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 Fairy Pet's (Critty)
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This ang winx klub kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain rose, rosiness, kamelya, camelia, Hippeastrum, and Hippeastrum puniceum.

 Ruins Of Linphea
Ruins Of Linphea
The susunod morning I woke up early, because after the destruction of the realms and disappearances of my best mga kaibigan and boyfriend and the sun was shining extremely bright, madami than usual .Maybe this was a sign, that Stella is out there and she’ll be the first one I find. Sadly when I step out of the cave, I see what is left of Linphea. This is not the same realm it was 2 years ago, majority of the trees have either turned to ash or have fallen down. If Flora was here right now, she would be in so much pain, to see her realm in the same state as the rest, I miss her dearly she was one of...
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Bloom continued Following the trix to what ever destination they were going to restraining herself not to use her apoy attack on them. About 10 minutos later they were in the middle of forest near Alfea.
"Okay witches whats the negotiation here?"
Bloom asked folding her arms. The witches started whispering to each other. Bloom rolled her eyes and wondered why hadn't they discussed this before they met up. Aisha and the others flew down to the ground and hid behind some bushes. Aisha checked to see if coast is clear. Aisha and Tecna quietly crawled behind the bushes...
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 choosing clothes
choosing clothes
Flora was practising on how to create a human-friendly bulaklak sa pamamagitan ng adding her guardian powers to create love, care and emotions and plus to keep it healthy as well.Stella was flicking through fashion magazines when she saw an advertisment on entering a fashion show, it read:

To all you fashion experts out there, come and sumali the spring fashion ipakita and auditions susunod week- wear something that screams pazzow! It's SUMMER! Don't forget your touch of unique taste which doesn't clash your outfit!

Alfea practically was shaken for a minuto then lifted off the ground with a mini earthquake while birds...
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 Diana's guard
Diana's guard
In the nakaraan chapter, Tecna, Bloom, Stella, Brandon, Sky and Timmy find a village which is lead sa pamamagitan ng a man that helped them convince Diana that all humans weren't bad, they eat a delicious meal there but for Flora and the others in Diana's dungeon their meal from Diana was draining, the girls and Nabu Nawawala their magic and Helia and Riven Nawawala their strength.
Diana's Dungeon

Helia: Flora? Flora, please wake up!

Nabu:Layla my love?

Riven: Musa please open your eyes!

(Diana's guard enters the dungeon)

Diana's guard: It's no use, our lady's magic is too...
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posted by LikeTotally
Today was the araw of the Rose,a holiday in the Magic Dimension to celebrate mothers.The Specialists had left Magix to see their moms,all except for Riven.You see,his mom had left him when he was little,and he hasn't seen her ever since.

Riven walked down the paved streets and into the Magix Cafe.He purchased a capuccino and sat down in the large green booths.He took a small sip. Delicious.He placed the cup on the mesa and started thinking for a moment.It's the day of the rose and I haven't seen my mom in years.He took another drink of the steaming coffee.She doesn't deserve anything from...
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posted by rania1234
Layla is not back from Andros, and worries the Winx. On a happier note, Bloom and Stella are leaving to Solaria to help prep Stella for her upcoming princess ball.

King Radius happily greets Bloom and Stella, and Stella gives Bloom a private tour. They then meet Countess Cassandra, a noble. Then Stella sees Chimera, in which they both argue. Countess Cassandra is curious why they are fighting already, and Bloom responds, it is a start of a loving sister relationship.

The susunod morning, Stella forces Bloom to wake up early and to help her prep up for her ball. Bloom is very helpful around Stella....
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posted by Rainflowers
uy guys! This is my first artical in the Winx Club and I really hope you like it. It you do, I will contunie it as a series.

On sunny afternoon at Alfea, the winx club is sitting in the court yard in front of the school finishing up homework. Well, most of the Winx Club.

Stella: I just don't get it. Why do teachers all assign homework to us on one day, how do they expect me to get it all done??

Techna: Well, for starters you could try STARTING the homework instead of just complaining about it.

Stella: You're kidding right?

Flora: Stella if you just start on it then you'll...
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posted by Winxlove
 PopPixie;The newest cartoon from Iginio Straffi
PopPixie;The newest cartoon from Iginio Straffi
bahaghari SpA’s latest production PopPixie (52 x 13) had its worldwide broadcast debut on France 3’s Mon Ludo, with amazing results. With its first broadcast on August 14th, PopPixie achieved an 18 per cent audience share amongst its core target of four to ten taon olds. The following week it climbed to 25 per cent in the same demographic and sa pamamagitan ng September 4th it reached 27 per cent.

The launch in France was concurrent with a pan-African launch on K-Net and followed sa pamamagitan ng launches on TVI and Canal Panda (Portugal), Clan TVE (Spain), Kanal D (Turkey), RAI (Italy), Alter (Greece), Junior and MTV3...
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The fairy students come to college here to learn how to cast spells, create enchanted auras and make magical potions!

Potionology, metamorphosimbiosis, magiphilosophy and good manners...are among the complex subjects taught in the college sa pamamagitan ng very skilled, strict and demanding teachers! Thanks to these lessons, the aspiring teenage mga engkanto learn how to use and improve their powers in order to fight against evil in the name of equality, brotherhood and justice! The Alfea students live within the college itself, which has an enormous, well stocked library, classrooms, and a Magical Archive where the most important secrets of Magix are kept!
posted by tslol99
Stella just found out she has a sister

Stella: My WHAT!!!
Stella:s mom: Your sister she is going to Alfea susunod year
Stella: susunod YEAR
Stella's mom: Guys give us a sec please u can get t know Cassie Cassie y don't u ipakita them your room
Musa: Ok come on Cassie right
Cassie: Yes

the others leave Stella and her mother with and go into Cassie's room

Brandon: Sooo Cassie aaahhhhh what do u like to do
Cassie: I like to read write walk my cat FB
Tecna: What does that stand for
Cassie: bulaklak Bloom
(everyone looks at Flora and Bloom both girls blush)
I know but I named her that before I even heard of Bloom
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i just want you to see the differnce between 4kids' winxclub and european winxclub...i will add as many episodes i can...hope you like it:-D
It feels like magic
(European title: "An Unexpected Event")
So, we meet Bloom and Stella. Let's see what edits this ep has to offer:
Rearrangement: The first ep starts, and there's already an edit. 4Kids opens with the shot of Gardenia panning to the apartment, but then cuts to Bloom biking to the park and running into Stella and her battle with a troll, and they don't ipakita Bloom waking up at her house, frantically getting dressed, talking to her parents,...
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