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UnaDiNoiWinx posted on Feb 24, 2016 at 10:15PM
There's so much negativity in this fanbase. So much criticism, warranted and unwarranted. It's hard to still enjoy the show when there's no one around to share your joy with.

Regardless of all the disappointments or how the show should have/could have been different, is it impossible for someone over 12 to enjoy it? I can answer that question: no. I'm 27. I still love it. It's my fantasy/magical girl fix. I don't need complex story lines or deep philosophical meaning. I can get that elsewhere.

Is there anyone here who feels the same way?

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GhostLoveScore said…
I totally agree with you.I'm getting sick of hearing almost everyone constantly complaining about the show by saying stuff like"Only the first 3 seasons are good,the others sucks","it could have been this or that..."and blah blah blah.If they don't like the new Winx,its fine but they should just stop ruining other people's fun by constantly complaining about how"bad"the show is.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas zanhar1 said…
I'm probably gonna get some shot for this but here goes nothing.

It works both ways. Frankly I think these long discussions and analysis are how some fans express their enjoyment of the show. They say that life's what you make it; I feel like many people on this spot are swing befit it's where there really isn't any. Yes people express that they don't enjoy the new seasons but no one really chimes in when people discuss the old ones.

Moreover I've gotten hate for saying I prefer 4kids so I feel almost incline to not even discuss that aspect of what I enjoy about the show because it always turns into an argument. An I really don't mean to bring up the past but I get shit for defending the Trix. People hate on and act negatively about my favorite aspects of the show which makes it rather hard for me to talk about them. And when I do at least one person is there to tell me how much they hate Icy. I admit my form of retaliation is to diss Bloom more as I hate personal attacks.

Long story short people are just so hostile here. It makes it hard to have a good time. So hard that I've only been able to really bond with people over mutual dislikes. So it's kind of a paradox; people are seeing negativity where it isn't at the same time as there is negativity. How to phrase it though? I think what I'm saying is that discussing the low points of the show has bece a positive for me because I have much friendlier comments doing that then I do when I actually praise the things I love about the show. The negatives generate positive discussions for me while the positive to pis generate negative if that makes sense.

That's what I think sucks. Because I really would like to get along with everyone.
zanhar1 commented…
Here's a little example; linkit just didn't generate discussion. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas