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Blank Canvas
Chapter One - I Can Hear the Sirens

Police sirens blaring. A cordoned off alleyway and paramedics jumping out of ambulances. Tony DiNozzo was just about to take a vacancy. With a shotgun wound to the stomach and multiple bruises to the head, chest and leg areas, it didn't look good. He had survived, against the odds, to live long enough for the ambulansya to get there.

"Will I live through this?" he choked. He could barely breathe with all the tubes going down his throat. His paramedic was a dirty blonde called Ellexis, according to her badge.

"We'll do the best we can to help you, Tony." the paramedic retorted, grabbing madami emergency medical supplies. "Is there anyone you'd like us to call for you? Your family? Friends?" He wondered how she knew his name. Maybe she looked at his nametag.

"N-no, thanks, they don't need to see me like this." A slight cough could be heard in between every couple of words he spoke. It didn't really matter what he sinabi though, because he knew that his family would be down as soon as they heard the news. They had a way of finding things out, even if he didnt want them to. His train of thought was interrupted sa pamamagitan ng another paramedic's voice, a man's this time.

"Can you remember who did this to you?" he chimed in.

"If I did, I wouldn't tell you." The paramedics exchanged shocked anxious glances, but their attention was brought back to Tony. madami blood was flowing. He knew what he had sinabi sounded harsh, but at that particular moment in time, he had madami important things to worry about. Gibbs, McGee, Abby... Ziva, all their lives were in danger. That was numero uno on his list.

The ambulansya journey had taken what seemed forever. Then again, he was so doped up on the anaesthetic he didn't know what was what. He didn't think they could save him, nobody could. He didn't know if he wanted them to.

He just wanted this to be over. He just wanted his family to be ligtas and not be at risk because of him.

All he knew was that if he survived this ordeal, his life wouldn't be worth living.