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Percy was shunting some coal cars, but they were being troublesome.

Freight Cars: We want a better engine to shunt us!
Percy: Well I'm the best you got!
Freight Car #1: No! What about Thomas?
Freight Car #2: Or James?
Freight Car #3: Or Toby?
Freight Car #4: Or Percy?!
Freight Cars: He's already shunting us!
Freight Car #4: Oh.
Percy: *Getting angry* Be quiet! *Bashes freight cars*
Freight Car #1: *Rolling towards buffers*

The freight car soon went into the buffer, and a whistle could be heard as he went in the buffers. Percy didn't know how that happened, but he decided to use it as an advantage...
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Episode 5

The Diesels Strike Back

Important goods go to the Scientific Research Facility on the Island Of Sodor, and some of them are dangerous. Much of these trains are pulled sa pamamagitan ng diesels.

At the Diesel Works, Diesel 10 had a meeting with several other diesels. "What has been happening?" Diesel 10 asked the others.

"Thomas just got out of the steam works, and is the fastest engine on sodor." D261 said. He was the diesel that sucked up an inspector's hat during Stepney's visit to Sir Tophamm Hat's railway.

Arry, and Bert spoke next, "Gordon is going to take a special visitor on a tour of the island...
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One night on the Island of Sodor, the engines were sleeping. Well not all the engines. Thomas was busy at the Docks. A load of chemicals have just arrived, and Thomas was to take them to the new Science Research Facility.

Bill, and Ben were shunting Thomas' cars. "Why can't you just get them, and leave?" Bill asked Thomas rudely. "I'm getting coal, and water for my long trip." Thomas replied. He did his best to not be angry with the twins, but Bill, and Ben had other plans.

"You're too lazy, and can't do your own work." Ben told him. "Yep. That's why I'm carrying a train of chemicals to a facility...
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Episode 11


Nikki has a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement. She pulls passenger trains, and if there are a lot of freight cars that need to be shunted, Nikki is there to help. She likes working on the Island Of Sodor, but not many engines have the same wheel arrangement as her. There were many engines that had the same wheel arrangement, but not with Nikki.

She was talking to Emily about this one morning. "Don't worry," Encouraged Emily. "I also don't have the same wheel arrangement as any other engine on Sodor."

"Then y'all probably know how it feels like to not be the same as one of the other...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
All of the interviews in one article.

Sean: *In the Eastern Pacific roundhouse*
S.B: Sean, everyone thinks you're a wonderful guy. What do you think about that?
Sean: Well I'm not even a guy, I'm a train. It's great that they think I'm wonderful though.
S.B: What is your paborito thing about The Island Of Errol?
Sean: Working with my friends, Austin, Jesse, Mily, and my cousin Jerry, and my girlfriend Jazlin. I have the best girlfriend a diesel could ask for. She's a Blue Comet 4-6-2.
S.B: How do you feel, being the only diesel to petsa another engine?
Sean: It's great, especially since...
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 Makenzie slips as she pulls out of the wharf
Makenzie slips as she pulls out of the wharf
Episode 15

The Little Engine That Could

One araw at the wharf, Mr. Percival recieved a letter from Sir Robert Norramby. He wanted an engine from the Narrow Gauge Railway to pull a train to Ulfstead Castle. Sir Robert Norramby asked for visitors, coal, cables, some letters from his friends, and family, and nails.

"We need to get this train set up right away." Mr. Percival told one of the workmen, "Find an engine to get the job done, and quickly."

"Right away sir." sinabi the workman. The only engine in the wharf was Makenzie, and she was shunting cars for the other engines. "Mr. Percival has a job...
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Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run sa pamamagitan ng five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Stop the song

Episode 3: Dig In

The Island Of Errol is a new island that was discovered near California in the United States of America. Four cities were created, and five railroads were built. There were a few hills, but so far, there was no pinagmulan of water, other than the Pacific Ocean surrounding it. Because of this, the people living on the island had...
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Theme Song:

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run sa pamamagitan ng five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Episode 38: I Have Nothing To Look pasulong To Part 1

Narrator: There are a very large amount of engines on the Eastwood & Mossberg Railway. One of them is Alexis, a big tank engine.

Stop the song

Narrator: She was pulling her train from Ballantine Station to Hunterdon.
Alexis: *Stops at Angler station, and looks...
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Theme Song: link

Welcome to a place called The Island Of Errol. A place that is run sa pamamagitan ng five railroads. It has hundreds of engines, and lots of trains in the four towns, Mossberg, Hunterdon, Zorrin, and Eastwood.

This is the story of trainz.

Stop the song

Episode 19: The Fonz

Mike's last name is Fonzi. Other engines just call him Mike, or Fonzi, or The Fonz. He is the strongest engine on the Island Of Errol, and is always seen with the ladies.

However, he's sometimes clumsy. A few engines tease him about it, including Kenny, and everyone on the Northern Errol Line, but Mike is quick to threaten...
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 Daniel's car
Daniel's car

 RJ's car
RJ's car

Two racers were in cars in the pictures above.

Daniel: *Stops his car at a red light*
RJ: *Stops his car susunod to Daniel's*
Daniel: *Revs his engine twice*
RJ: You're gonna need something better than that to beat me.
Daniel: We'll see about that my friend. Where are we racing to?
RJ: Mossberg Harbor.
Daniel: You're on. When the light turns green, we go!
RJ: *Revs his engine three times*
Daniel: *Revs his engine*

The light turned green, and they took off

Daniel: *Drifts left*
RJ: *Turns left, getting close to Daniel*
Daniel: *Gaining speed*
RJ: *Goes onto the left side of the...
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D261 returned to the diesel works, seeing Sidney, and Diesel return themselves.

D261: Where did you two go?
Diesel: We were sent to Brendam Docks to make it vacant.
Sidney: We got rid of Cranky The Crane, and other workers.
D261: Nice work. Diesel 10 sent you down there. Where's he?
Diesel 10: *Arrives with D199* Getting another member to sumali our group.
Paxton: *Arrives* I'm back. Sir Tophamm Hat sent me to go deliver clay, but I have returned.
Diesel 10: That's nice. Arry, Bert, Dennis, bring out our steamies.
Mark Moraghan: Thomas, Percy, and James were brought into the diesel works after being...
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Janet: So, what's your urgent business in Norfolk?
Lee: *Sings* We're cargo movin' people. We do it everyday. We ilipat the freight this country needs.
Jeff: Across the USA.
Janet: *Looks at Jeff, then at Bryce*
Lee: Like coal, and steel, and automobiles you bet we know the way. We're cargo movin' people. From N&W, Railway.
Janet: How long were they there.
Lee: They were following us on that track for about a mile.
Jeff & Bryce: *Sings* Norfolk & Western. There's no stopping us. Service you can count on, from people you can trust. When it's...
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 The demolition derby car Thomas needs to pick up at the docks
The demolition derby car Thomas needs to pick up at the docks
Samson Makes A Mistake

Samson is a green tank engine. He is very smart, but sometimes, he makes mistakes, and that makes him feel silly.

One day, Thomas was sent to Knapford Station. Sir Tophamm Hat had an important job for him.

Sir Tophamm Hat: A new race track is being built for demoilition derbies. I want you to pick up one of the cars for the derby at Brendam Docks. It will be loaded onto a flatbed.
Thomas: Right sir. I'll go get it now. *Blows his whistle, and puffs to Knapford Station*

Thomas arrived quickly at Brendam Docks. Cranky just finished unloading the car.

Salty: Ahoy there Thomas....
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This is a story I will start once season 5 of Trainz is complete.


People: *Listening to the whistle as they stand sa pamamagitan ng the train tracks*

Song (Start at 0:42):

Announcer: They call her a legend. A celebrity. A lady that knows how to get the job done. Now, in a futuristic tale, you will see her like never before. In SeanTheHedgehog's 765. In a race against Norfolk Southern from Fort Wayne Indiana to Chicago Illinois.
Peter: I want her stopped immediately!
Dragovich: We are doing everything we can.
Peter: You're...
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Lauren watched her mga kaibigan leave Lexington, and then she waited patiently for Norfolk Southern to arrive.

Dragovich: *With Josh, and five GP60's as they make their way into Lexington*
Lauren: *Looks at a nearby clock* Any segundo now.
Josh: How much further?
Dragovich: Don't you worry about that.
Lauren: I see them.

Song: link

Josh: Wait a minute, who's that?
Dragovich: I don't know, but she's going to be scrapped. Spread out!
Lauren: *Fires missiles*
Josh: Back up!
Dragovich: *Watching the GP60's get killed sa pamamagitan ng the rockets* Nyet!
Josh: We need to leave!
Dragovich: I'm not leaving until she's down. *Deploys...
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Mr. Baldwin: *In front of his engines* Everyone, I have some tragic news.
Nikki: What's the matter sir?
Mr. Baldwin: My son has gone missing.
Engines: *Gasping*
Mr. Baldwin: He sinabi he was going into Hunterdon, but he hasn't returned since.
Bri: How did he get there?
Mr. Baldwin: Last time I saw him, he was boarding the bus for Hunterdon. There's only one person I know who can help me find him, and you have to wait until the intro is over to find out who it is.
Audience: *Laughing*

Theme Song: link

Engines: *Confused, not realizing that Mr. Baldwin just broke the 4th wall*


Sean: *Pulling...
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St. Louis. Our bayani were only five miles away from the BNSF yards they needed to reach.

Lee: This is it. Nothing can stop us now.

Multiple bullets hit the left side of the car. Several holes were in the door, and the window was broken.

Buick: *Driving towards him in his Fusion* I've got you now.
Lee: He's got an automatic pistol. *Looks at Janet, and sees a bullet in her neck* And he killed you.
Jeff: Lee's in trouble.
Bryce: He's not the only one. Look behind us.
Dragovich & Josh: *Coming towards Jeff & Bryce with 20 GP60's, and 12 ES40DC's*
Jeff: Ah, this isn't good.
Buick: Nothing can stop...
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Lee's tahanan was right susunod to a yard, where Jeff, and Bryce worked.

Lee: *Walks up to Jeff, and Bryce* Okay you two, things are going to change for us. If we play our cards right, we can expand our operations, and really restore the Norfolk & Western.
Jeff: Then our objective will be complete.
Bryce: What do we need to do to complete our task?
Lee: CSX is bringing a freight train towards us any segundo now. Once it arrives, bring it to Norfolk Virginia. We need to get there with everything intact.
Bryce: How much time do we have?
Lee: Three days. With a very short amount of stops for fuel, and...
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Jeff and Bryce passed through Louisville.

Bryce: Is Lauren going to hold off Norfolk Southern at Lexington 24/7?
Jeff: Of course not. That would be suicide. Plus, I think she already left to help out the Canadian National.
Janet: *Laughing* Listen to this, on our way through Kentucky, we'll pass a town called Santa Claus.
Lee: Genji would enjoy that.
Janet: Merry Christmas!
Lee: *Laughing*

Back in Roanoke.

NS Employee 98: What's going on here?! We haven't received any transmissions! It's like we're being jammed!
NS Employee 24: Or something.
Gordon: Did anyone even consider telling Squires?
NS Employee...
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Lee was inside the historical society's main building with Tyler. There, he met Bill, William, Brian, Susan, and Cindy.

Tyler: Gentlemen, and Bill's girls.
Bill: *Laughs with Susan, and Cindy*
Tyler: This man, Lee Brent, came all the way here from Flemington New Jersey aboard his switcher named Ethan.
Lee: Norfolk Southern's been trying to catch me. I met up with a steam engine named Lauren who told me to sumali you guys. She says you're planning to find a man named Robert Snyder.
Brian: Yes we are.
Lee: But from what I understand, your other engines are not running, and Jessica is the only one who...
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