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posted by DipperPines2010
People have their good days and bad days, but sometimes, my days are far beyond exhausting.

DandC4evacute can sometimes be a pain in my big white butt. She's only popular, because she developed early and started putting out at the age of eleven years. Yet, she can't stand to look at herself in the mirror, because all she sees is a whore. Yet, she defends Duncan and Courtney (from Trent/Alejandro), just so she can avoid an inevitable future that once she is twenty years old, her paborito characters will not be trusted sa pamamagitan ng other people.

How does that sound? TDWT has their own version of Trent. Why? I had a dream where I saw Trent's misdeeds, whether if it's sabotaging other's chances at a million, or breaking valuables of other contestants. This is something that the real Trent would never do.
The first 14 Applications will be on my new ipakita Total Drama Daring Island! Once I get fourteen I start. Please fill in the information below in a comment.



Hero Or Villain:





And that's it. I hope you sign up because the madami apps the sooner I'll start posting. I'll post one episode a day. So remember the fist fourteen will be in it. So the ipakita is moved to Boney Island. Yes the spooky place. And there is TWO invincibility statue's. I'll make a contest for that later. So I hope to see some Apps! Thanks-Jcbob12345
posted by Aurelia_Tepes
[b]I would like you to give me your honest opinion of this.[b]

"Bentley?" An older male inquired across his cell to his new cell mate. The boy, Bentley, was no older than twenty. He was sitting on the floor when the older male called to him. Moving his ebony black hair aside, coal grey eyes looked up innocently.

"Yes, Johnson?" He replied to the other.

"Have you ever heard of the series called Total Drama?" Johnson smirked as Bentley's eyes lit up like a pasko tree.

"I loved that show!" He gushed, his lithe body curling up slightly in anticipation. "Why do you ask?"

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Ok, for this I'm only counting the people in total drama revenge of the island.(only counting the ones that aired)And I decided to count Como Zoey and the personalities of Mike.I'm not to big tagahanga of this season but it is still a good season.So let's start.

The one with the most villain points is:Lightning with 23.

The person with the most hero points is: Mike with 31 all of them coming from saving Zoey!

The runner-up for the most villain points is: Como Zoey with 9.(Scott tried)

The runner-up for the person with the most hero points is:Cam with 28.
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