me whole,
I can't live without you, you touch my soul,
Your lips stained red, your blue eyes bright,
As you hold me close throughout the night.

I should run and hide, but I feel safer at your side


Ooh, I shouldn't pag-ibig you, but I always will,
Ooh, I shouldn't stay, but I can't run away,
I shouldn't pag-ibig you, but I always will,
I always will

Your pag-ibig just consumes me,
Your pag-ibig sets me free,
You challenge me to tanong everything,
Life with you is ever interesting.

Chorus 2x

I cannot fight it, I will not deny it…
You consume me.
"I win, what`s my price?"
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - Nawawala Girls

"You have no idea of the future I`ve planned for us Stefan. You, me and Damon. No rules."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 06 - Nawawala Girls

"Hello, John. Goodbye, John."
Katherine Pierce, Season 1, Episode 22 - Founder`s araw (Season`s Finale)

"We haven`t officially met. I`m Katherine."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I`ve been around for a long time, Bonnie. You have to do better than that."
Katherine Pierce, Season 2, Episode 1 - The Return

"I thought that after the last time we met a madami public place...
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posted by Logan27
    Elena knew that Damon was hurting. God knew she was torn up about it even though it wasn’t her fault that Katherine wasn’t in the tomb. It was her fault, however, that he had trouble trusting her. She took her vervain kuwintas off to prove that he could get an honest answer out of her, but that wouldn’t happen again; not unless there were special circumstances like last time.
    She was a little scared of what he might do. Stefan told her that he overheard Anna telling Damon that Katherine was still alive and didn’t care about him. Apparently,...
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My eyes flickered open. Had it all been a dream? Had it not worked? I took a deep breath of air and let it fill my lungs before exhaling again. I felt strange, and hungry. I was desperate for food. I sat up and saw Bonnie curled up in the corner of the tomb. I could hear her crying. I went to comfort her, but something beside me caught my eye. Damon was crouched over Katherine, sobbing. Why was he crying over Katherine? Wait…hadn’t I been lying there before the spell…? And Katherine hadn’t been wearing the same clothes as me…I looked down and saw that I was now wearing Katherine’s...
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Note: its been a long time because i cant focaus. there are some mistakes. i hope you like it.

The Daughter of the moon! chapter 2

Damon pov.
It’s been two days and she still hasn’t woke up yet. I think she’s a vampire because she seems to stir when I have had a human in the house. I’m going to take some blood into the room and sit it on the coffee table, but when I started toward the room, I heard a ominous sound, it sounded like a growl. I got to the door to see and it was still locked. I put the key in and turned the knob. When it opened, my eyes went strait to the kama were the girl...
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Veronica parked her car in front of her supernatural prison. She stepped out and walked to the back of her car.
Two of her minions, guarding the entrance, came towards her to give her a hand. Veronica unlocked the trunk and the two men grabbed Jeremy’s arm.
“Lock him up” she ordered furious. They both held him tightly, though he was in no condition to fight them. “Is Rachel inside?”
One of them confirmed that and she headed to the entrance. Rachel was pacing through the room where Caroline, Stefan and Katherine were captivated.
“Can I talk to you for a moment?” she asked dead serious....
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posted by BarbieVampire
Delena is my OTP and I ship them so hard. I've been waiting almost 4 seasons for Delena to happen and I have to say that I screamed of joy at the end of 4x07.

It doesn't matter that Elena is sired to Damon, I know that Delena is the endgame and I'm going to tell you why, let's start with some examples:

1. Damon met Elena first
2. Bonnie saw Damon when she touched Elena
3. Elena didn't pag-ibig Damon at first, "he sort of snuck up on her"
4. Damon agrees to be "the bad guy" if it means saving Elena's life
5. Elena admitted in season 1 to Stefan that her and Matts relationship didn't work because it wasn't...
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Hi, this is an opinion about a multishipper, I dont hate damon, stefan or elena , all of them has their pros and cons, this is how I see their relationship now elena as a vampire.

Stefan and Elena: We saw since this three seasons a relatioship based on respect, trust and above all LOVE, a kind of pag-ibig different from others but still love, since season one stefan was supportive, caring with elena, although in season three this changed, at the end we see the real stefan, the one who respect elena choices's , he trust in her and he doesnt treat her like a doll, he knows she is a real person who...
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This artikulo is to every SE tagahanga who says that Damon “stole” Elena from Stefan, this artikulo will prove you wrong so prepare to face reality forthe first time TVD wise.

“I thought I can WIN her from you FAIR and SQUARE, she didn’t want me, it’s for the best, I’m better off being the bad guy anyway”-Damon 3X15 about Elena. Like Damon sinabi to Stefan he thought he can WIN not STEAL Elena from him, he though without playing games on Elena, to try to get her to like/love him madami without acting/pretending like a “goody good boy” (like Stefan did) that he can WIN her over sa pamamagitan ng just...
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I shook my head.
“Damon, I think this is something I need to do, for me AND Katherine. I don’t know how to explain it really, it’s just that being around Katherine’s made me feel as though there has been a part of me missing. I never noticed it before. And part of me knows that I wont lose myself. I can do this, Damon,” I replied.
“Please, Elena,” he pleaded. “I can’t risk losing you! It’s too dangerous. You could be Nawawala forever and just become a part of Katherine.” He looked close to tears. I stroked his face.
“Damon. Humanity over-rules any other part of the soul....
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