Titanic Which scene makes you cry the most? If not listed please add

Pick one:
The ship hits the iceberg
Jack tearing up while looking down at Rose
"You jump, I jump, right?"
An elderly couple laying in kama
A mother telling a story to her children
The water burst through the windows and drowns Captain Smith
Fabrizio gets crushed sa pamamagitan ng the smoke stack
Water bursts through the glass dome killing traped people
A body flowing in a room filled of water
The ship breaks in half
People falling and hitting everything
Rose loses Jack in the water
A ton of people crying out for help
"I'll never let go, Jack, I'll never let go."
A mother and her baby laying in the water
Jack's death
The deleted Carpathia scene
Jack and Rose reuniting in heaven
Jack and Rose reuniting in heaven
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When Rose changes her name to Dawson
When Rose changes her name to Dawson
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When Rose Died
When Rose Died
Added by jbtr
When people slide off decks
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