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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn was born in Paris, France in October 14 at 6:21 p.m. Her parents were Josephine and Rusell Vej. The two owned a nice little cafe in the town square. Dawn, back then Amulet Vej, sometimes walked around the restraunt with her mom. When she was 11, she started working as a waitress. She did a pretty good job. Amulet's grades were high, she got a good job, her parents were nice, her life was perfect.
Until April 4th.
Then, Amulet was a nice little 12 taon old. She was staying at her friend's house for a sleepover. Her parents were cleaning up the restraunt in the night, when they got robbed. Russel was stabbed to death, and Josephine was rapped, tortured, and kidnaped. She never came back.
Amulet was depressed. She didn't speak for the susunod year.
But on her thirteenth birthday, she was sent to America. The silent orphan landed in Chicago. She got off the plane to her new parent.
David Jones.
David was a buissinessman. He taught Amulet english (which explains her French accent), gave her a room in his apartment, and treated her well.
But after a year, he stopped. Just stopped. He stopped cooking Amulet food. He stopped treating her well. Amulet reported him to the poliece, and she got a new tahanan in a foster tahanan in Boston, Massachusets.
Her new parents, Danny and Molly Jonstton, were as nice as can be. Her roomate Tatiana treated her well. Dawn learned madami english.
When she heard Trent, her friend and neighbor, was on TDI/A, she decided to try out too. She got in.
Until today, Dawn has been really happy with herself. She's still sad on the inside.
She dyed her hair green, purple, red, black, and brown because she wanted to remember the mga kulay of her parent's cafe. Her original hair color is auburn.
Molly changed her name to Dawn because she thought it would be better for her, but when Dawn is 18, she wants to change her name back to Amulet.
That's Dawn's story!
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SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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