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Author's note: this story is going to be different from the others I have written. It will involve all the same characters; but instead of there being Red fountain and Alfea it will just be Magix High School. Also the Winx don't know each other except the only thing they have in common is their dorm and when the new girl (not really new she is one of the Winx) comes in they might just become mga kaibigan and mega popular. So I hope you will like this new story since it is different from my nakaraan stories and don't worry I will still continue Thinking Back
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posted by Alifya
Spring is here, which means it’s time to bury the sequined tops, skirts and dresses, and update your closets with what’s in this season.

There's no easier way to get the wow factor than with a maxi dress. Wear at the tabing-dagat or the park with and gladiator flats.

The Seventies are back: high-waisted denim and flouncy silk dresses and blouses are super!

Ankle boots! They're not easy to wear. The proportion of an ankle boot with a mid-calf, full palda is all wrong: ankle boots look best as part of a leggy look, either with short skirt, skinny jeans or leggings. One of the easiest ways to wear...
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The winx and specialist had safely made it to Alfea. Flora was going to be in the infirmary over night. The specialist went back to RF, and the winx went back to their dorm.

~In the morning, 9:00~
The winx woke up and put on their outfits(At bottom) then headed down to the infirmary to pick up Flora then go out and talk about what happened over milkshakes.

The winx walked in and told the nurse they were there to pick up Flora. She pointed to the room and told them to go in. The winx thanked her then they went in the room. Flora was sitting on the kama and saw them come in.
"Hey Flora."...
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Hello! For this picture contest there will be lots of pagpaparangal to be ibingiay away!

1st place will get 20 props
2nd place will get 15 props
3d place will get 10 props

Round 1: Harmonix OPEN
1st place: storyteller9
2nd place: summerthunder
3d place:

Round 2: Rockstar winx
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round 3: Sirenix
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round 4: Magic winx
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round five.... any pic of winx
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

Round 6: Belevix
1st place:
2nd place:
3d place:

madami coming soon
Good luck everyone (^pointless video, cool winx song)
Author's Note: I'm so happy with how well received my first request was. I'm very glad that you all enjoyed it. So this one-shot will be about Icy/Valtor which was requested sa pamamagitan ng zanhar1. I hope you like it.

"Happiness lies in your own hand.
It took me much too long to understand,
How it could be,
Until you shared your secret with me." -Madonna


The snow billowed wildly around the group of four as they made their way through the dense forest. The wind was strong and furious, making the pines hiss and groan as their...
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zannie made one, and Sam made one. And finally I’ve came up with something. I hope you like it.

Someone’s POV
I woke up. In the middle of a forest. One high heel missing, and the other broken. Missing the button up poofy sando I wore yesterday, my shorts ripped up and a migraine. I yawned and tasted something weird in my mouth sat up and susunod to me was 2 empty bottles of Whiskey. I matunog na halik my lips. That’s the taste in my mouth? I look around and in a palumpong I see my phone and my purse.
“What?” I get up and try to walk over to get it but trip due to my broken heel. I take the shoe off and...
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