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posted by Princess-Flora
So I was wondering what the origin of the names is for the characters. I looked each name up and here is there origins and meanings. Also if it's says feminine it's typically a girls name and if masculine it's typically a guys name.
Bloom: means flowering state, like the new bulaklak just started to bloom.
Flora: it's origin is Latin and the root word is flos meaning flower. Flora was also the Roman goddess of bulaklak and spring. It also has been a name dating back to the Renaissance in France. Feminine
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posted by Princess-Flora
Layla versus Lord Darkar
Lord Darkar: well isn’t my paborito person (said with a plethora of sarcasm)
Layla: good to know I’m yours but you are far from being my paborito person. (Said with the same amount of sarcasm)
Lord Darkar: good we’re on the same page (looks toward the forest)
Layla: take this MORPHIX TIDAL WAVE!
Lord Darkar: (sends a beam of dark magic her way)
Layla: (ducks out of the way) thirteenth seal
Darkar is hit and down motionless on the ground
Layla: (looking down at the dead body) One for good, zip for evil. There is one down, which means ten to go.
posted by Princess-Flora
Chapter 6
Previously in chapter 5
Bloom: not really, but I guess were going to have to face it one way or another.
Ms. Faragonda: when the eleven of you get back we will talk; but for now try to look on the bright side and I will continue to update you.
Bloom: thank you Ms. Faragonda. (Ends the call and everyone looks at her)
Back at Alfea: Ms. Faragonda, Griselda, Professor Saladin, Cordatorta, Ms. Griffin, two police officers and a person in a black hoodie, jeans, and converse sneakers are in Ms. Faragonda’s office talking.
Ms. Faragonda: I believe they...
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posted by Princess-Flora
For the first time I think in all of the seasons, we actually saw a softer and less confident side of Stella. It was actually nice to see that see can have her moments of insecurity just like the rest of them. Also we actually got to see madami of Stella's mom and it would be the first time for some people who did not see The nightmare monster, were we saw both of Stella's parents and her about their divorce. I now feel like madami people will like Stella even madami now after this episode. Now switching topics I loved their simulation outfits, they were mature and ipakita that the girls own some clothes...
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Here it is....


◘Power Jazz
◘Plasma World
◘Plasma Burst
◘Iridescent Flame
◘Aquarian Currents
◘Plasma World
◘Rising Tide

◘Super-Powered Morphix
◘Plasma Magic Bolt
◘Enchantix Morphix
◘Morphix Attack
◘Morphix Surfboard
◘Morphix Shield
◘Enchantix Bolt
◘Enchantix Plasma
◘Pure Enchanted Morphix
◘Enchanted Morphix
◘Morphix Surface
◘Plasma Magic Ball

◘Morphix Tidal Wave
◘Andros Hurricane
◘Morphix Wave
◘Plasma Wall
◘Plasma Barrier
◘Spirit of Courage
◘Glacier Gush
◘Morphix Blaste.
◘Plasma Board
◘Underwater Breath
◘Morphix Staff
◘Morphix Net

◘Vital Beat

◘Hail Rain

◘Power Whirl
◘13th Seal
◘Mystic Wrap
"Hello!" cried a cheery female voice.
Stella, Flora, Layla, Tecna, and the Specialists all jumped.
The voice sounded young and youthful. Whoever the pinagmulan of the voice was, she couldn't be any older than Roxy.
"I've been waiting for you for a long time."
Stella put her middle and index fingers together, ready to tumawid them over her head and transform in case this person was one of the Trix in disguise.
"Who are you?" she called out.
"Why do you need to know?" the voice snapped back in an irritated tone.
"Are you going to hurt us?" Layla shouted.
"Why would I do that? You know what, don't answer...
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posted by Jekyde
In a large, pitch-black room, an elderly woman sat at her desk, looking at several papers. She picked one up with her pale, bony fingers and let her eyes wander across it from behind her spectacles.

"No," she whispered to herself. "This just doesn't seem right. It's all uneven. Terribly unbalanced..."

All of a sudden, a man burst through a door, allowing light to flow into it. He wore a suit, and a confident smile on his face. The man strode in gallantly, and pulled the pipe out of his mouth.

"Hey, darlin'," the man placed his elbow on the edge of the woman's desk. "How's the balance been recently?"...
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When Bloom was in seventh grade, she had a really strange dream.
That evening before she had the dream, she had helped her mother bring in the groceries while her father was watching "The Ring." While she was taking eggs into the kitchen, she got a glimpse of the famous scene of Samara crawling out of the telebisyon and into the living room of a man in the movie.
She tried not to pay attention to it. It had worked, until Bloom fell asleep at night.
That night, Bloom dreamt that Samara crawled out of her television, into her living room, and chased her all over the house and then out into Gardenia....
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Dark storm clouds filled the air.
"Oh, great," Stella snarled as she squeezed up underneath the leafy canopy of their temporary shelter. "That's the last thing we need right now. Rain."
"How so?" Layla laughed. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth as rain came pouring down. "We can catch some in our water bottles. And since we're so close to the island, I've heard that the rainwater here is fresher than anything."
The droplets of rain glowed sky-blue and smelled like pine needles and starlight. Stella stayed under the canopy and watched as Layla and Nabu laughed and splashed water...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Previous Chapter: Flora's dad return. She went to the village of Linphea to seek for madami iformation of the werewolf, but a surprise was found when the village was all destroyed sa pamamagitan ng him. The fairy helped them and made a plan to capture the lobo and who's he. The night was on and Flora stood there in the center of the village until he finally came.


"Here you are......."

"I've been looking for you" the lobo sinabi with strong but deep voice. He was getting to close to her she could even smell his breath. Flora looked at him serious but inside of her she was...
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posted by FloraBoricua

Previous chapter: Musa woke up Flora, and Flora was late to meet Helia outside. When Helia and Flora where at the spaceship, during the flight to Linphea for vacations Stella called saying that a Karel wanted to see her. She didn't knew who she was talking about. After arriving at Linphea they started to heard some noises behind the bushes. Who could be the mysterious person?

But then, someone began to walk out of the shadows to their direction, from far away it seemed an enormous person but when it came madami closely they noticed it was a small little girl "Rose!!" Flora screamed with excitement....
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susunod day...

Bloom:hey roxy can i tell you something

Roxy:sure what is it

Bloom:well...will you sumali our pag-ibig and pet

Roxy:i dont no about it but let me think about it i will call you for the answer


Bloom come to pag-ibig and pet

Tecna:what did she say bloom yes or no?

Bloom:i dont now tecna she didint tell me

Musa:what do you mean bloom?

Bloom:well she say i will think about it and i will call you for the answer

Flora:this is going to be hard

Layla:your right

Roxy and her dad

Roxy:dad what should i do now

Roxy dad: about what?

Roxy:oh i forget to tell you

Roxy dad:what?

Roxy:well today bloom come and...
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tecna:hey guys i have a idea for making pag-ibig and pet madami popular
stella:oh i have a idea well lets say make this place madami fashion and style
bloom:no stella we should do a thing that all of us pag-ibig it

musa:bloom is right we should do a great thing that all of us pag-ibig it

flora:what kind of thing musa we should make the people pag-ibig it to

tena:flora is right

layla:hey guys what did i miss

tecna:we want a idea for making our pag-ibig and pet madami popular

layla:cool i have idea for our pag-ibig and pet

bloom:cool what is it

flora:ya tell us

layla:well why dont we tell roxy to come help us

stella:hmm...thats a...
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posted by rania1234
A great morning in alfea and stella is getting ready for her spa day.
Stella:Ok girls! Wake up! do u know what araw this is?
Musa:Wake Up Early day?
Stella:No!it's Spa Day! each taon i celebrate it in this araw and now it's the time to spend with u guys!
bloom: Well I think i could use a relaxing day..
Flora:yes! and after yesterday we should do some relaxing
Musa:well i say let's go!
Stella:Oh Yes! What about tecna? Layla?
Tecna:Of course u better invite Roxy she is so stressed yesterday after the exam
Stella:Great idea tec! how about u layla?
Layla:I guess i'am in!
Then Stella called Roxy
Stella:Hi Roxy!it's...
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posted by nugget14
This is my first tagahanga fiction, i hope you like it.

One day, the winx club were chillin out in their dorm rooms when suddenly musa gets a call.

Musa: Hello
Person on the phone: Hey, Musa its Galatea
Musa: Oh uy wats up
Galatea: I finally persuaded mum to let me come to Alfea
Musa: Wat really, that’s awesome news.
Galatea: I know right, I am all packed and I should arrive at 5:00, can you meet me outside Alfea?
Musa: Sure thing, catch ya later.

Musa tells the girls about Galatea and the exciting news.

Tecna: Cool, should me make her part of the Winx Club group?
Flora: Would she want to?
Musa: I think she...
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posted by iwatchthestars
*Tecna's room*
Flora: Maybe talking to Digit will give you some memories!
Layla: Great idea , Flora!
*They all went to Tecna's room*
Tecna: Hi! Bugit ryt?!
Digit: Its DIGIT! not BUGIT !
Tecna: Ohh.. umm thats a laptop ryt?!
Digit: Yes! A portable one! its very hig-tech!
Tecna: Its very what?!
Digit: High-tech! with new wires not red and blue! but black and green! also it has new screens with a pen so that you can touch your folders! instead of clicking it!
Stella: What in the whole shopping world is that pixie saying?!? i dont get anything !
Digit: I said.. that it has ne-
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posted by CyD12

Terence: we did it!
Ariel: wow! all the powers of the mga engkanto are here!
Musa: this place is amazing!
Nadia: guys... something is coming...
Riven: what is it?
Nadia: im not sure.... but is negative energy
Layla: the witches!
Darcy: ough, mga engkanto and specialists!
Haze: stay away!
Heather: or what?
Haze: or.... uuummm....
Vallery: ough! i will take care of this! *attacks*
Layla: Morphix Protection! *her attack blocks Vallery's*
Aero: we have to protect the powers...
Rosella: yeah, but we have to make the witches leave!


Icy: uy look! mga engkanto and Specialists!
Stormy: hahaha! this will be fun!...
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posted by CyD12
Rosella: we were lucky no one notice we were late...
Bridgette: i told you everything will be fine..
Elizabeth: yeah sure...
Megan: we better go and eat something, is time for dinner...
Haze: yeah lets go...
Ariel: im going right behind u
Proffesor Griselda: where do u think you are going?
Rosella: oh, hi proffesor! how you doing?
Proffesor Griselda: i know you were out for a long time!
Haze: we will never do it again...
Proffesor Griselda: oh no! u are not cause u have detention!!!
Elizabeth: what?!? noooo!
Proffesor Griselda: susunod time u will think twice before you leave teh school *leaves*
Ariel: ough!...
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posted by yasmin124
Flora. is going on petsa with Helia
Flora im going on a petsa with Helia for valentines araw this evening
Stella . you need to look nice let me give you a pretty dress magic give Flora a pretty dress
Flora .i pag-ibig it thanks Stella
Flora. i need to get Helia chocolates
the trix put dirty stuff in the chocolates so Helia dumps Flora but thanks to power of the winx they broke the spell
Flora. yay
Flora im ready
Flora and Helia got in to to luxry place to eat

Flora. lets eat
Helia. i pag-ibig the foood yummy
Flora . me to
Helia . this is perfect
Flora . i pag-ibig you Helia
Helia . i pag-ibig you to
Flora. aw...
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Musa’s p.o.v
I am so confused if last night was a dream or I really did meet Flora in Magix; but all I know is that Flora gave me Savannah’s locket and she is marrying the son of this guy who caused all this destruction. Riven and I ate are breakfast in silence, I all I know is I am going back to Magix today to paghahanap for any clues about my mga kaibigan where abouts or if last night was actually real.
Musa: (clears her throat) I’m going to Magix to look for clues
Riven: I will come with you, since this place can’t be our hideout for much longer and you never did answer when I asked what was...
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