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All of a sudden when she thought that it was an all clear she heard a single shot Followed sa pamamagitan ng hearing her partners agonizing cry
She had never been so scared in her entire life ... Or so she thought seeing him being carried off on a gurney was way way worse
Upone her arrival to the hospital she ran in flashed her badge and sinabi DiNozzo
The woman didn’t even bother to look up she had dealt with NCIS before she just sinabi 142 and ziva was on the ilipat again headed for his room
When she got to the room he was out of surgery
She sat there unable to pull herself away from his kama side
He would not be here if it were not for her was her ulat to anyone who tried to get her to levee
when visiting hours were over she heard the older nurse say to a younger one "try to get the poor girl to levee if she pushes tough just levee her if she feels threatened she will use force to make you levee"
She heard no answer just footsteps that told her the girl would try when the footsteps stops there was a pause then a gasp followed sa pamamagitan ng a woman throwing herself at the foot of his kama and screaming TONY
Ziva sighed at the site and just spouted off the usual comment when woman sinabi something about Tony
"I’m sorry for whatever Tony did to or promised you but madami than likely for him it was just a one night stand so you should just levee before he wakes and things get awkward you ... "
The tough woman just stared at her as if to ask what are you talking about and she tried to explain but the girl just would not understand what she was trying to say so ziva decided to ask where she knew Tony from
She answered ziva with “I’m his girlfriend Jeanne Benoit …” at that ziva put on a fake smile and thought so this is the girl that he had been drooling over
She barely heard Jeanne ask when she new tony from before Gibbs walked in asking for a sit rep
She didn’t think she just answered same as before except his girlfriend sowed up and before you even suggest that I go tahanan let me remind you that it was me that got him here if I would have been doing my job rite he would not have had to jump in front of that built before I shot that man…
David don’t blame yourself for this you’re his partner you would have done the same thing for him
Yea but my training is so much madami extensive than his I’m an assassin Gibbs I should have seen him before he shot tony
David … no Gibbs I’m staying till he wakes up at least
Fine but you better be in the bullpen early tomorrow
Thank you Gibbs … shalom
Once Gibbs left Jeanne was so much madami confused and again asked where she knew tony from this time ziva sinabi from work …I am his partner I should have had his back …
Wait since when does a film teacher need a partner
Film professor ha ha tony DiNozzo ha ha ha ha
No Jeanne sinabi
Tony DiNardo and yea a film teacher
Ha ha ha how did he end up telling you that one is that what he sinabi to get you to sleep with him because he is lying like so bad ha ha ha ha
She got a confused look on her face and at the sound of ziva’s laughing tony woke up and said
The sound of his voice sobered her right away “ I am here and I am sorry that I let you get shot …”
She was silenced again sa pamamagitan ng his laugh and him saying “ziva ziva ziva”
“never say you’re sorry it’s a sign of weakness”
Tony shut up I need to say sorry for it I should have had your back…
And this point he noticed Jeanne and was all oh what are you doing here
She looked mad no furious
He looked at Jeanne the girl he was supposed to be in pag-ibig with and then he looked at ziva the woman who no matter what had his back and was there when he needed her never pusses to hard and well he had been in pag-ibig with her for so long and at this point looking at her face she was just begging him to tell the truth and so he did
No it is DiNozzo and well I lied to you and I had to
When she asked why and he was about to answer jenny shepered walked in and answered for him

When she walked into the room she did so with an air of authority
You could tell that she was in charge just sa pamamagitan ng the way she walked in even before she dismissed ziva and ziva actually listened …well to some extent she walked to the door like she was going to follow the unspoken order then she turned around an you could feel the atmosphere in the room changing again shifting from a madami or less comfortable business like to a intermit old mga kaibigan and in that place she did not belong
“Jen please” the plea was not the normal thing
Jeanne looked at tony when she saw his jaw drop in pure astonishment she never saw him so surprised in all the time she had known him then she looked back at the woman and jen as they called her looked kind of sad and just nodded as ziva sat back down at her spot sa pamamagitan ng his kama side
Jenny shook her head the only thing she could think of was how mad Gibbs would be and how his “second B “would come into play because you could tell ziva’s need to not let tony know about how she felt was fading and fading fast sa pamamagitan ng the look in her eyes she could tell ziva would not last long staying sa pamamagitan ng his side the way she is but she won’t levee she will never levee
Ziva noticed jenny shaking her head and she asked “what”
Ziva you are losing the battle I can tell Gibbs will be mad … but just ignore him he is being hypocritical as is not like he didn’t break that rule rite…
Ziva looked down and sinabi “no he did not break that rule you are reason for the rule not the exception to it ziva stared sadly
They stopped talking and jenny turned towed me as I looked at tony in confusion I was still mad but I know that there was a reason that he lied and we would work it out or so I though before I saw the look In his eyes as he registered what the words that the other woman spoke moments nakaraan meant to him the look in his eyes was pure adoration I grew to hate the pretty woman in front of me and I wanted to hurt her no I wanted to kill her not hurt her
When I looked up at jenny she started to explain what was happening
“Ms. Benoit I am director Jenifer Sheppard of N.C.I.S. naval criminal investigative services I am tony’s bosses boss I sent him on an undercover operation to get close to you so we could catch a well known arms dealer named La Grenouille madami widely known as THE FROGE… she tried to interrupt but I put my hand up to stop her as I continued … or better known to you as dad
I let those words sink in before I continued ….
All the while I got madami and madami mad when she reached the end of the story she sinabi I only tell you this now because he is the one who shot at tony and well I’m sorry for your loss but let’s just say ziva doesn’t take kindly to people shooting at her partner so he is dead you may see I’m if you want the shoot was very clean only one small hole in his forehead witch has been patched up sa pamamagitan ng now ducky is grate he will look like he is sleeping
After I heard that I Nawawala it and got up and slapped ziva in the face she didn’t even flinch she just smirked and sinabi you have no idea how long I have wanted a reason to hurt you at that she turned and the susunod thing I knew I was on the ground my arms handcuffed behind my back and wondering who exactly she was
So I asked "WHO ARE YOU" Ziva was beyond happy she asked she wanted to scare Jeanne so in the most casual manner possible I sinabi oh I’m a NINJA assassin that is TEMPORAROLY a liaison at N.C.I.S. if you want to goggle me just look up the deputy director of mosades daughter and that is me by
With that jenny took me out of the room and left tony and ziva alone to realize just how badly ziva had been wanting tony
She didn’t hesitate she just went right to him she saw it in his eyes he felt the same way she was not scared any madami she just grabbed his face careful not to hurt his gunshot wound and kissed him passionately they both came up for air then ziva kissed him lightly on the nose as he tried to hold her there she got out of his grasp and sinabi I have to go tony I will come back to get you and you will stay at my place till your wound is better
With that she left with nothing else sinabi
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