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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Zanna:Well we have had some fun but do to the no elimination last week there are two people going tahanan this time
Camielle:Hi Zack
Zack:What do u want?
Camielle:Just wanted to give u some friendly advice
Zack:Like what?
Camielle:Well u have mga kaibigan that think of u as well hard and cool now ever since u started to go out with Isabella u seem soft and lame she will think she can take advantage of u
Zack:Yeah right
walks off over hears Isabella
Isabella:Oh stop it!
Isabella:Okay bye
Zack:Who was that?
Isabella:Don't get mad but it's my ex he is still obsessed with me but we r good friends
Zack:Okay baby i'll be back
Zack:Camielle how in the world
Camielle:Zack honey it happens all the time well if u don't want her to slip take charge
Zack:I guess ur right thanks
Camielle:No problem *says evily*
Confessional Camielle:Okay i am going out with Jason Mayhem Miller but doesn't mean i can't ruin Isabella
Isabella:hey Zack *goes to hug him*
Zack:Not in public and why r u talkin to ur ex im ur boyfriend got that!
Isabella:What is wrong with u?
Zack:What is wrong with u now halik me
Isabella:No ur being selfish and a jerk!!!!
runs off
Zack sees Jack looking at him
Zack:Chick am i right *raises hand for high five*
Jack walks sa pamamagitan ng him
Zanna:Today is a Country challenge!
First up is Hadar she goes up and sings link
then it is Isabella's turn and sings link
Zack:It was OKAY it could of used some dancing
Then Gabby goes and sings link
then it was Jack and sings link
and then it is Camielle's turn to sing
and then it is Zack he sings link
and then is Nikki
Zanna:Today i choose one and u vote the other one out i choose Nikki and u guys choose
Zack:I vote Gabby cause well she takes up Isabella's time with me
Gabby:I vote Zack cause he was a total jerk
Jack:Zack not cool man
Hadar:Definetly Zack wat s his problem
Isabella:*crys* I vote......Zack *crys again*
Camielle:Bye Zack
Nikki:Well im getting voted out so i guess Zack
Zanna:And the one going tahanan is Zack
Zack:What!?!? Bells
Isabella:*crys* Leave me alone it is over!
Jack nods his head in disapproval
Gabby and Hadar glare at him
Camielle waves
Zanna well thats it for today
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