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Just that everyday I see a Flora article! I decide to make an artikulo about her, where she dies to save her mga kaibigan *and will come back*. Enjoy!


"Hold together, Winx!" Bloom shouted while she and the Winx battle the Trix. "I can't hold anymore, let's give up!" Stella said. "Stella!" Bloom and Layla shouted. "Girls, we have to not let the Trix get this golden circle! Hold on to it!" Musa sinabi as she let go of the golden circle. "Sonic Sphere!" She blasted to Darcy and Stormy. "If Flora was still here!" Tecna said. "She can really hold this bilog since she has a bond with it!" Layla shouted. "Give it up, Winx! The descendant of the bilog is gone, and you can hold this anymore!" Icy shouted. Darcy laughed evilly. "Forget it Icy, we'll never stop defending the world!" Bloom replied. "Seems you better stop now!" Darcy said. "Everybody, stop!" Flora sinabi as she appear mysteriously. "But, how?" Tecna asked as they all let to of the circle. "Looks like I have to start from the top," Flora said.


Three years nakaraan at Linphea, there are two golden circles that keeps the realm safe, which also contains the power to access the world. The Ancestral Witches have tried to take one of the golden circles, but they failed and eventually the Trix try to get it. The first bilog gives you power, and the segundo bilog will give you pain in the afterlife.

One araw at Linphea, the Trix found the two golden circles. They've got the one that gives them power, and have tried to take the bilog away. Mixed up, they took both of the circles. The Winx arrive to stop them, and they've took the first one.

The Trix took the segundo one and told the Winx to give them the first one and they will not hurt them and return them. Trusting and kind-hearted, Flora was willing to sacrifice herself in trade for the bilog since she is the descendant of the golden circles. Tricked, Flora accidentally took the segundo one, and she died. The Trix accidentally took the segundo one too, and the first one is left on Linphea, and Flora's death, was forgotten sa pamamagitan ng both the Winx and the Trix.


After Flora died, she was sent to Hell, a believe of the afterlife and took all the pain. The pain was originally for the Trix (the Winx too); but Flora was willing enough to do it. She had to take off her skin sa pamamagitan ng herself, and her tongue was cut into pieces, and when it was formed again it was cut again. And her eyes were taken out and she was blind. But Flora was kind enough to do it.


"You did that all, for us and the Trix?" Bloom asked. "I'm willing too, I wish I can touch the circle, but I'm still dead. And this is just my sprit," Flora replied. "Hey'd, where the Trix go?" Layla asked as they realize the Trix were gone. "But they didn't took the circle," Musa said. "Both teams are scared?" Stella asked. "This bilog will eventually restore every realm, it doesn't just works for Linphea," Flora said.

To be continued~
posted by enchanting424
I got this idea from lovebaltor's artikulo about the Trix, so yes, this artikulo is defending Layla/Aisha...

Ok, so my point is to not make everyone loved crazed fans of Layla, but come ON! Lets get serious, im so sick of seeing comments regarding that girls on here dont like her for her skin color or her feautures that most resemble an african american woman. i really dont give a damn if you dont like layla, thats your choice,but dont post comments saying shes ugly because shes DARK,or ugly because her hair looks nappy or whatever. Im sorry, but racism, even the littlest bit of it,is so offensive,...
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posted by missdada15
 If i only had a brain ..
If i only had a brain ..
The underrated

Am I annoying you with my articles?xD

I hope not cause I have madami to say..

This one is about 3 characters that I think deserve madami glory,not just that they were kinda “ignored” in the ipakita but are also ignored/unliked in the eyes of most winx fans.

The 3 characters I feel are the most neglected or unliked are Tecna,Lalya and Stormy.
(Of course many people don’t like Bloom and Roxy but then again,many people do and they are writers pets.)

I’ll start with Tecna.

Some don’t like her and say the winx club would be better without her,more just say it would be the same without...
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posted by missdada15
TRIX Back-story (judging on the personality and some facts.)

This artikulo doesn't prove anything,it's just based on opinion and it came to be because of my curiosity of psihology.

Yes,i do know the characters are made up but they still have something that makes them pretty ¨real¨(Something that makes them act different then other people-personaliy.)

We all know the back-story or atleast we can put it together sa pamamagitan ng seeing,hearing something of the winx 's family.

What do we know about the Trix?

Not much but here is some info:

-Icy's nickname was scoop icy.(Because she ate to many ice-cream)
-Darcy used...
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posted by lovebaltor
AN: I'm so sorry readers for making this come out later than I expected. Since Halloween came up and all, I was really busy those days before and after. And of course, school got in the way of Pagsulat this, so again I'm sorry for making it come out so late. I was very happy to see how popular the first chapter was, I was very pleased with the amount of feedback I received. I also appreciated this feedback where I could improve, I also very much like those. And--if you don't like that way I have written something, feel free to imply this in your comments. I need all the reviews/feedback I can...
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posted by Rainflowers
uy guys! I basically have all of Personality planned out in my head, the hard parts actully Pagsulat it!! I am going to try to finish it soon but, I don't want it to come to a sudden end. I want to finish it right.
Thanks for Reading,

After about two weeks in the hospital, Flora had fully recovered, well almost fully, she was still on medicane and excused from any field work for about another week, however, the Winx could that her back to thier dorm.

Layla was so excited to be able to pick up Flora, she had been sick so long, Layla was really starting to miss her. They were inches...
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posted by Rainflowers
 Reepitoter Manger
Reepitoter Manger
Kembal: Grab the bulaklak fairy and untie her.

*Gaurds grab Flora and untie her*

Kembal: Now fairy if you want your mga kaibigan to live then you better figure out where the bulaklak is.

*Flora walks over the the biggest oak puno in sight and touches it gently*

Flora: The flower's this way *she points towards a mountain*

Guard: Lead the way, Fairy! *Pushes Flora foward she stumbles and falls*

Helia: Flora are you all right?!

Flora: I'm fine Helia.

Bloom: Don't you reliaze you'll never get away with this Kembal?!

Kembal: Sure I will, all I need is the bulaklak Fairy, and look I have her. *Laughs evily*

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posted by Rainflowers
**At Alfea in Winx Room**

Stella: So Flora, you broke up with Helia huh? Thats wierd when you left you were crazy about him.

Fake Flora: yea?? Well people change you know and that flora's gone so deal with it.

Tecna: Flora the way that you're pagganap is inlogical!!

Bloom: you just don't seem like you self.

Fake Flora:Yea well you guys better get use to it. Good night

stella: i swear thats not flora.

bloom:but it is . . . the teachers would be able to tell if it wasn't

layla: maybe we just have to except the fact that she's not Flora any more

Musa: Flora's just the last person I exepcted to act that...
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 The Winx!
The Winx!
AN: I was bored (As usual) and decided to write this quiz. Since my other iksamen was a complete success, (Earning the highest rating in this clubs articles) I just thought: Why not write another?
So, here it is. My newest quiz! Enjoy! (Plus, just to let you know that Roxy shall be included in the quiz)


1.You find the ideal araw to be:

A- Ending perfectly, with nothing at all to do but hang out with your besties!

B- Ending with no homework, so I can have plenty of time to figure our what to wear tomorrow, and get some shopping done!

C- Ending nice,...
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posted by lovebaltor
 The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
The "Creature" in Roxy's dream controlling her.
AN: And here's the anticipated, part 3! :D
Enjoy and don't forget to comment and review! :3


Roxy awoke, her vision blurry, to find no one standing above her. She got up, to find that she had a terrible migraine. She moaned, and rubbed her head. She glanced around the room once more. Great... Did they fucking tranqualize you or something? She rubbed her temples, as she glanced at the door, as though waiting for someone to come in. She rolled her eyes, and collapsed onto her bed, letting sleep engulf her...


She was running, no, walking, through...
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posted by Winxlove
 Who's that girl?!
Who's that girl?!
(I hope you like the gift fanfiction,now here is another!)

Stella:Winx,I bring news!
Bloom:What news?
Stella:They have released new shoes and bags!Let's go shopping!
Layla:I thought it was madami important thing.
Musa:I too.
Stella:Do you girls come?
Bloom:Stella,we have works to do.Look,today are much clients!
Musa:Yeah,give us a hand!
Flora:We can go another day,maybe when we finish the works!
Stella:Whaat?!But the shops are closed!
Bloom:Go with yourself.
Stella:Okey,fine.I go with myself.
Flora:But who's gonna wash the pets?
Stella:Maybe you.
Musa:Why you let her?
Bloom:come on...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(im sorry if i added characters, :) i know its mielle too :) people call her rose in the philippines thats why. and the brother was made up.. promise to make it better!)

*in the clinic...*
bloom: how is flora?
nurse:she'll be fine, just a faint
layla" *whispers to musa* thanks alot! thats great news, ms. smart nurse!
nurse:whats with the laughing!?!
layla:uhh nothing!
stella: umm,, anyways... umm miss nurse! just tell us that flora is alright? i need to comb my hair..
everyone: STELLA !! =)))
stella: uff... i was just kidding, geez girls! cant you take a joke?
*flora wakes up a bit*
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 Least paborito
Least Favorite
So I just realized I never posted this and the poll series ended a while nakaraan so sorry for the delay on this one. Also remember this is my opinion and fellow fanpoppers so let's not have any hate or call someone's opinion out just because it's different. thank you. Also the comments I include are those of who voted for the transformation that was eliminated that round.
Round 1: Sophix
Sophix was eliminated in the first round with 47% of the votes. Honestly no surprise here for a lot of fans. Probably because this transformation was used for...
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