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 Aisha: Season 3 Ball Dress
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This ang winx klub kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain hapunan dress, hapunan gown, pormal, gabi toga, and toga.

 Winx believix
Winx believix
One of the guards fainted. "Liliane, you ready for a convergence?" asks Stella. "You bet!" sagot Liliane. "Convergence," they hold hands, "Solaria and Valeria power!" Then, three guards fainted.
"Harmony Attack!" blasts Musa. Two guards covered their ears and suddenly fainted. "Laser.. Ray!" Tecna blasts a laser to the last guard and it fainted.
"Thanks you guys, now let's go to visit the king who separated us," thanked Liliane and they flew off.
They arrived at their destination. Liliane then meets the king. "Your majesty," she sinabi and followed sa pamamagitan ng the Winx. "Lily, who are those strangers?"...
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Me-I am SO sorry!
Aisha-I'm okay, and you don't have to freak out I've felt worse.

Me-Well, are you okay?
Me-What's your name?
Aisha-I'm Aisha. What's your name?
Me-Skyla. Nice to meet you.
Me-I didn't think that a popular girl like you would talk to a loser like me.

Aisha-Loser!? Who sinabi you were a loser? You're not.
Me-Well Amryl told me something way different.
Aisha-Never listen to or trust Amryl. She is a jerk.
Me-Don't I know it.
Aisha-You know, I could take you to meet the rest of the Winx Club.

Me-Really!? Wow!
Aisha-Yep! So is that a yes or a no?
Me-A total yes!
Aisha-Well then, let's go!
Me-Hahaha! uy wait for me!!
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"Hell no." Whispered Riven quietly as the truth began to set in.

"Hell no." He repeated as he looked at the image again.

"Hell no." And once madami as he remembered he had class with the man tomorrow.

Why in God’s name did Saladin post a picture of himself in a snake skin mini palda and a kulay-rosas tank top? Well that was a mystery to all. And why, oh why did Riven find this attractive in the slightest!? Again, that was a mystery even to Riven.

Who even knew that he fancied old men? He certainly didn’t—well that is until he saw that steaming hot picture—and Brandon, Sky, Timmy, and Helia didn’t...
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