1) We Own The Night

This is an unpopular opinion, but I don't like song at all. I think its boring and forgettable. I don't care about the video either. Tom and Nathan sound too raspy here and the chorus part with all those people pag-awit sounds ugly!

2) In the Middle

Now we're talking! This song is so cute! I pag-ibig Max's voice in this! He sounds amazing! I pag-ibig how they make their voices lower in the verses. This song also gives an imagery of an enchanted forest kingdom :) The buzzing sound is cute too.

3) Running out of Reasons

The song is alright. I don't have much to say about it.

4) I Found You

Digging the 60's retro sound. They are able to make falsetto high voices in the chorus, yet they still sound manly. Although the most memorable part is Nathan's soulful and powerful solo that blew the minds away of many.

5) ipakita Me pag-ibig (America)

After two disappointing singles, this totally makes up for it! It's a beautiful work of art! Even though Nathan sings the most here, ibon ng dyey and Tom stand out more. Jay's voice is soothing (plus he makes the sexiest hobo ever! Best part of the video) and Tom really brings out his rocker voice. Also guess what? ipakita Me pag-ibig is my 2nd paborito The Wanted video! Max makes a sexy police man btw and Siva looks STUNNING in there even with his brief appearance.

6) Walks Like Rihanna

The song everyone hates. Even the name is bad. Again why did they chose this lame song when they thought it was too sugary pop for them? Nonsense! It's corny and generic. "Our hearts go boom boom" part is super corny and Nathan's autotuned part was hideous! I couldnt tell it was him! Why would they ruin his lovely voice?! On the brighter side, its catchy, sends a nice message, I've heard much worse pop songs, and Max sure looked hot filling up them white pants.

7) Summer Alive

This song is superb! Its my favorite! It gives you euphoric feelings and lifts up your spirits. Jay's voice is really sexy (well of theirs are). The beat kicks ass!

8) pag-ibig Sewn

Tom slays in this one! pag-ibig Sewn is really pretty, although it would of been prettier without out the echoing. It has a little twist in the end and I really enjoyed it. I pag-ibig this song and can't get enough of it!

9) Glow in the Dark

sa pamamagitan ng pagbaba the title, I was excited to hear it. I imagined it to be a retro, surreal, club song, and guess what? It is and it's brilliant! I can sense some Daft Punk influence in here. It reminds me a sing that you'd listen to in the dark with glow sticks in the dark hence its name. "Shock me like electro" was a strange choice of words, but I still pag-ibig it. I really loved the part where the beat becomes faster (or slower) after Siva's part.

10) Demons

Interesting name...While Summer Alive is my favorite, this a close second. It's perfection!!! It's hard and smooth. Its haunting, soulful, and bad asno at the same time if you know what I mean. I pag-ibig the creepy thing they do with their voices in the begging and Nathan's voice is just WOW! I really pag-ibig how Nathan says "all this time" near the end.

11) Could This Be Love

Could this be Max's song about Nina? (See the pun I did there haha) I pag-ibig CtbL a lot and it's an amazing light pop song. I wish I could give madami words to describe it, but I do pag-ibig it!

12) Everybody Knows

I feel like this song has a poor choice of words.This song might grow on me later. It sounds like it was written sa pamamagitan ng a teenage boy that got his puso broken and is proving that he's all cool now, or maybe it's just me. ( It wasn't written sa pamamagitan ng any of them btw) If it had better lyrics, I would of actually liked it. I do pag-ibig how they say "everyone, but you" at the chorus though. It has potential.

13) Heartbreak Story

At first I thought it was too slow for me, but when I had a good listen, I realized that it's gorgeous! It's so beautiful and passionate! It sounds really British. I imagine a setting of the beautiful scenery of the Victorian English era. What makes this song even madami beautiful is the puso warming lyrics and their beautiful voices. puso Vacancy is to TW as Heartbreak Story is to Word of Mouth. It also reminds me a bit if Golden and I'll be Your Strength.

14) Chasing the Sun

As much as I pag-ibig this song, I think it shouldn't be here! So Ill keep it brief. It's one of my favorites!!!!

15) If We're Alright

Reminds me of a ending encore song. Maybe even a little indie sounding (or maybe I'm just being delusional) I really don't care much about it if I'm honest.

16) Only You

Everyone can agree that the demo version of "Out of Time" with just ibon ng dyey pag-awit is way better than this version! It fitted him perfectly!! That said, that doesn't that I don't pag-ibig "Only You" because I pag-ibig it! ibon ng dyey of course sounded amazing and Siva sounded really beautiful. I didn't really like how Max sounded in it. The song wasn't really suited for his voice. I pag-ibig the dark quirky somewhat electronic sound it and it has a deep meaning behind it.

17) Drunk on pag-ibig

As a lover of club music, this sounds like something David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia would produce (which I pag-ibig btw) It's an ideal song to play at a club. They should of chosen this song as a single and not that silly song "Walks like Rihanna"!! Drunk on pag-ibig is radio friendly, enjoyable, and it could of been a huge hit! I really pag-ibig Jay's voice in it. DoL actually reminds me of "Have Some Fun" except for it doesn't have Pitbill ruining it.

18) Read My Mind

I have mixed feelings about this song. First of all I'd like to point out the piano part in the beginning, is absolutely beautiful. I'm not too crazy about the verses. I really don't like how how Nathan and ibon ng dyey "yeah" and I ibon ng dyey sounds really weird in it. The chorus is nice. It reminds of something from the early 00's.

19) Satellite (Remastered 2012)

I pag-ibig this song! One of my favorites! It's so smooth and it sounds so surreal. Nathan's voice is beautiful! I pag-ibig Tom in this song! I pag-ibig how his accent is really thick and sexy! I wish ibon ng dyey and Siva had a part. Did you know that this song is actually a demo of a Ryan Tedder song? (You can check it out on youtube) Satellite is so beautiful and it's better than Ryan Tedder's version!

Word of Mouth has the airy sound of their debt album and the surreal beats of Battleground. pangkalahatang wonderful album and one of the few things I was looking pasulong to in 2013. Definitely worth the 2 taon wait!

Battleground> Word of Mouth> The Wanted