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Anthony entered the building with less swagger and less spring in his step. Mondays were basically torture for him, it ended his weekend that was filled with serbesa and basura food. As soon as he placed down his gear, Ziva started to snicker.
"What?" he snapped.
She looked up from her computer screen.
"None of your business." she retorted hatefully.
McGee watched the bicker and realized the intensity in the bullpen. Tony stared intently at Ziva, and she ignored him. He had been so jealous, and she was enjoying it. Gibbs then walked silently into the bullpen, knocking them out of their dazes.
"Dead Marine in Richmond." he sinabi "Grab your gear."
Team Gibbs arrived in Richmond with little fuss and effort. Tim interrogated the Marine's husband, Patrick Carter. He was a tall man with a slender body type. Patrick already gave them a bad vibe.
Tony and Ziva photographed the body and collected anything that may be of help to their investigation. Not one word was spoken, the silence was far from comfortable. Finally, Ziva's phone broke that silence. The annoying pag-ibig song ring tone bothered Tony to an extent that he almost threw it out the window.
"Hi,sweetie." she purred.
"Sweetie," he mumbled angrily under his breath.
"Yes, I will see you tonight, then?"
A smug smile and long pause came after that.
"I pag-ibig you too,bye." Ziva whispered into the phone.
Without realizing Ziva had just broken his puso beyond repair.
"Does she remember anything?" he thinks.
Memories begin to play in his head.
Pain is flooding his thoughts. He remembers everything. For you. I can't live without you. Contents:Priceless. I'm sorry,Ziva. You never talk about it. Who am I? Every little conversation makes it's way from the back of his mind.
Tony could not handle being in the same room as her. He stormed out with a lot of anger that got her attention. Ziva tailed him all the way to the car.
"What is your problem?" she asked sternly.
"Don't worry about me. How about you go on your date, now. You've forgotten me anyway."
She really screwed up this time.
The ride back was very uncomfortable. Tony sat in the back half of the van. Tim and Ziva sat in the two front captain's seat. Tony and Ziva thought the same thing without knowing it.
"Why? Why do you do this to me? How do you do this to me?" echoed in their minds.
McGee shifted slightly in the passenger seat. They has obviously been in a fight. He thought meticulously of what he might ask.
"So uh," he began nervously. "are you guys okay?"
"Just damn fine." Tony yelled from the back.
"I was just wondering why you guys were angry, Tony."
"We are perfectly fine, McGee." Ziva chimed in.
Tony, of course, could not keep his mouth shut.
"This is your definition of fine, Ziva?" he snapped.
At that, Ziva pulled over with a jerk of the wheel. Tony immediately jumped up from his sitting position and pushed through the doors. They stood facing each other on the side of the dusty rural road.
"W-why do you do this, Tony?" Ziva stuttered.
He looked down to his feet.
"Do what?" he played dumb.
"Every time there is possibly a chance I have a boyfriend, you need to get involved." she yelled.
"I am concerned."
She cocked her head to the side and looked at Tony.
"No you are not. You are jealous of Ray. McGee told me."
Tony tightened his jaw. He now knows not to tell McGossip about anything.
"I was concerned,Ziva! What makes you think I am jealous of your jackass friend."
Their eyes turned cold. This was the end. This was going to be the last fight.
"You do this every time,Tony." she managed to breathe.
McGee came out of the passenger upuan and walked into the middle of the intense fight.
"What the hell, McGee!" Tony muttered."You told her."
"Tony, you need to tell her."
Tony paused. He needed to tell Ziva. McGee was right.
"I can't." The two words explained everything. He couldn't tell her because of the way she would react.
A single tear rolled down Ziva's cheek.
"Tell me what?" she mumbled.
Tony turned on his heel and got into the van. Maybe they would have a stable ride home. About fifteen minutos into the ride, Tony fell asleep. This gave Ziva a chance to iksamen Timmy on his involvement of Tony's jealousy.
Nothing. McGee didn't give any evidence as to what Tony's secret was! He came up with very stupid reasons not to give an answer. It was probably something of low importance anyway.
When they arrived to headquarters, Abby awaited at the door to tell Gibbs every detail about Patrick Carter and his family. Ziva,Tony,and McGee were sent to the bullpen.
After ten minutes, McGee found the silence very uncomfortable. He ran examples in his mind of what would happen if he sinabi or did anything.
"So," he began.
"I am not talking to you,McGee." Tony muttered.
As soon as Tony finished his sentence, an exasperated Ziva stood up from her desk. The men observed the casual spring in her step as she she walked toward the bathroom, dress and makeup in hand.
"Tony, you need to tell her." McGee spat at Tony.
"You try telling a girl that you pag-ibig her. Then, after that her not returning the love!"
It was very evident that Tony was hurt. Since Somalia he had been trying to prove to Ziva that he was worth loving. He needed tell her, no matter how much she despised him.
"Well don't you look spiffy." Tony announced as Ziva sashayed into the bullpen.
She ignored him and walked to her desk. Ziva waved goodbye to them and pressed the elevator button. As soon as it dinged, Tony decided this was the time.
"Ziva," he called after her.
She turned around, hair framing her beautiful face.
"Yes, Tony."
"I,...think you look beautiful." he sinabi gently.
Ziva smiled vaguely and stepped into the elevator. He sighed a long,depressed sigh. Wondering why he didn't just say it.
After DiNozzo's last coffee and paper was finished he glanced at McGee.
"Tim," he asked with a tuta dog face.
McGee looked over to his best friend.
"Did Ziva say anything about where she was going."
"No, she just sinabi that she was going to stop tahanan to drop off her things."
As soon McGee's mouth stopped moving Tony was heading for the elevator. This was going to be an interesting night.