Tokyo Ghoul Create Your Own Ghoul !!

Ryuuikari posted on Nov 30, 2014 at 12:41PM
Engage your mind, let your creativity flow and make your own ghoul XD

The format can be something along these lines:

Alias: (What do the CCG call your ghoul ?)
Ranking: No rank / Low rank / S / SS / SSS

Gender: Male / Female / Unknown

Appearance: (What do they look like ?)
Ghoul Mask: (What does their mask look like ?)
Ward: (Which Ward do they live in ?)
History/Bio: (Does your ghoul have a backstory ?)

RC Type: link / link / link / link
Kagune appearance: (What does your ghoul's Kagune look like ?)
Kagune special abilities: (What special abilities does your ghoul's Kagune have ?)
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Tokyo Ghoul 234 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas SakuraKagamine said…
Name: Reika Suzuya (鈴屋麗華 Suzuya Reika)
Alias: "Neko-chan"
Ranking: SSS

Age: 14
Birthday: 13. December 2000
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Asaki Fueguchi (father/ deceased)
Hinami Fueguchi (half-sister)
Ryouko Fueguchi (cares for her/ deceased)
Cicilia Suzuya (mother/ Unknown)
Eila Suzuya (Sister/ Unknown)
Hiyan Suzuya (Brother/ probably deceased)

Height: 162cm
Weight: 57kg
Appearance: Long, blonde hair, blue eyes
Personality: Often kind and friendly, but under friends she can be a little princess; she can get very fast angry
Ward: Unknown
History/Bio: She was born in Ward 5. Her twin sister Eila is 5 minutes older. The both really love their older brother Hiyan. Her mother really cares for them, because she's afraid to lost them like her lover, Asaki. They lived happy, since ghoul hunters came in Ward 5. Reika's mother said that Reika and her sister have to run away. But Reika don't want. Elia take her sister and run away with her. Her mother and her brother fight against the hunters. It seems that they will win. Eila and Reika came to a bridge. They thought they'll save here. Elia told her sister that she will look around. Reika stay under the bridge. Suddenly she heard her sister scream. Ghoul Hunters were there. And her brother. The last thing that she saw was her brother going down and her mother that smiles at her. She awakes by Ryouko and Hinami. They care for her. Reika never forget her family and she swear that she'll kill all Ghoul Hunters. She learned how to fight. And she's very well with Bow and arrow.

5 years later, Ryouko and Asaki are both death. Reika leaves Hinami by Kaneki and Touka. The both never knew of her. She went away and now it's unkown where she live.

She's known as Neko-chan, because of her mask that looks like a blue cat.

RC Type: Dual Kagune: Ukaku and Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: Her Ukaku Kagune looks like two angel wings with a black top (Like her mother).
Her Rinkaku Kagune takes the shape of two spines where each spine individally was tied together, and this kagune has a long range. It is especially suited for high-speed combat and has a sharp cut (Like her sister)
Kagune special abilities: Her Ukaku can be very long and strong. It can shoot very fast. She can use her Rinkaku like two arms. They're very strong.

(Sry for my bad spelling XD; Maybe I change her History^^)
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Ryuuikari commented…
I really like this ghoul, pag-ibig the amount of detail you put in XD sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas SakuraKagamine said…
I'm going on ^^

Name: Eila Suzuya (鈴屋エイラ Suzuya Eila)
Alias: Butterfly
Ranking: SS

Age: 14
Birthday: 13. December 2000
Gender: Female
Status: Unknown
Family: Cicilia Suzuya (mother/ Unknown)
Reika Suzuya (Sister)
Hiyan Suzuya (Brother/ probably deceased)

Height: 162cm
Weight: 57kg
Appearance: Long blonde hair, wearing is twintails, blue eyes
Personality: Friendy, still
Ward: Ward 5
History/Bio: She was born in Ward 5. Her twin sister Reika is 5 minutes younger. The both really love their older brother Hiyan. Her mother really cares for them, because she's afraid to lost them like her lover, Asaki. They lived happy, since ghoul hunters came in Ward 5. Eila's mother said that Eila and her sister have to run away. But Reika don't want. Elia take her sister and run away with her. Her mother and her brother fight against the hunters. It seems that they will win. Eila and Reika came to a bridge. They thought they'll save here. Elia told her sister that she will look around. Reika stay under the bridge. Suddenly she saw ghould hunters scream. Her brother came to help her.

It's unknow what happend than.

RC Type: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: Looks like two wings
Kagune special abilities: Can be use for fighting and protecting
Ryuuikari commented…
Another good ghoul :D is her Ukaku Kagune the same as her sister's ? sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
SakuraKagamine commented…
mostly the same ^^ sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas SakuraKagamine said…
It's me again XD

Name: Hiyan Suzuya
Alias: -
Ranking: Unkown

Age: 17
Birthday: 26. October 1997
Gender: Male
Status: probably deceased
Family: Cicilia Suzuya (mother/ Unknown)
Eila Suzuya (Sister/ Unknown)
Reika Suzuya (Sister)

Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes
Personality: Still, kind, can be very mean
Ward: Ward 5
History/Bio: He was born in Ward 5. He lived alone with his mother until he got two sisters. As the Ghoul Hunters came, he protect his family with his life. He saved his sisters from the Hunters but got badly injured.

It's unkown what happend to him.

He is a very good fighter

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: It looks like a spine that was tied together. It is suited to high-speed combat and has a sharp cut. (like his father)
Kagune special abilities: It's very fast and strong.

(If your wondering why Eila and he hasn't the Fueguchi's in his family line: It's because they never knew of them ^^)
KaguneGhoul commented…
I like your Ghouls. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Well I might as well try myself !

Name: Xavier Vecerrolla
Alias: Burning Scale
Ranking: S

Age: 21
Birthday: 3rd July
Gender: Male

Height: 174cm
Weight: 66kg
Ghoul Mask: Xavier’s dark-coloured mask is covered in scales with its only feature being a pair of slit-like openings for his eyes.
Appearance: Xavier has a complimenting mix of Hispanic and West Indian features with tan-coloured skin, hazel-coloured eyes, full lips and black hair set in cornrows that extend into locks that fall just above his neck. He is has a fairly defined musculature and doesn’t have much fat on his body.
Personality: Xavier is an ambitious ghoul with a thirst for power. However he is not stupid and knows when he’s beaten or doesn’t have a chance of winning.
Ward: 16th Ward
History/Bio: Unknown at the current time.

RC Type: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: His Ukaku kagune appears like large wispy draconic ‘wings’ that sprout from under his shoulder blades. The tips of the ‘wings’ tend to glow like hot embers when Xavier uses its abilities.
Kagune special abilities: Xavier can fire ‘scales’ from his kagune that act like incendiary bullets and explode in flames upon striking a surface. He is also able to launch crescent-shaped waves of fire-imbued ‘scales’ that immolates most things the attack strikes. His Ukaku kagune also gives him an immense boost in speed and agility, which makes him a dangerous opponent even in close combat.
KaguneGhoul commented…
Nice Ghoul. sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Etzio_ commented…
Very detailed, I can picture exactly what he looks like in my head. Good work! sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
ItsukiHashima commented…
Nice dude 9 months ago
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
I only think I'll make one more kakuja if I ever make more ghouls :P

Name: Quincy Niycuq
Alias: Death Scorpion
Ranking: SSS

Age: 25
Birthday: 7th March
Gender: Female

Height: 172cm
Weight: 61kg
Ghoul Mask: A red mask that covers the entirety of Quincy’s head leaving only her right eye and an area around her left eye exposed. A line of thin spikes line the top of her head mask like a mohawk and a crudely drawn smile adorns the front of the mask.
Appearance: Quincy has short mousy jet-black hair, sparkling blue eyes, full lips and stud piercings in each earlobe. She has cute facial features with a defined lean musculature and has an overall androgynous appearance, which makes it difficult for some to discern what gender she is. Even her voice doesn’t carry a clearly defined gender-typic tone to it. Quincy generally wears practical clothing for whatever tasks she undertakes but will usually wear a tight zip-up hoodie, form-fitting joggers and sports running shoes.
Personality: Quincy is a focused individual with strong convictions in her own personal set of morals. She suffers from paranoia and as a result has strong trust issues. While she does find it difficult to interact with others, she is capable of working as a team. However, she never ever gets caught too deep in anyone else’s affairs other than her own. Quincy does not care much for what her meals taste like; she will contently eat human or ghoul as long as it satisfies her hunger.
Ward: 24th Ward
History/Bio: Unknown at the current time.

RC Type: Bikaku (Kakuja)
Kagune appearance: A large segmented tail-like appendage forms from Quincy’s tailbone and resembles a scorpion’s tail with the end segment having a shape very similar to a scorpion’s stinger.
Kagune special abilities: As a ‘Bikaku’, Quincy’s kagune is very balanced but is slightly heavier and tougher than regular Bikaku-type kagune with the stinger being able to pierce most materials with ease. Combined with her fluid offensive movements and knowledge of a range of fighting styles, Quincy is an extremely dangerous combatant when using her kagune.

Kakuja appearance: Quincy’s muscular kakuja covers her body and face and forms two extra scorpion tail-like appendages, one either side of her main tail, giving her a total of three tails. Her original tail is now thicker and bulkier and the end segment now resembles a spiked wrecking ball. The kakuja forms two mandible-like protrusions from the mask as well as making the line of spikes much larger. Quincy usually wraps her two kakuja tails around her arms, holding the stinger section in her hands for use in combat.
Kakuja special abilities: Quincy’s kakuja affords her a great increase in strength and speed and her main tail can cause massive damage by either striking with her heavy wrecking ball-like tail or by stabbing with the stingers from her two kakuja tails. Despite usually wrapping her two kakuja tails around her arms she can just as proficiently utilize them as normal tails.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Scorpion15 said…
This my ghoul that i create

Name:Rayumaru alkor
alias:The Dragon

Height: 175 cm
weight: 65kg
appearance: black eyes,pale skin and black hair
Ghoul mask: it has black dragon like mask cover with dragon like scales and dragon features
personality: he is calm,collected and serious person who shown little to no emotion and seems to be very focus on his objective but truthfully he is merciless,ruthless person who kill ghouls and humans as he pleased and kill those who he had no further uses to and show no regard to ghouls and humans and couldn t cares who he kills
Ward: Ward 20
History: not much know about his history other than he did live in ward 1 and suffer a car accident that nearly kill him until he rescue and bring to a hospital where he was treated but unknown to him he has a unknown ghoul organs transfer into him by kanou and some point later he live his life as ghoul and join aogiri tree

Rc Type: Dual kagune Rinkaku and koukaku(kakuja)
Rinkaku Kagune appearance: its has a spine that was tied together but it has unique feature with dragon shaped like tentacles showing dragon like features
Rinkaku special abilities: as rinkaku user it focus mostly on brute force and superior regeneration abilities his rinkaku prove to be extremely strong as he manage to pierce or cut kakuja or quincie with ease and he manifest up to 10 rinkaku tentacles which its very rare and easily pierce or kill even the toughest enemies
Koukaku: it has an appearance of dragon like wings which it can act as shield
Koukaku special abilities: despite appearance act as a shield to protect him against strongest defense he can shaped it into swords,hammers and spears but at a process it sliw him down with combination with his rinkaku
Kakuja appearance; his entire body and face is cover with dragon like scales and he produces a dragon like mask which shape like dragons and kagunes are resembling much more like a dragon with thicker scales and sharper appearance
Kakuja special abilities:his dual kagune kakuja provide him immense dratics of strength and speed as he his strength his rinkaku kagune can slice cars or small buildings with ease and effortlessly cut through a quincie or kakuja with not much difficuity and speed also increase drasticly despite the heaviness of koukaku he could blitz rank 1 investigator and kill them instantly and koukaku kagunes kakuja can protect against several quincie and kakuja with receiveing only moderate damage
Scorpion15 commented…
he is age 28 forget to put it sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Nyūga Hanagoshi
Alias: None
Ranking: No rank

Age: 16
Birthday: 2nd September
Gender: Female

Height: 153cm
Weight: 44kg
Appearance: Nyūga is a pretty girl with typical Asiatic features, pale brown eyes, small black spiral gauge earrings in both ears and very dark brown hair that she ties up in a bun (but would fall to her bum if left to fall normally). She looks slightly older than her age, but not enough to look like an adult. Nyūga typically wears fashionable tops, jackets, cardigans etc. with either jeans or leggings.
Ghoul Mask: White teardrop-shaped mask with magenta concentric circles that expand outwards from the centre of the mask.
Personality: Nyūga is an outwardly shy girl but once the initial barrier of unknown is broken, she opens up very quickly. She is very trusting of people she deems to have morals similar to her own but if this trust is ever broken, even once, the chances of her ever trusting them again are slim to none.
Ward: 2nd Ward
History/Bio: Her past is unknown at the current time. However despite hunting regularly Nyūga rarely, if ever, leaves any body parts from her victims behind. As such the CCG has no tabs on her and she hasn’t come into any major conflict with other ghouls yet.

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: Her Rinkaku kagune appears as two squid-like ‘arms’ that sprout from her back. The underside of each arm is covered in two rows of countless toothed suckers; these ‘teeth’ have serrated edges.
Kagune special abilities: As a ‘Rinkaku’, Nyūga possesses greater regeneration than most other ghouls and mainly uses her squid-like kagune to attack with. Using the toothed suckers on the underside of the kagune ‘arms’ Nyūga is capable of viciously tearing flesh from bones and can also use them to adhere to solid surfaces.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Shisanna Yonkyū
Alias: Fanged Squid
Ranking: SSS

Age: 37
Birthday: 11th December
Gender: Female
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg

Appearance: Shisanna has typical Asiatic features, pale brown eyes, an ample bosom, very dark brown hair that she lets fall to just below her neck and is overall quite an attractive woman. She generally wears classy attire but never anything that makes her stand out too much.
Ghoul Mask: Deep purple teardrop-shaped mask with a pale pink swirl that expands out from the centre of the mask.
Personality: Shisanna is an ambitious ghoul whose main goal is to live life without restriction. To this end, she cannot stand failure and believes very strongly in the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”. She tends to eat quite a lot but implicitly refuses to cannibalize other ghouls if at all possible; she would have to be on the verge of starving to death for her to even contemplate cannibalizing another ghoul.
Ward: 1st Ward
History/Bio: Shisanna is originally from the 24th Ward but it took a while for the CCG to realise that she was gradually becoming a threat when her ravaging exploits starting spanning multiple Wards. Eventually, when her clashes with high-level Ghoul Investigators became frequent, she unintentionally formed a group of ghouls that followed and supported her efforts. With all members wearing navy blue teardrop-shaped masks, this group was named by its members as “The Squid’s Teardrops” and slowly grew in size as Shisanna’s power and infamy rose. Currently Shisanna (reluctantly) ‘leads’ the group and the group’s range covers a few Wards.

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: With her Rinkaku kagune, Shisanna is able to generate up to eight squid-like ‘arms’ that sprout from her back with two longer squid-like tentacles sprouting from in between them. The undersides of the eight arms are covered in two rows of countless toothed suckers with these ‘teeth’ having serrated edges. Her two longer tentacles each have a single large sucker, lined with lamprey-like fangs, at the end of the tentacle.
Kagune special abilities: As a ‘Rinkaku’, Shisanna possesses greater regeneration than most other ghouls and mainly uses her squid-like kagune to violently attack with. Her ‘arms’ and tentacles are surprisingly strong, enabling her to punch through most materials and lift great weights. Using the toothed suckers on the underside of the kagune ‘arms’ and the larger suckers on the ends of her tentacles, Shisanna is capable of viciously tearing rending flesh, bones and even other kagune; in addition she can also use them to adhere to solid surfaces. Utilizing all of her abilities and combining them with her experience and overall fighting skill, Shisanna is a dangerous adversary capable of easily taking on multiple CCG Investigators.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Name: Cicia Xūdō
Alias: Red X
Ranking: SS
Age: 28
Birthday: 15th June
Gender: Female
Height: 165cm
Weight: 55kg
Ghoul Mask: A black mask with a large red “X” on it.
Appearance: Cicia is a pale-skinned ghoul with, dark eyes, stern features, womanly curves and spiky hair that is dyed navy blue with crimson tips. Cicia has the names of all of her close associates that had been killed by ghoul investigators tattooed on the right side of her torso; there are six names currently tattooed.

Personality: Cicia has a passionate hatred for humans and despises ghoul investigators over all else. She would happily slaughter innocent humans if it meant taking revenge on a ghoul investigator. While she is trusting of other ghouls to an extent, Cicia is not to be taken for a fool; cross her once and you’ll be thought of in the same way as she thinks of ghoul investigators. Cicia takes the most pleasure in dismembering the limbs of ghoul investigators and then torturing them to death before eating them; she never eats the head or spine of her victims.

Ward: 24th Ward

History/Bio: Unknown at the current time.

RC Type: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: Cicia’s ukaku kagune takes the form of tendril-like ‘wings’ (similar to link) that each have a bone-like spike at the tips and a line of small ‘fangs’ that run along the front-facing edge of the ‘wing’. She has three ‘wings’ on each side.
Kagune special abilities: Cicia can rapidly fire sharpened bone-like projectiles from each ‘wing’ of her ukaku kagune that can easily pierce and penetrate ghoul flesh and armour. By merging the three ‘wings’ together on each side, she can form a single larger tendril-like ‘wing’ which fires comparatively larger and more powerful bone-like projectiles at a slower rate. By further merging the two larger ‘wings’ into one single tendril-like ‘wing’, she can then fire a much larger and significantly more powerful bone-spike projectile like a shotgun; the rate of fire at this point is one shot per few seconds. Cicia also gains a drastically augmented boost in physical speed and agility when her kagune is released.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Addika4045 said…
Name: Kira Kiroko
Alias: Blood Bath
Ranking: SSS
Age: 15
Brithday: September 28th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: Unknown
Ghoul Mask: Entirely black except for red paint drop that looks like blood from a fresh kill. Where his mouth should be, there is a bloody mouth with razor sharp teeth. At the edges, the leather over laps and turns inward where it intertwined with very shiny metal. So when fighting an opponent, all Kira has to do is go where light and blind the opponent for just a second... The opponent is usually dead before they even realize it.

Appearance: Kira has eye popping, big albino colored eyes. His hair has patches of red, black and neon green spots. He's very pale with light cherry lips. His face always manages to have a little red to it. So when he blushes, it's very apparent, so he gets made fun of a lot. Kira always wears a black, sleeve less vest. He has tattoos that run down both of arms, not to mention black nails that he tries to cover up by putting his hands in his pockets all the time. He also always wears torn up blue jeans and his favorite pair of converse. Kira has piercings on his ears and one through his nose.

Personality: Very sweet person if he likes you, but if he doesn't... Ur a good as his next meal. Kira is usually very quiet and likes to play video games. He loves humans and despises who he is. He starves himself till he's nearly about to die before he eats a human. Kira always goes to a bridge where people commit suicide, and eat peacefully, knowing that he wasnt responsible for their death. Kira is a very hard worker and loves hanging with his best friend (human), Shinneki. Although Kira is mostly sweet, when he's facing his own kind, he puts on mask and lures them into where there's light and devastating kills them. When Shinneki sees that Kira is going to be in a fight, he always runs away fearing for his life. Even though Shinneki is afraid of Kira in that sense, and the fact that he's a ghoul, Shinneki has never stopped loving Kira like the best friend, and brother he is. So over all, Kira is a good kid who tries his best in school and to be human. Absolutely no one suspects him of being a ghoul, except for, of course, Shinneki, who knows everything.

Ward: Totally independent, and wants nothing to do with the ghouls or anybody involves with it.
History/Bio: Unknown for now
RC Type: Ukaku Kagune
Kagune Appearance: Has four wings that have razor sharp edges to it and has spikes on both sides of each wing that are just as deadly. His Kagune is black with glowing red spots. His top two wings can smash through anything, while is two lower wings are ninja like swords. Seeing his Kagune in action is the most amazing thing. Even Toka-Chan even compare to the destruction and beautiful of Kira's dealt Kagune. Plus his lightning face sped and strength is what really makes him class SSS.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Yasuo Gaki

Alias: Bloody Fist

Ranking: SS

Age: 20

Birthday: 06/05/94

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Weight: 310LBS

Appearance: (pic)

Ghoul Mask: (will post another picture )

Personality: Despite his terrifying rep Yasuo is actually very kind and loyal as well as honorable. He is blessed with a short temper. He's almost a genius when it comes to combat and rather intellectual though he doesn't show it. Yasuo also has a leader type personality. He views that the CCG isn't wrong as there are ghouls that should be destroyed as such he shows respect to any CCG member he comes to face. Yasuo also like most of the good ghouls in this series absolutely hates the Agiori despite being invited to join numoers times.times. Yasuo also is very competitive and easy going as well charismatic. He know's he's strong leading to a slight ego and even a little arrogance in battle. So much so that he view a CCG agent below rank 2 isn't worth his time. He also only accepts fights from ghoul with a S-SSS ranking. this often leads him to toying with / teasing his opponents in battle. Other then that he's rather easy to get along with.

Ward: Varouis (started in the 28th ward then moved to 13th-14th )

History/Bio: Yasuo was bron in the 28th ward becuase of the high ghoul population his parents were forced to feed him other ghouls as a infant. Once Yasuo reached age 5 his parents moved into the 13th ward witch wasn't as crazy as it is in current events. unforuantely some Ghoul agents came to the 13th ward dute to the incerease in ghouls and Yasuo's beloved parents met there end. left to fend for himself now at age 8 had no choice but to eat scraps leading to him to look almost malnourished. Yasuo had no choice but revert to eating homeless people for while after a encounter with the new rising upstar Ghoul Jason Yasuo unleashed his Kagune for the first time seriously injuring Jason causing him to flee. At age 14 A older ghoul who ran a Dojo took him in and begun to train and feed him. Naturally Yasuo became and natural preadtor due to his Martail training and with the brillaint use of his Kagune. After devouring many ghouls he gained his kakuja. By the age of 16 he gained his nickname "Bloody fist" and became a SS rank rated ghoul. Yasuo also joined another ghoul orginazation called Phantom witch is a group of 4 ghouls that are dedicated to Aiding the CCG in there own way and are Against the Agiori. Yasuo at age 18 entered the CCG acdeamy and has became a Ghoul Investigator of the first rank under the surname "Hoshi Mushi". although a ghoul and a risky occupation he's earned the respect of many. And has currently been Attending CCG affairs due to the incerease of Ghouls in Japan.

RC Type: Koukaku / Koukaku/ Ukaku (he only gains the second Koukaku And Ukaku In RE )

Kagune appearance: Yasuo is a very rare ghoul being blessed with three Kagune he is by-far a very powerful ghoul and is noted by the CCG to pose the most Powerful Koukaku they've seen in a long time. Upon release his Koukaku rather then sprouting from the shoulder almost leaks down and wraps around his arm like a Liquid and looks almost like Steel wire wraped around his arm. his second Koukaku has the same appearance. His newly found Ukaku is shaped like two very Large Demonic like wings. He also has learned how to lower the rating of his RC cells.

Kagune special abilities:

Koukaku-His Koukaku abilties Are really advanced, Yasuo's most common trait is he wraps his Kagune around his left arm and hardens it to become like a Gauntlet with four two inch spikes appearing from in between the knuckles (hence the nickname Bloody fist fist ) He can also make Shields and form Various weapons. He oftein turns his Koukaku into blades spear like objects. Once his Kagune turns into his Kakuja he Gains Armor that completely Covers his left side (his Koukaku) with this Yasuo is able to form blades out of his Elbow areas & forearm areas. Once he gains his Second Koukaku it has all the same properties.

Ukaku- Now Yasuo is a very rare and spcail case his through unknown means he's gained a Ukaku type RC as well this just adds to his almost demonic appearance (when fully armored ). Yasuo's Ukaku takes the shape of two Demonic wings that are about 5-8 feet in Wing span. His Ukaku like most can shoot spike like projectiles. However His projectiles are in the form of small 4 inch spikes that explode on contact. Yasuo seems to be able to shrink the Spikes to smaller and thinner forms to make the attacks look / feel almost instant. Upon the Activation of it's Kakuja form Yasuo wings grow to a terrifying 10 feet wing span looking more like a demons wings his ability remains the same but the spikes laucnhed from it become a wooping 6 inches in length. the explosions before Kakuja enhancement are no worse then a small propane tank exploding. After Kakuja enhancement his explosion become like that of a grenade going off.

Quinque- (as a desguised CCG he has gained a Quinque ) King's Staff- His Quinque is a Koukaku type and has the shape of a Daibo (A very large Bow staff) with two Large Red Cylinder like Prongs at each end. that being said the weapon normally would be difficult to weild but due to Yasuo's Immense strength as a Ghoul he's able to weild it with ease.
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 Name: Yasuo Gaki Alias: Bloody Fist Ranking: SS Age: 20 Birthday: 06/05/94 Gender: Ma
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
(Yasuo with his Mask )
 (Yasuo with his Mask )
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Eyepatch666 said…
I wanna try

CCG records

Name: unknown (Kirito yuukimaru)

Alias: Hannibal lector

Age: somewhere 15-23(19in the first manga)(21 currently:re)

Rank: unknown (S-SSS rank; recommended by CCG agents interacted)

Weight: 290lbs

Status: alive

Height: 6,0

Gender: male

-special customized leather jacket w/ hood Hannibal like mask
Black torn bloodstained pants, black converse, chain linked to
Pants pocket, fingerless gloves black nails, one eyed ghoul
-kagune: bikaku/rikaku, half kakuja; 4 tentacles from back of waist
appearence appear as "Boned spider legs", 2 additional tail(s) for bikaku
kakuja with the appearance of centipede like body with a pincer like end
-kakuja appearance ^ with the look of a mask with 4 eyes lined like a
Centerless X with the addition of 8 circular eyes wrapping from
The back of the head to the temple of skull, centipede like body replacing
Location of spine to the back of the head the centipede legs
wrapping around to chest and abdominal-parts(kakuja color: black/red)
Kakuja created mask covers entire face with a jaw that separates
Into 4 different rows of teeth(like a predator or an elite) underneath
Jaw remains a second mouth with a zigzag pattern of teeth.
-(actual appearence)half shaved head with red ends and streaks through
Black hair, brown eyes, black piercings on eyebrows and earlobes
1 left lip piercing and very faint natural eyeshadow small bags around eyes
(Barely noticeable)barbed wire tattoo around neck, sleeve tattoo of skin being
Pierced through entire right arm, bloody Christian cross on right shoulderblade,
bloody Pentagram on the left,

Bio: Rank is unknown due to habits of killing without actual combat
Rumors said that Hannibal was tortured by the brother of Jason
"Naki" hannible escaped killing every and anything in his way just to feed
And to gain strength during his rampage escaping and killing the ghouls
Of aiogiri hannibal turned into a half kakuja therefore gaining the name
Hannibal due to cannabalizing. Hannibal mostly preys on ghouls and CCG
Members and even aiogiri members as well.hannibals specialty
Is speed and agility, his kagune is already his strength. Only two
Clear and actuall photos of him exist.hannibal has engaged in combat
With the following of CCG agents; Amon, Akira, Shinohara, Juuzo
And Sasaki Hiase. Sasaki has the most contacts with Hannibal.
We believe he has ties with rabbit and serpent and aiogiri tree members
Such as Owl and One-eye Owl.hannibal is believed to be located in the 13 and 20th wards
Bio continues for Hannibal...

-(actual bio) studies at kamii university, Family died except for
The 14 year old Younger sister (Yugito yuukimaru) who is adopted
Mother was a human (Mikasa hidoru) who was engaged to Itachi
Yuukimaru(father) who was a ghoul himself. Mikasa was an investigator
After marrying Itachi to keep her family safe, she lead CCG away from
Her family she then died by a ghoul known as "torso" and so during
Of the CCG missions to exterminate torso Itachi was there as well
To claim revenge he then was killed by the hand of Shinohara
But Kirito doesn't know his father's killer later on Kirito grew up raising
Yugito by himself hunting for food for his little sister than himself.
He noticed a cute girl at a cafe known as anteiku ((you know who it is))
But never got the chance to talk to her personally before it was attacked
By the CCG...his mother was one of the special class investigators
And was known by Arima, Mado and Shinohara...

Favorite body parts/organs
Heart,lungs, brain and eyes

Friends-rize, serpent,black rabbit(Ayato)

Family- yuukimaru's(yugito, asuna, itachi)

Wanted: alive, reason: for experimentation

Advantages: range, speed, agility, strikes...
Disadvantages: takes longer to take down
tank class ghouls/humans(CCG)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas t4nksnip4 said…
Name: Hajime Kurami
Alias: The Angel of Death
Ranking: SSS

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs

Appearance: Hajime has black eyes with a scar going down the left side of his face. He has pure white hair that goes down past his shoulders. He is fairly muscular. He tends to wear dark colored shirts with jeans.

Ghoul Mask: His mask is a skull that only lets you see the glowing red of his eyes

Personality: Hajime can not feel emotions or pain. Because of this he closes himself off from the world most of the time. He feels no remorse for any of the things he has done because he feels that he was doing what was right.

Ward: After the CCG discovered his first hideout he decided to live right under their noses in the first ward though he only hunts in the other wards.

History/Bio: Little is known of Hajime. One day he just appeared and began killing people. Nobody has ever known his parents or even any relatives of his. He has no memories of before he first started killing people. Because of the appearance of his 3 kagunes the CCG nicknamed him The Angel of Death. Hajime believes that he is on a mission from God to rid the world of those who would do evil so he hunts members of the CCG and criminals. Even though he does not hunt down other ghouls (though he is happy to feed on any that would try to harm him) he is not affiliated with any ghoul organizations. The reason why he does not feel that ghouls are evil is because the things that they do they have to in order to survive. One time he killed a high ranking CCG member after which they tracked down where he was hiding and sent 2,000 men to take him down in a matter of minutes there was only one of them left alive all the rest had either been sliced to pieces or stabbed to death. He told the surviving member to tell the CCG that the next time they try to kill him he would come to their headquarters and kill every last one of them. Then he told the survivor that he did not belong in the CCG and that he should quit. He allows the CCG to exist in order to keep ghouls under control and has on occasion showed up to protect them against massive ghoul attacks.

RC Type: Rinkaku / Ukaku / Koukaku (Kakuja)

Kagune appearance: He has 3 different kagunes. He has 2 Rinkaku that look like skeletal whips which are unique in that they can form bone scythes on their ends. His Ukaku forms 2 large wings that look like pure black fire. His Koukaku forms a long flowing black robe with a hood that goes over his head leaving only his face visible.

Kagune special abilities: His Rinkaku forms scythes on their ends which allow him to cut people in half. His Ukakaku can launch massive volleys of spikes. He can also use it to fly. His Koukaku deflects all but the most powerful of attacks. One of the only times his Koukaku was pierced was in a fight against the one-eyed owl. He has extreme regenerative abilities so that even when his koukaku is pierced he can almost instantly repair the damage. His kagunes allow him to look into people's minds in order to judge whether or not they are evil.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dreven said…

Name: Unknown goes by Alias

Alias: The preacher(by ccg), Smiling knife by( eye witnesses and the public as while as ghouls who are hunted by him), and The blacksmith( by allied ghouls and ghoul allies)
origins of Alias:
The preacher- this was given to him by the CCG agents who have confronted him, because of his nature he preaches to the CCG agents while fighting them. His preaching may be broken and nuts
his points are all valid to the point he has caused several agents to quite and/or commit suicide. Another reason he is called preacher is because he has never killed someone.
Smiling knife- given to him by the people that have seen his wanted posters and him.
The blacksmith- given to him by Ghouls and ghoul's allies because one he makes weapons for ghouls for the right cause, and because he tends to fix problems with out being asked as long as they are with in his

Ranking: S but is as strong as an SSS

Age: unknown
Given Age: 25
Birthday: Unknown
Given Birthday/ day of first memory August 30th
Gender: Male

Height: 6 foot
Weight: 175 pounds

Appearance Face: Purple overgrown mohawk, blueish green right eye and permanent ghoul eye on his left side.

Appearance Build: Muscular but thin
Clothing Appearance:wears a military style jacket with a mask resembles his own spray painted on the back.underneath he wears a white tank top and jean.
When he is not wearing his mask he tends to wear typical clothing, with a eye patch on his left side covering his ghoul eye.

accessory/weapons: he wears a underarm gun holster, and two distinct twin tantos on his belt.

Ghoul Mask:A dark grayish black, with a gas mask apparatus built in. The lower half has a hand painted smile (creepily) painted on. appears homemade.

Personality: Human loving ghoul, he has an almost obsessive like for humans. Kind and well liked by human friendly ghouls, he is also well liked by humans, and absolutely feared by ghouls, due to his diet being them.

History/Bio: His first memory was when he woke at a human residence owned by his now best friend, although knowing each other for almost 10 years they do not call each other by name
the human is referred to as Love. after several days after waking he didn't eat do to his morals stopping him from eating humans, so insteadhe hunted and ate ghouls.
he became a Kakuja, at current date he is a Kakuja with 4 sacks, most likely because he was the atempt to make a human out of a ghoul, but he doesn't know that. ;)

Ward:none moves between allies homes. never stays in the same ward for longer the a week.

RC Type: Rinkaku, Bikaku, and two Kakuja
Kagune appearance: His Rinkaku looks like two black and red spines. His Bikaku looks like four standard red tails, and one of his kakuja takes the form as wings, and his scond kakuja takes the form of armor on his left arm.

Kagune special abilities: His Rinkaku has healing. His bikaku are have great stangth. his fist kakuja (wings are not Koukaku) arm mainly for defense, and have advanced healing. his last kakuja is only for defense , but gives him a strength boost.

Quinque: he uses two both of them because of their distinctive appearance to his own RCs, thought to be his relatives.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Top_Kek said…
Name: Takeda Hayashida

Alias: The Nightmare (known as this because the one account seen of it was :"If you see him it's the last pers-no THING you will see before you fall asleep... Forever")

Rank: SSS

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 154 lbs

Appearance: medium black hair slightly ramped up, A slimish physique, black eyes

Mask: Full mask, resembles a preying mantis head, has a dog's snout and sharp teeth

Personality: An introvert rejected by both ghouls and humans alike, Takeda is a very hateful and revenge seeking ghoul out for anyone to gain more power, thinks things through and usually has a plan even through his impulsive seeming attitude it is a ruse to draw in his prey for his usually flawless plans for their death.

Ward: unknown

History: Takeda is a miserable ghoul who lost his parents at the very early age of 3. With little to no people skills Takeda found himself trying to become friends with himself as his loathing and contempt for both other ghouls and humans grew alike. Ghouls had rejected Takeda for his unknowing of humans and decided that if they befriended him it wouldn't be too long before a human found out what he is. The three friends Takeda had been very kind and willing to teach, after their deaths Takeda had told himself that he would befriend no other person for his fright of losing them. Ironically he seemed to garner a following of friendly people at the college he attended and girls started to take interest in him. As this continued Takeda had obtained a good amount of friends and a girl friend, all seemed to be going in his favor. But after two years of happiness, it was ended once he told his girlfriend what he was. After being rejected by both ghouls and humans alike and with CCG after him he decided that friendship was attainable but not likely. His final plan: Eat the world

Kagune: Rinkaku

Kagune appearance: A deep red, Takeda's Kagune is much sharper than most flat Rinkaku and is used more as a sword then a bat like most are

Kagune special abilities: Not exactly a special ability but Takeda has the ability to stay mostly in control of his Kakuja while most can not

Kakuja appearance: A big like mask with three sets of mandibles working as the half mask and a very long scorpion tail
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bellaxunicorn said…
Name: Elizabeth Lockyer
Age: 13
Alias: The Silver Fox, due to her quick thinking and
cunning mind.

Apperance: long brown hair with brown eyes.

Mask: a full mask that resembles a silver fox due
To her cunning mind.

Personality: shy but once you get to know her she
Is passionate and caring, but she also has a bad
Temper. She doesnt care who she kills as long the
kill is important. Elizabeth has a quick thinking brain
And is a very revengful person.

Kagune: Rinkaku

Kagune appearance: Elizabeth has 4 tentical like
Kagune which are deep red and at the end each
Have a light shade of pink.

Kagune special abilities: Elizabeths Kagune has the
Ability to heal her when she gets a cut or bruse.

History: Elizabeth was born in Western Europe.
One day her parents died and so she moved to
Japan, hunting and living a normal life. She doesnt
care who she kills as long as its for eating or for a
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shadow_ghoul said…

Name: ryoko
Alias: silver shadow
Ranking: SSS

Age: 16
Birthday: 5 march 1999
Gender: Female

Height: 167 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Appearance: She has long black/ silver hair. Her normal eye color is dark Brown
Ghoul Mask: her mask covers most of her face its silver and black and looks like shattered glass
Personality: ryoko is a shy girl. She is smart and strong. She prefers to Be alone in fear to hurt somebody
Ward: Born in 13th ward. Lifes in 20th ward
History/Bio: ryoko lost her parents at an age of 3 tanx to CCG. After her parents death She ran away to the 20th ward and lived on the streets for 3 more years till a Guy took her home and cared for her. After 4 years the CCG found her and captured her. In Prison the expirementated on her. The pain was unbarebel and She eskaped. After that She went to life in anteku. There She learnt to controle her power and Lifed there ever sinds

RC Type: Ukaku / Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: She mostly uses het ukaku those look like wings in black and silver. Her rinkaku are just black
Kagune special abilities: her ukaku is mostly used to fly to shoot and as sheelt. Her rinkaku's ar Sharp and used to empedle CCG agents
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas evilcafe said…
Name: Mashu Ichigo
Alias: Goareivun (Gore Raven)
Ranking: SSS

Age: 12
Birthdate: (Unknown)
Gender: Male
Weight: 5 tonnes (yet appears slim)


A slim, healthy-looking young ghoul whose eyes and hair are a pitch black. Despite this, Mashu weighs 5 tonnes (explained later)

Ghoul Mask:

A mask covering the whole head made of black fabric. A tinted windscreen sits in front of the face. Is rarely seen wearing it.


Whilst appearing innocent, Mashu has a very weak sense of morality and, more often than not, will deliberately seek out unsuspecting doves and murder in public view. He is reported to attack other ghouls of SS and SSS status and commit cannibalism in order to increase his own power. He was dubbed the Goareivun due to his extreme binge-eating tendencies. Mashu is rarely seen with his ghoul mask.


Mashu travels from ward to ward, usually in the span of minutes, and is rarely seen twice in the same place. Therefore, the CCG find it near impossible to track him down.


Mashu was born by two elderly ghouls, who died a natural death while he was at the age of ten. Without anyone to restrain him, Mashu grew to learn that he was born with a kagune mutation, leaving him with both a Rinkaku and Koukaku kagune. In a few, short years, Mashu has grown an infamous reputation for massacring doves, investigators and ghouls. After meeting another SSS ghoul called 'Raven', Mashu attacked and slaughtered her. When he proceeded to consume Raven, he became a Kakuja, in which he inherited Raven's Ukaku. To this day he terrorizes both the CCG and the ghoul community, filling terror within the hearts of ghouls and humans alike. It is noted that Mashu only reveals his ghoul eyes when angered.

RC type (is a Kakuja):

His Rinkaku kagune is four thick tentacles that sprout from his lower back, however each tentacle can split in two, leaving him with eight tentacles. His Koukaku tentacles enable him to outmaneuver enemies at extreme speeds, whilst dealing blows that can spear ghouls and humans alike easily.

His Koukaku kagune replaces his skeleton, allowing for punches, charges and kicks that exceed normal ghoul power. Due to its density, this results in an impregnable skeletal structure. However, this makes Mashu weigh five tonnes, which serves as both a handicap and an advantage.

Mashu's Kakuja is an eight meter long pair of white wings, which was inherited from Raven. Using these wings, Mashu can fly at extreme speeds. For example, he can hunt down commercial planes with ease, flying at 50 meters every second. These enormous wings can also fire shards at enemies, which shatter at impact. However, his wings handicap his Rinkaku, meaning he can not use his Rinkaku at all. He is also a large target. Despite this, even the best of CCG and other SSS rated ghouls can't seem to hurt Mashu whilst he is in this state.

Mashu is believed to have level 4 regenerative abilities, however his Koukaku defense renders him almost 'unkillable'.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas tristan999 said…
this is my first so it's simple
Name: Senkai.Yakuro
Alias: Aracnaphobia
Ranking: SS

Age: 16
Birthday: 13/10/99
Gender: Male

Height: 188cm
Weight: 96kg
Appearance: suit/red, hair/red, avarge looking
Ghoul Mask: bottom/gas mask/black
Personality: cocky and hates alot of people and ghouls thinks the gourme should choke on his own dick
Ward: 20th

RC Type: Koukaku / Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: spider legs with blades at the tips
Kagune special abilities: extend endlessly/bend at his will
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas meow_neko said…
Well I saw others have do it so why not?

Name: Hana Yoshida
Alias: kitty cat
Ranking: rank ss

Age: 15
Birthday: 7th may 2000
Gender: female

Height: 163cm
Weight: 104 pounds
Appearance: Hana has delicate cat-like features
with a small dainty nose, bright green eyes and
long black hair that reaches her waist. She
normally where's her hair up in high bunches with
cat ears around the ccg. Her eyes have flecks of
gold in them and her lips are a natural red colour.
She often gives herself cat eyes while wearing her
cat mask as well as a sleek black jumpsuit.
Ghoul mask: Black cat mask (gives her the name
kitty cat) which has white cat details (nose,
mouth, whiskers)
Personality: Hana is known to be very cunning and
sly. She is a master of tricks and stealth. She is
hard to be friends with as she trusts nobody but
when you do befriend her, she would easily
sacrifice her life for that person. Her looks are
deceiving as she isn't sweet and kind like how she
looks. She is usually blunt while speaking and also
unemotional. The only time she acts like she looks
is for when she's looking for a meal.
Ward: 15 but moves to 11th for aogiri tree
History: her parents abandoned her at the age of 3
So she had to learn to fend for herself at a young
age. She only managed to get food by tricking
adults into thinking she was lost only to eat them
later. Not long after that, the ccg became aware of
her (she was only 7) and they thought she could
easily be stopped, but they were wrong. They
underestimated her and didn't come prepared.
But they still almost got her identity bridge she
managed to find a black kitty mask just in time.
She got used to the ccg trying to stop her so she
Became more and more experienced every time,
She started getting noticed and left the 15th ward
to join the aogiri tree and later developed a love
interest in Ayato. She meets Kaneki just before he
leaves to go try protect anteiku. She after that
Went crazy like Kaneki with his kakaju and
Cannibalised low rank ghouls because Ayato left

Kagune: bikaku and later Devolops a kakaju
Kagune appearance: she has to bikaku's and they
are a dark blue outside with a teal/purple inside, her
kakaju is a dark purple with a light purple to.
Kagune special abilities: her Bikaku's can be used
For defense and offense while her kakaju makes
her insane and almost unstoppable.

I hope that's ok?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackdragoon said…
Name: Akito Hideyoshi
Alias: blind mouse
Ranking: SSS

Age: 16
Birthday: 3/21/1999
Gender: Male

Height: 5'6
Weight: 152
Appearance: black hair long enough to cover his face. blue eyes scar on cheek
Ghoul Mask: mouse face
Personality: very quiet but when angry happens to destroy everything until he fills satisfied
Ward: Unknown
History/Bio: as a kid he was never wanted so he was left astray and always fighting and running one day he finds to kind hearted humans and the took him in. they always had a smile on there face and so he decided to live with them forever. one day while his human parents were arguing his mother had told his father that she didn't want to be a burden and left in anger and in confusion he kills his father and stands over his body with tears in his eyes and eats him. when he comes to he decides to runaway living on his own till he was 10. when he figured out what he truly was he went in search for his parent but only ran into doves. one day he was faced by a dove as the dove tried to kill him he fought for his life finally discovering his kagune he killed the dove and found his parents but until he was 15 they made him starve, suffer, and tortured him he was a killing machine when he hit 15 he ran away again living on his own making sure that no one found him he fought many doves and killed them. "an unwanted kid is less than a loved and wanted person" is his way of living and thinking and now he wonders around trying to make a living and blindly kills dove that cross him. main target juuzou suzuya

RC Type: DOUBLE KAGUNE: rinkaku - binkaku
Kagune appearance: rinkaku: a white glow and gets very sharp in attack not used for defense- binkaku:also whit glow used as a club sometime but also as a shield.
Kagune special abilities: rinkaku: up to six can come out and sharpen themselfs.- binkaku:can cover whole body and other when used as a sheild
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Eircan said…
Name: Toshio Sekei
Alias: Twelve-Eye
Ranking: SS

Age: 17
Birthday: February 15, 1998
Gender: Male

Height: 5'9
Weight: 120 lbs
Appearance: White hair and blue eyes, with a thin but muscular build
Ghoul Mask: Covers the eyes and upper half of head, has twelve dots for viewing
Personality: Shy, but quick thinker in battle
Ward: Ward 7
History/Bio: (Backstory Unknown
RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune appearance: Pink and long, useful for jumping around and moving quickly
Kagune special abilities: Can regenerate extremely fast
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas NathanDahDerp said…
*sigh* :)
Name: Kohaku
Alias: Threetailed Angel
Ranking: None/SS

Birthday: 11.3.2000
Gender: Male

Height: 1,72 meters
Weigth: 63,4 kilograms
Appearance: Grey hair, one eye grey and the other orange-red. Made an just stylish used plate armor-vest with some leather pieces, scrap metal and nails, he is also wearing Jeans.
Ghoul Mask: Multiple Metal plates forced together for mouth and sunglasses to cover eyes.
Personality: He has a organized and a bit crazy personality but also can be serious. But he isn't that psychic stable anymore. Seen that in the moment you see him tearing appart his victims with his Koukaku eating them like a carnivore.
Ward: Ward22
History/Bio: His good and friendly live was over after a robbery at a bank. A man shooted at him and Kohakus father used defended him. That was a silent moment.
In the next Kohaku and his father rushed home and warned Kohakus mother. But it was too late. The CCG followed them and were fighting with Kohakus parents. He had to flee. Since that day he lives on the streets nearly noone passes and who does do have bad luck. Training his Kagune in fights with other ghouls to get stronger for revenge. For the friendly and nice live he had and his parents. Nearly noone see this feelings and if someone does this person see them combined with despair and anger in his eyes. He could be SS-ranked but if his victims are not even noticed, who should know of him?
RC Type: Koukagu, Ukaku

Kagune appearance: The Koukaku are three long arm claws with that Kohaku can grab his enemys and climb.
The Ukaku is highly evolved to giant Wings with that Kohaku can play Bomber (with fun) raining down shards while even gliding. It costs him much energy so he can't do that for long.
Kagune special abilities: As someone who is revenge-driven it is possible that he can fall in rage. Cause of memory of his live before, you know?
In rage he don't care about anything let fly swarms of shards and smash everyone with his claws.
That is good and bad. Normally he feel asleep for nearly a week after this burst of rage. Than he is in a cage of his own Kagune which is 4-times harder than normal.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas specialcrab said…
Name: Akihiko Suzaki
Alias: Winged Demon
Rank: SS
Age: 14
Birthday: 12/04/2000
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11'
Weight: 137 lbs
Apperance: short brown hair, blue eyes, skinny
Mask: a plain red mask with black designs and swirls on it
Personality: quiet and introverted but can be made angry very easily
Ward: (past) unknown (currently) 20
Bio: memory was somehow lost but the first thing he can remember was being on the verge of death in an alley when Yoshimura found him
Rc Type: Ukaku
Kagune: two wings that look like flames that start out at red near the back but fade out into a purple/black
Abilites: can fire projectiles, can extend kagune out a far way like a Rinkaku for long range attacks, faster and quicker to dodge than most Ukaku ghouls, can use kagune as armor or a shield, has very good stamina compared to other Ukaku ghouls
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Josh2999 said…
Name: Ichiro Akimoto
Relatives: Kaiya Akimoto(Mother)
Alias: 悪魔狐 (Demon Fox)
Ranking: SS~

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has jet black hair that he leaves down, covering his forehead. He has deep blue eyes and smooth pale skin. He has an athletic build but has muscles that aren't overdeveloped. He is 5'10".

Ghoul Mask: A white, full-face mask with a hole on the left eye and a right eye that appears to be bleeding/crying blood. The mouth is a huge over exaggerated grin.

Personality: Ichiro is a very troubled teenager and although he tries to hide it, he is very lonely. He is short-tempered and paranoid at times but tries to keep it in check in order not to worry everyone. He cares deeply for his Anteiku family's well-being. He is very polite with strangers and sarcastic and friendly around friends. His personality and actions change drastically when someone he or the people he cares about are threatened. He undergoes a full metamorphosis from a lively and hardworking teenager to silent with an eerily calm or expressionless face. His drastic changes in personality is a result of his history before Anteiku as he blames himself for being too weak to save his mother. He is fiercely protective of his adoptive family at anteiku and even calls Touka nii-chan and Yoshimura Otõsan and will do anything to protect them as to prevent the past from repeating itself.

Ward: Ichiro currently resides in the 20th ward.

History: He and his mother used to live in the 4th ward. However, when he was 10 his home was destroyed and his mother was murdered by the CCG. After that he was forced to survive by himself, fighting, killing ghouls and humans alike to survive. Eventually he caught the attention of the CCG and was forced to run. Eventually, he wound up in the 20th ward, bruised and battered, nearly half dead until Yoshimura found him. He took him in and gave him a job and a new home and he has never needed to run away since.

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune: His kagune takes the form of long black tentacles, so dark that in pitch black the only thing you can see are the glowing red veins of his kagune. It varies in thickness and length, and due to the flexibility of his kagune, he can mould the ends of his kagune into various shapes. He has an abnormal amount of kagune sacs and can summon up to 9 tentacles that .when released, resemble a nine tailed kitsune from Japanese folklore, earning him the title of "Demon Fox". He is no stranger to combat and is very agile, able to move at almost the same speed as an Ukaku user. He is capable of extending his fingernails when needed and uses them as his secondary weapon, if he can't use his kagune. He is very creative and resourceful in combat and uses his kagune not only to attack but also as a form of mobility. He moulds the ends of his kagune into hooks, using them as a grapple and with his many tentacles, has vastly superior mobility than most ghouls. It is more effective if there are tall structures around such as buildings or trees. When in combat he prefers the use of sneak attacks and overwhelming his opponent with sheer strength.

Kagune Special Abilities: Can stretch his kagune to extremely long lengths, but at the cost of only being able to stretch 1 or 2 tentacles, as it uses up more rc cells the longer it is stretched for.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shinx123 said…
Name: Negise Garezem
Alias: the raider
Rank: SSS
Birthday: 11/4/2000
Height: 5' 10'
Weight: 136 lbs
Appearance: short black hair with white highlights , yellow eyes, skinny
Mask: a white mask with a black x in the center and writing that says eternal hell
Personally: quiet and strange but some what friendly
Ward: 13
Kagune: black and blood red tails
Abilities: grow spikes blades at the end of the tails five blades and spines down the tails the blades can grow in length.
Companies: kid that travels with him know one knows his name or what ward he came from so Negise calls him wrath and works with eto and kaneki but mostly eto cause she promised to help find and kill his older sister.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kaizkiepogs said…
Name: Nahumi Kazuya
Alias: Violet
Ranking: SS

Age: 15
Birthday: 09/04/19/2000

Height: 167cm
Weight: 137lbs
Appearance: long violet hair,violet eyes , serious looking
Ghoul Mask: Half mask with violet aura like surrounding
Personality: She is Shy, kind and likes color violet.
Ward: 4th ward
History/Bio: When she was 10 years old her Mom and Dad died because the CCG attacked their home and she managed to escaped until she grew up and ending up avenging her family.
RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: There are 4 rinkaku type kagune and is color red
Kagune special abilities: Can quickly bind the kagune to fastly defend most of the attacks and can attack far than most of the rinkaku kagune users.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ghoul-of-Death said…
Name:Akume Shi
Nickname:Angel of death
Appearance:Ash-like black hair, Kakhou eyes, average build, pale skin, black finger & toenails
Mask:No need of mask kakuja covers that but it covers mouth up and makes blood drip from eyes, bright red lines and mouth cover opens when he opens his mouth
Personality: Sadistic, psychotic, and creepy
Ward:11th, 20th
Bio:dad was a chimera with all four kagune, Akume is considered a chimera but technically isn't, born a kakunja, was torchured by Jason for two months before breaking and joining him, escapes after five months, began killing humans and ghouls, getting the name Angel of death from ghouls from his kagune appearance, Ukaku, Koukaku, Rinkaku, Bikaku and kakunja are all pitch black with a magma look at the tips, he is found out from CCG by a ghoul throwing him off a building without knowing who he is CCG investigators are about to kill the ghoul when looks down and sees him climbing up using eight rinkaku tentacles like a spider shooting at him all of them having no effect as he stabs him in the chest getting back to the roof the ghoul who threw him off yells out the angel of death before getting pierced by Akume, he rips off the ghouls kagune eating eat making his kagune flail around, his kakunja appears making armor-like plates and some vein-like things appearing out from it, as he keeps slaughtering till Arima shows up fighting epicly then eating his qinque, he forces them off the building into the woods, appearing one place after the other killing investigators before suddenly leaving.
Rc type:All types of kagune, and has a kakunja
Kagune are pitch black with a pitch black appearance and a magma looking tips on each end
Kagune abilities:Ukaku shoot pitch black spikes and fire very faster, koukaku move quicker than normal, rinkaku have blades on them that are used as weapons when has no choice orto add to his creepiness, bikaku has a blade it that he uses to kill enemies
Kakunja abilities:Armor plates, vein-like things are used to bloch or make a long rinkaku like tentacles to add more brutal power
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Renex said…
Name: Serith Lithegrow
Alias: Idiot Crow (Named By A Petty Investigator)
Rank: S(Alone) SS(When Fighting With Rina)
Ward: 6th ward

Nina Lithegrow (Mother (Deceased))
----- Lithegrow (Father (all records destroyed))
Rina Errenis (Aunt (Alias: Seven Bladed Witch))
Harama Akatsuki (Adopted father (Human))

Age: 19
Birthday: 16/2/1996
Gender: Male

Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 67 Kg

Appearance: Serith is Caucasian who has wavy black hair, blue eyes with a birthmark resembling a scar curving around his left eye. He has a slightly toned body allowing for easy movement and has a habit of keeping his fingernails cut short.
Mask: His mask is split up into two parts;
The lower part covers the nose and below. It is formed in the shape of a curved beak kept close to his face and curving into sharp points at the back of the mask. It is made with black bone with like material with dark blue highlights and is attached at the back of the head by black leather.
The second part covers his left eye and birth mark. It makes a curved beak shape towards the nose and at the other end the mask branches off to resemble feathers. It is made with black bone like material and is attached at the back of the head by black leather.
Hunting Outfit: He wears a sleeveless black coat that ends with frays near his knees and fades into a dark blue. It is attached by moderate buttons and 3 clips that goes all around the coat like a belt. He wears a dark grey undershirt made of wool and black pants that resemble army pants. Around his hands he wears black and grey wool gloves that go half way up the wrist and leaves his fingers exposed. He uses black boots with dark blue highlights that cover the ankle.

Personality: Serith has a light hearted and joking personality, who is kind and won't go back on his word. He is slightly selfish and due to being smart he often thinks he is correct. When he gets into a fight he keeps his joking personality no matter the situation while becoming cold and slightly sadistic.

Serith was born in Australia which is rather lax in ghoul exterminations due to a low amount of ghouls present in Australia. When he was 5 he lived with his mother (23 years old), father (?) and Rina (7 years old). Despite Rina being his aunt they were raised like siblings, they lived a relatively peaceful life except for psychotic episodes from his father due to childhood trauma. One day the episode went to far and Nina was killed, after his father fled. The authorities called it a ghoul attack and he was sent to an adoption home with his aunt. They ended up hunting in secret for two months before him and his aunt was adopted by Harama and moved to Japan.

They lived in the 6th ward and were able to successfully hunt for a year and a bit but were eventually found out by Harama. When they were both found out Harama accepted them as he had grown attached in the time they spent together and promised to protect them. He then further went to reveal that he was a member of CCG and helped them collect food.

After that he taught both Serith and Rina to fight and also taught them to used knives. As they grew their fighting style changed to fit their kagune. They had their first run in with doves when Serith was 13, however they were able to escape do a combination with both of their Ukakus. After they refined fighting together with the help of Harama and when Serith was 17 they reached the rank of SS.

Both of them continue to live with Harama (still in the CCG) with a joyful laugh. Yelps from Rina can be heard from their house due to teasing, this is mostly due to Rina having no luck with men.

RC Type: Ukaku
Kagune Appearance: The Ukaku wraps around his arms to form claws. It has an appearance of dark blue/purple crystals covered with a black metal like appearance. The arms gives off an appearance similar to scales except for the outside of the forearm which is only crystal with the appearance of a smooth surface.
Kagune Special Abilities: While Serith cannot shoot any projectile from his Ukaku instead from the smooth surface on the forearm he can grow crystal. From this crystal he can make it into complex shapes and often makes the crystal look like a pair of wings with sharp edges.

Feel free to make a profile for Rina, just please make it good. Also I was wondering peoples thoughts on Serith Lithegrow.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MinoruNishi said…

Name: Minoru Nishi
Alias: Jäger
Ranking: No Rank/Unknown Abilities

Age: 16
Birthday: 10/31/2000
Gender: Male

Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Appearance: Medium length Silver Hair, Gray eyes, Skinny/Toned
Ghoul Mask: Covers the lower half of face and is a dark blood red and which contains black branches wrapping around two eyes (one on each side) . The mask is laced with kagune rc cells allowing it to be resilient and resit breaking/damage and protect Minoru which also causes the texture to be rough.
Personality: Caring, Loyal, Peaceful but aggressive once engaged, Weird, Comical
Ward: 20th
History/Bio: Minoru was born a ghoul and raised by humans and ghouls. As a child he showed promise with his kagune but did not inherit it from parents, but instead received a unique bikaku kagune. Minoru having a pink kagune can eat any type of RC cells. Minoru will not engage in combat without reason, but if he does engage in combat he very well might kill you whether you're human or ghoul. He was educated in human schools and by ghouls. Minoru has no problem eating another ghoul since he isn't effected do to his pink kagune. He learned at a young age that he has to eat more often than normal ghouls so some question his eating habits. He was orphaned at a young age when his parents protected him from the CCG, thus why he was raised by the kinder ghouls and humans who befriended these ghouls. He currently resides in the 20th ward and attends school and in his past time likes to go to coffee shops.

RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune appearance: Pink Kagune that splits into 4 tail-like Kagune
Kagune special abilities: Kagune can stretch in order to protect Minoru and shield him better. Can also form into one single tail/blade to become stronger. Eating other ghouls gives him a small power boost in the area that ghoul specialized in. Due to this ability he has to eat more often than normal ghouls.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Animetrix said…
Name: Karijo Sutsuke (First/Last)
Alias: Blood Reaper
Ranking: SSS

Age: 16
Birthday: June 1st
Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs

Appearance: He has black hair that is slightly longer than Kaneki's and seems to be longer on his left side. His eyes normally are black with a slight red and gold around the edges. He is fairly scrawny and quite pale. His face is almost always in a neutral position.

Ghoul Mask: Mainly white with glowing red lines down the fangs. Only the black and red part of the eyes can be seen through the mask. The mask has two white fangs at the bottom that go just a little past the bottom lip. The mask doesn't cover the bottom jaw.

Personality: Among friends and allies he is quiet and kind. He tries his best to help out. He usually doesn't take fights seriously (unless his life really depended on it) but if you injure one of his friends he fights at full strength. The way he fights when he is this way is similar to how people with blackblood fight on Soul Eater. He is fine with most human but uses the bad ones like criminals as a food source.

Ward: Born in 2nd Ward wanders to where ever he feels like going.

History/Bio: Not much is known other than at the age of ten he sucked all of the blood out of his parents and has been wandering ever since. (Both parents were Rinkaku ghouls and neither had the same Kagune power as Kirijo) Made Friends with Touka, Kaneki, and Uta.

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: One large tail coming out of the center of his back. The color is that of blood. It looks like two tails twisting into one. Has two long white fangs coming out of the end of the tail. Can be separated into two tails each with one fang.
Kagune special abilities: Kirijo's Kagune has the ability to suck the blood of the enemy. If the enemy is a ghoul the Kagune returns into Kirijo's body for a short time then comes back out as the same RC type as the other ghoul's Kagune. The same can be done by just coming in contact with a Quinque. Doing either significantly drains Kirijo's energy. If his Kagune is cut off it becomes a pool of blood he can manipulate. Do to his Kagune he feeds off of blood not flesh.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jerrythegamer said…
Name: Kazuma Kondou (first/last)
Alias: Raptor (due to his mask and good teamwork. Also his strange habit of hissing and growling when fighting)
Ranking: SS

Birthday:May 2nd, 2001
Gender: Male

Height: 5'7 and a half
Weight: 115lbs

Appearance: Mid-length black hair that he always puts to the side. Has black hair. Skinny build. Tan skin. Always seen licking his lips due to dryness.

Ghoul Mask: A green rubber Velociraptor mask that has an open mouth.

Personality: Ruthless and sadistic when it comes to fights. Selfish when it comes to love. Helpful. Never forgives anyone that does bad things to him. Polite to mostly everyone he knows.

Ward: Born in 4th ward in a middle-class house.

History/Bio: He had a happy life until his 11th birthday when his parents abandoned him and his baby brother to join Aogiri. He moved in with his Uncle in the 20th ward. There he went to a high school and made plenty of friends. He changed into a cold-hearted person when his girlfriend broke up with him and left him devastated, which caused him to kill her. Now he just goes about his life as a First year student and killing people for food because his Uncle is too lazy to get food himself. He vows to find his parents and work alongside them in Aogiri

RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune appearance: A long tail with thorn-like appendages at the base that makes it look like a dinosaur's tail.
Kagune special abilities: Can strangle a human very tightly. Also the wounds it inflicts can get infected very quickly due to a injection he put into himself
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kotabare said…
Name: Lilly Angel
Alias:(ordinary)Unfound (due to how easily she hides) (kakuja) Spider

Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female

Weight:96 Ibs

Appearance: Short messy light brown hair. Hazel eyes. Left eye kakugan. Thin face. Slim.

Ghoul mask:(normal) A white mask that covers thepper half of her face. 2 black dots for eyes and a line with stitches for a mouth.(kakuja) Black with eight glowing red eyes and mandible like pincers at the mouth.

Personality: Ruthless and emotionless killer.

Ward: 13th.

History: A born kakuja, she was sweet until she hit middle school and is bullied. She became slowly emotionless, and no one could understand her. She eventually killed all living relatives, and wandered from wrd to ward, a different name in each. The name she used for this an alias.

Rc type: Rinkaku. Normally fights with four, as kakuja with eight. She uses her eight kagune and spiderlike kakuja mask to the nickname "Spider."
Kagune special abilities: When fighting, if she becomes desperate, she can split her eight kagune into sixteen kagune.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kotabare said…

Name: Isaac Frye
Alias: Troll
Rank: SS

Age: 16
Birthday June 6, 1999
Gender: Male

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs

Appearance: Slightly muscled and has short dark brown hair and black eyes.

Ghoul mask: A troll face.

Personality: Funny, trolly, but a slightly insane ghoul.

Ward: 13th

Bio: Before he was born, his family moved out of Jihon. Later, when he was 14, they returned to the 13th where his mother is killed and he and his siblings were left severely wounded. They wandered, constantly on the verge of starvation, until Yoshimura took them in. There he lived for a while before he attacked the CCG and because of his mask, earned his nickname.

Rc type: Rinkaku. He normally fights with one red tentacle but can also fight with two. No more than two, however, because of his rather low amount of kakuhous.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Strauss01 said…
Name: Ailne Coles
Alias: Vandal Rouge
Ranking: S-rated
Birthday: 31 January 2001
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 5"3
Weight: 110 lbs.
Appearance: a girl with a pale white skin, black colored hair, a physically fit body, usually wearing a long black cloak
Ghoul Mask: a mask which covered the whole face revealing only on eye, the mask has light colored linings. The kakuja mask grows naturally and is made up of black vines occupying the whole face revealing one eye
Ghoul Eye: the left eye is a regular ghoul eye, the right eye is completely black
Personality: dark, mysterious, secretive, unsocial, cold blooded, kind, stubborn, reckless
Ward: unknown
Rc Type: Rinkaku.
Kagune Appearance: She 10 precise tentacles with black, violet, red color gleam.
Kakuja Form: The gleam releasd hot essence that can turn its prey into ash when touch. The gleam can absorb the preys energy and drain it dry.
History/ Bio: she was once an innocent girl but everything change when she was kidnapped by an elder ghoul. She was forced and turned into a ghoul even though its against her will because the elderly ghoul wants ailne to continue her bloodline[the elder is dying]. She was called " vandal rouge " because of how she acts during fighting and hunting her food. She still stays with her family but only keeping a secret of her being a ghoul so everytime after their meal she take a stroll outside and puke it all out. She has a delicate taste in terms of eating because she only select the finest quality around.
She became a kakuja becuse she was tempted to devour other ghoul sweet flesh and because of the characteristics she inherited on the old blood of the elder. She managed to survived on her own without her human family knowing her situation and ignored the anteikus assistance. The Aogiri Tree tried to suitor her to join the arc but as always failed to get the positive answer. She once encounter Arima and managed to escaped from him unscratched. She is cold blooded to everyone but managed to get friends even though of her rude personality. Her friends knew how to stop her when shes reckless.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hagi123 said…
Name: teiga jukou
Alias: scavenger ghoul
Ranking: A+

Age: 16
Birthday: 06/20/21
Gender: male
ward: 11th
Height: "5,7"
Weight: 139 lbs
Appearance: short spikey hair(black) and brown eyes
Ghoul Mask: vulture skull mask with feathers around the crown
Personality: positive,energetic, and friendly with a sarcastic and lustful mindset
History: I saw a dying ghoul and wondered: "what if I took a peace of his Kagune would I be on one"

RC Type: ukaku
Kagune appearance: Three branch shaped wings one each shoulder when crystallizedand are black in color with violet veins, when relaxed they resemble two feathery shaped ones Kagune special abilities: can be thinned and used like a rinkaku and can use ukaku to glide for limited amount of time
Kujaja: black" feathers" envelope the entire back from tailbone to head and a long beak made out of RC cells encloses the face and wings become longer with more "Down
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Queen_Azula said…
Name:Leiko Kirishima
Alias:Black Binge
Height:163 cm
Weight:52 kilograms
Appearance:A beautiful young woman with long white hair,deep purple eyes and skinny body type.She usually wears girly dresses,mostly red,black heels and a black leather jacket.
Mask:A plain black mask (not much to say,it's hard to describe)
Personality:Seems very polite and gentle,but when she hunts at night and fights,she is very persuasive and tends to eat a lot.She hunts mostly for entertainment and doesn't really care for anyone except for Ken,Touka and Ayato,She is also very intelligent
Ward: 20th (past),13th (current)
Bio:As a little girl,she enjoyed visiting and playing with her cousins Touka and Ayato,but when her parents died,she got separated with them and lost all contact.She studies at Kamii university.She later reunites with Touka,Ayato and meets Ken in the CCG/Ghoul war.
RC Type: Rinkaku (kakuja)
Kagune:four long tentacle that are all black,purple and red
Abilities:she can merge all her tentacles into one and vice versa.She is good at both long and close range attacks,but is quite slow.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachomaga12 said…
Name Ayato himije aka grim reaper
mask skull full face age 16
ghoul type All
cannibal alive look long black hair with purpul tips
Purpul eyes snow wight skin black cloke rank sss
Family non hight 6 foot weight 200 pounds
Trains as assassin ninja and master at all fighting types
Full blood ghoul
able to fight upagenst a tags team death battle of eye patch and owl by himself
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bleachomaga12 commented…
personality yandere boy history unknown and a vagabond wonderor sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GamerNerd2000 said…
Name: Alroy Fayden
Alias: Blade Wielder
Rank: S (Targets murderers, crooks, rapists, and gang bangers.)
Age: 15
Birthday: 10/22/00
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Appearance: Long, curly, wild hair that he ties in a pony tail when hunting. Tall and skinny, but has lean muscle.
Mask: Black leather that wraps around the neck and lower face. (From the nose bridge down.)
Personality: Caring and loyal towards his friends, but cold and relentless towards the CCG, doves, and his prey.
Ward: 20th
Bio: Lived in the U.S. until a ghoul attacked his school and he had the BRILLIANT idea to fight back, thus revealing who he was. Therefore he had to leave the country.
RC type: Rinkaku
Kagune Appearance: Six long, thin tentacles that extend from his lower back. He has blade like spikes on the ends of them, which he can adjust at will, such as curving the blades forward or back.
Kagune Abilities: The kagune can move at blinding speeds, and generally uses them in a slashing motion over a stabbing motion. Can heal almost instantly.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas demonicjester01 said…
Name: Rengoku "Ren" Kazehaya.
Alias: Atrax (After a genus of Australasian venomous spiders).
Rank: SS~.

Age: 19.
Birthday: October 1st.
Gender: Male.
Family: Souji Nakiri (Father/ Deceased).
Yukino Kazehaya (Mother/ Deceased).

Height: 180 cm.
Weight: 70 kg.
Appearance: Medium length jet-black hair that is a bit messy. He is a natural human/ghoul hybrid and has natural red eyes, meaning that the only difference there is when his Kakugan is activated is that his right eye's sclera turns black. He has a lean, but fairly muscular body type with multiple scars.
Ghoul Mask: A relatively simple black skull mask that hides his left eye.
Personality: Ren hates most Ghouls because of past experiences, as well as Ghoul Investigators, but has a soft spot for normal humans, despite envying their relaxed lives. He has sort of a "tsundere" attitude towards his human friends, but would put his life on the line to protect them. However, he changes this personality completely when fighting, becoming a merciless warrior who has no qualms about killing, torturing opponents more than necessary or using dirty tactics to win. He never understimates his enemies and will do almost anything (except betraying those he recognizes as comrades) to achieve his goals.
Ward: 20th Ward (Previously 24th Ward)..
History/Bio: Rengoku Nakiri was born in the 20th Ward to a Ghoul father and a human mother (She ate human flesh in order to ensure her baby's survival). They were fairly poor, but lived happily nonetheless until Ren was six years old. However, since his father liked humans so much (sentiment that would be inherited by his son), he refused to eat them, killing and devouring Ghouls instead. This frequent cannibalism resulted in him becoming an insane half Kakuja. Souji killed his wife in a fit of madness, but not before she could allow her son to escape. Ren fled in terror from his own home, unfortunately reaching the feared 24th Ward. Ren blamed himself for escaping instead of protecting his mother, but he was forced to become strong due to the immensely dangerous environment. He took his mother's surname and quickly mastered the use of his Kagune, soon becoming a respected presence in the 24th Ward, with his diet consisting entirely of Ghouls. His life continued like this until he was sixteen years old, yet he managed to befriend a weak female Ghoul of his age by the name of Natsume Samejima, but she was killed by Investigators. This event, combined with his repeated cannibilizing, made him become a half Kakuja, just like his father. Deciding to never lose someone precious to him again, he began a quest for revenge, tracking down and killing Natsume's killers, as well as his own father, with the latter being eaten. However, Ren's rampage continued until he met his match in an elderly man named Yoshimura. Ren was easily defeated by this old Ghoul, but instead of killing him, the old man offered him an opportunity for a peaceful life in the 20th Ward, going to school and working at his café, Anteiku. Ren accepted the offer, having no place he could call "home" and nothing to lose. Three years have passed since then, Ren is now a university student with friends who, while not numerous, are true friends who would accept him even if they knew of his true identity. He gets along well with his co-employees and is well liked amongst the customers. Due to his run-ins with the Aogiri Tree, Eto has developed a certain interest in him as a fellow natural One-Eyed Ghoul. Still, even though he eats the human meat given to him by Anteiku, Ren hasn't stopped devouring Ghouls, with his incomplete Kakuja growing steadily stronger.

RC Type: Rinkaku (Incomplete Kakuja).
Kagune appearance: Takes the form of eight large limbs with jet-black fur, similar to a tarantula's legs. At the end of each limb there's a special claw that is akin to a tarantula's fang, but with a sharp inner edge that allows slashing.
Kakuja appearance: The eight "spider legs" become four, and are now covered with black armor-like scales. Each of the four limbs sprouts three more, making a shape vaguely similar to clawed hands. The black armor also forms a mask similar to a spider's head around Ren's face. The mask has two fangs that are around 30 cm long each.
Kagune special abilities: Apart from the characteristic regeneration and brute strength of Rinkaku Ghouls, Ren's "Spider Fangs" also contain an incredibly powerful neurotoxin that, besides the usual effects of most neurotoxins, also has the corrosive strength to even dissolve normal steel, it's effects on flesh are rather obvious. The fangs on the Kakuja mask also contain the same venom. He goes completely berserk when using his Kakuja, but he can still distiguish his friends from other people.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas MasterPotta said…
Name: Rin Himura
Alias: Skull kid
Rank: S
Age: 14
Birthday: 1. May 2001
Gender: Female
Height: 158,0 cm
Weight: 47, 8 kg
Appearance: short, Red dyed hair (originally white after getting tortured by Jason), naturally brown eyes but always got her ghoul eyes activated, black nails, perching on her belly button and tongue, a red pentagram tattoo on her right shoulder.
Mask: a skull formed mask with a half black side and a half white side. The black side looks angry while the white side looks sad. Two tears are placed underneath each eye.
Personality: sadistic, loud, teases and mocks everyone, lazy, sexual, cynical, determined, smart, rebellious, aggressive, has no morals.
Ward: 10th
Bio: saw her mother get raped by a ghoul investigator while she was very young, her father started kidnapping women and molested them after her mother's death, forcing her to stay inside her room for a month while starving. Then a week after, she was raped by her father. She left and lived in the streets for two months until she was kidnapped and forced into making child pornography for a year. She escaped but was captured by Jason after a week, them tortured for 6 months. Nico persuaded Jason to let her join Aoigiri since she was still alive, she have been with with them ever since.
Rc Type: Bikaku Rinkaku mutation.
Kagune: both Bikaku and Rinkaku turns from dark green to neon green. She usually uses the Bikaku most.
Abilities: heals quickly, fast, feel no pain, flexible.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas YukiteruAmano said…
Name: Yukiteru Amano (Also known as Andrew Clifford to best friends)
Alias: The Immortal Centipede
Ranking: SSS

Age: 10,030
Birthday: 1/1/2000 (Different Universe Now Destroyed)
Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 145 lbs
Appearance: Sort of gothic but no makeup always wears a black jacket with a red cross, has black hair, and a kind warm face, a bit skinny but has some muscle on him.
Ghoul Mask: Centipede like with a long black beak at the front and an illuminati in the middle on forehead.
Personality: Often kind, loving, and warm.
Ward: Unknown
Status: Alive
Family: Rea Amano (Mother/Deceased)
Kurou Amano (Dad/Deceased)
Sister None
Brother None
Yuno Gasai (Wife/Unknown)
He was born in ward in a different universe after 10,013 years was moved to ward 5 but now is unknown what ward is in. One day he was talking to his best friend and suddenly he turned into a Kakuja Centipede after that he fled and joined up with The EyePatch who by that point had already turned into a Kakuja Centipede. After that he has been working with the EyePatch ever since.
RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: He has 6 Centipede arms instead of just 2 like Kaneki also has four of the normal ghoul tentacles. Also his body is encased in a centipede like armor that protects him
Kagune special abilities: He is incredibly fast no weakness is supposed to be immortal and the centipede arms are great at any range. can over power anything.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas AkioRyuu02 said…

Name: Akio Ryuu
Alias: “blood lust”
Ranking: SSS

Age: 26
Birthday: 9/9/1990
Gender: Male
Status: alive

Mother: Akane Ryuu (deceased)
Father: Daichi Ryuu (alive/unknown)
Half-brother 1: Joseph Fujiu (alive/unknown)
Half-brother 2: Noah Ryuk (alive/unknown)

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130lbs
Appearance: Caucasian, white hair buzzed on the left side and long on the right side a long white braid on the right front. White hoodie, green cargo pants and black gortex combat boots. Full breed ghoul. Icy blue eyes. Thin curved white eye brows. Three curved red triangular tattoos across his face from his cheeks to mid eye length. More of a normal build kind of like Kaneki’s body build

Ghoul Mask: black respirator that covers only the mouth and nose.
Personality: bubbly with a mile-wide streak of insanity and heightened senses when insane.
Ward: 20th
History/Bio: I was born full breed ghoul. I grew up with my mother till I was 16 but on my birthday I watched my mother get killed by a dove. Two days later I was taken in by Yoshimura and lived a fairly decent life from then on. I started college at 19 and graduated 4 years later with an associate’s degree in business and politics. 3 years later and you get to the current year 2016.

RC Type: Koukaku
Kagune appearance: my white and red kagune wraps around both arms until it reaches the top of my hands and then forms claw like phalanges.
Kagune special abilities: hack and slash: for 1.5 minutes my strength, speed, and stamina increase to 300% above normal. They are Koukaku so they are strong and sturdy
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas GhOuL_GiRl said…
Hmmm, I try to do something :D

Name: Shikazu Li
Alias: Green Girl
Ranking: SS

Age: 13
Birthday: 20.03. 2003
Gender: Female

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Appearance: long green hair (100 cm) , she usually has got black tutu dress and black gloves. Only one eye is red.
Ghoul Mask: Lace mask that covers the forehead, left cheek and the whole piece under the right eye.
Personality: Friendly and lovely but when she gets angry she destroy everything around.
Ward: Unknown
History/Bio: She was one of the special ghoul investigators who have undergone surgery to become a Ghoul (Similarly like Kaneki) but she runs away and started to live like a "normal" ghoul. That´s the reason why she has only one eye red.
RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: It´s a neon green kagune similarly like her hair, that´s the reason why "Green Girl"
Kagune special abilities: Kagune can change its shape (It can be bigger, longer, it can have spikes)

And here´s amateur sketch of how she could look like XD
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 Hmmm, I try to do something :D Name: Shikazu Li Alias: Green Girl Ranking: SS Age: 13 Birthd
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas RDJC said…
Name: Satou Kurama
Alias: Red Devil
Rank: SS
Birthday: May 22, 1995
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 162 lbs
Appearance: Angular features, arctic blue eyes, ink black curly hair, lithe, fair skin
Mask: A Red Mask with a devil's wispy beard and horns just like the mask of the original red devil in Scream Queens
Personality: easygoing and friendly but self-centered and sadistic
Ward: 24th
Bio: Raised in the 24th ward's harsh environment, Satou learned to adapt to his surroundings by manipulating others by befriending them. But despite all this, he is well known for his kindness for both humans and ghouls alike, killing both humans and ghouls without discrimination when he sees fit.
Rc Type: Chimera: Ukaku/ Bikaku
Kagune: a pair of red and black devil wings and 3 thick devil-like tails
Abilities: attack speed and movement speed increases as the ukaku kagune deflates in size. Can shoot prohectiles from as thin as needles to as thick as bars, thereby capable of penetrating armors and walls with the same impact. The 3 bikaku tails are the typical ones, but the 2 tails can be wrapped on the arms of the user to serve as a punching glove or a koukaku-like lance. The chimera kagune gives him great fighting potential, combined with his years of training, which then allows him to use both kagunes in the long run at its maximum potential without breaking a sweat

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas The_Swordmaster said…
Name: Watari Kon
Alias: The Swordmaster
Ranking: SS

Age: 21
Birthday: 01/14/1995
Gender: Male / Female / Unknown

Height: 170cm
Weight: 63kg
Appearance: White hair, Green eyes, Muscular, Possesses 2 Quinques(Swords)
Ghoul Mask: Black mask covering left eye, it has the appearance of a Gladiator mask with some red swirls on it.
Personality: Aggressive when needed, kind and respectful.
Ward: Probably from the 13th Ward, Present is unknown.
History/Bio: Watari is the child of a Ghoul(unknown) and a human(unknown). When he was 13 years old he saw his friends be killed by a Senior Investigator carrying two Quinque swords. When he was 17 he took revenge in the investigator and took the Quinques himself. He can take almost anyone and is part of the Aogiri Tree.

RC Type: Rinkaku (sometimes Kakuja)
Kagune appearance: White long and sharp blades coming from his waist. The Kagune has red and bright streaks on it and circles on each curve.
Kagune special abilities: Abnormally fast regeneration and a fast Ghoul. He can extend his Kagune to very long distances. He can take out 4 Kagune Sacs. Kakuja is extremely strong. He can take out 8 Kakuja sacs and extend them even more. 6 of the Kakuja sacs look like the normal Kagune except black and red. The other 2 have the appearance of swords. He uses his Quinque to form part of the Kakuja. His face is covered black and has the looks of a Gladiator mask, with the bottom edge extending to his throat.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Avolnar said…
Name: Ryosuke Kimura (Ryo)
Alias: Lycantrope
Ranking: SS

Age: 17
Birthday: 10/02/1998
Gender: Male

Height: 172cm
Weight: 64kg
Appearance: Brown hair, swamp-green eyes, pale skin, prefers to wear hoodies.
Ghoul Mask: Wolfs head with a scar on the left eye.
Personality: Easily offended, but makes friends just as easy. sometimes his morals get him in more trouble then they prevent.
Ward: 12th
History/Bio: as a little boy, Ryo lost his parrents in a CCG house raid, he spend 4 long years trying to find the one who turned in his family. the loneliness made him see that only the strong survive. yet he still lived a relatively good life. his best friend as well as the girl he has a crush on are human. and he only takes the lives of those he hates or doesn't know. the most importand thing he has are his friends.
they're like a wolfpack, and he is definately the alpha.
RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: extra arms with razor sharp blades at the end.
Kagune special abilities: stronger then most rinkaku ghouls, when using all 4 arms he can even launch himself onto low to mid height rooftops.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bisbouras said…
Name: Kurisu Karineku
Alias: Kuri-Kuri or Kuri
Ranking: S

Age: 19
Birthday: 24th April 1997
Gender: Male
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 59kg
Appearance: Scruffy dark-green hair, thin glasses, small eyes and wears hoodies and tracksuit bottoms.
Ghoul Mask: A dark grey mask that covers half his face (Vertical line going through his face). On the mask side there is an overexaggerated ghouls eye and a large mouth.
Personality: Kind, but when you offend him,, believe me, he is NOT kind...
Ward: 20th
Family: All Deceased.
History: Bullied as a little kid, he gave up and used his Kagune to kill his bulliers and has been on the run from the CCG ever since.
RC type: Rinkaku
Kagune Appearence: Sort of like Rize but the ends of the Kagune end in drills
Kagune Special Abillities: Can drill through people. and drill through the ground to push him up.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bisbouras said…
Name: Unknown
Alias: Death
Ranking: SSSS

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown:
Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62kg
Appearance: A black-wearing ghoul, who has camouflaging hair and a simple lifeless face.
Ghoul Mask: Black Mask with one eye hole and an unknown symbol
Personality: Very short temper, kills everything that is even slightly famous/important, but cares very much for his brothers and sisters
Ward: All of them (and other countries)
Sister: Unknown (alive)
Brother: Unknown (alive)
Sister 2: Unknown (probably alive)
Brother 2: Unknown (Deceased)
History: as a child, his parents were killed by some famous and important ghoul investigators, and he proceeded to kill them. Now he goes around in a squad named ([{Death}]) with his brothers and sisters. He is the leader of the squad. This squad goes around the world murdering anyone famous and important.
RC Type: Kakuja
Kagune Appearance: Huge spiky transparent shield around his body that shoots out very sharp spikes which pierce anything.
Kagune special abilities: he is invincible.
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LC827 commented…
Name: Lucas Alias: alupihan II Ranking: SSS+ Age:13 Birthday:Aug 25 Gender: Male Height:5’ 6” Weight:140 Appearance: tall, blue eyed, freckled, Sandy blond haired guy Ghoul Mask: a damaged, deteriorated version of the alupihan mask Personality:funny, does stupid stuff to make people laugh Ward: 20th History/Bio: no one knows his back story RC Type: Rinkaku Kagune appearance: 2 Centipedes Kagune special abilities: shapeshifting, and detachment Bonus: he likes to create false versions of himself out of detached kagune to trick enemies 7 months ago