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Having phone sex? Laila Tov. Nesiah Tovah. I’m tired of pretending. I was just going to tussle your hair, sometimes it makes you smile. For you. Why are you here, Tony? I couldn’t live without you…

Tony groggily tried to open his eyes but was unable to. He was confused and in pain. What happened? he wondered. He turned his head to the side searching for his McGee, but found no one. Then he heard McGee’s voice, “Tony? Tony? Are you okay?” He didn’t have the strength to answer him and he sinabi an inward prayer that help was on the way.

McGee searched for his partner through the smoke & flames, but wasn’t able to locate him. He muttered under his breath and ran in paghahanap of a apoy extinguisher or some sort of aid. He pulled an oxygen mask from a upuan in the front, took a few healthy gulps of air and then ran towards the emergency exit door to the side. He deployed the inflatable slide and ran back to find his partner. Sure he was a pain, and too often made a joke out of everything McGee did, but Tony was madami than a partner, he was like a brother to him & he was going to do everything in his power to save his partner. The apoy extinguisher he found seemed to do little & only caused madami problems in his line of vision, but as some of the foam settled & the apoy calmed slightly he saw Tony laying on his back about 10 feet away. “Tony!” he yelled and ran towards him, dropping to his knees as he reached his now unconscious partner. “Don’t do this Tony! I won’t let you die.” All he had in reach was a blanket that a flight attendant might give you if you were cold, so he quickly spread it on the floor & carefully maneuvered Tony’s body onto it. He grabbed one end and pulled. His partners body didn’t ilipat easily & he had to use muscles he that he wasn’t even aware he had. sa pamamagitan ng the time he reached the emergency door he was sweating profusely and was out of breath, and was now wondering how he was supposed to get Tony safely down this slide. In the distance he heard sirens & closed his eyes for just a minute.

Gibbs took the car back to NCIS to grab Abby & Ducky who upon hearing of the news would no doubt want to be there. Abby was pale & shaky, crying and for once quiet. She didn’t ask questions, she didn’t yell wondering where he was when the explosion happened. Gibbs patted her leg and Abby quickly enveloped his hand with hers. Ducky sat in the back looking sad & tired. Gibbs hadn’t noticed before, but it seemed his mga kaibigan age was catching up to him.

I’d lie, it’s true. Give my life for you. You know I’d always come for you.

Ziva sat quietly, waiting. Waiting for Tony, Gibbs & McGee to rescue her again or even waiting for news from Ahmad. The days were long & the nights even longer and she was growing madami weak sa pamamagitan ng the araw & madami frustrated. She cursed Eli out loud & though she knew it would be of no help she had to admit it felt good. She heard Ahmad’s voice outside of the door and she sat up straight waiting to hear the news. He opened the door and trying to keep the look of happiness off her face told her that Anthony DiNozzo & Timothy McGee were pronounced dead on the scene. “That is not true,” she said. “I watched with my own eyes Ziva, their limp bodies were loaded into body bags and taken away,” he fired back at her. “In a few days when things calm we will be able to take you back to Israel where you belong.”

Tony?! Do you believe in miracles?
This might not be Tony.