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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Hey,so i'm going to do shuffle on my iPod and choose 5 songs, I don't know what they are right now,so Um Lets get started :)
All about us- Tatu
Gwen P.O.V
"Trent, I'm Going to hang out with Duncan To-"
"No your not! All you ever do is hang out with him, I don't trust you!"
They say
They don't trust
You, me, we, us
"Trust me with what? You know what, I dont care, Im leaving, Bye."
"If you go, I will hurt you, when you come back!"
So we'll fall
If we must
"Bye Trent" *Leaves*
Still Gwens P.O.V
*Meets up with Duncan*
"Hey Duncan,"
"Hey, Anything Wrong?"
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
Roxie: hi
With mellissa
Corey: im having fun puts arm around her
Mellissa: me to kisses him
5 min later
In coreys kama
Corey: I pag-ibig you
Mellissa: me to snuggles him
Jory: dude uy first sex nice
Corey: dude we're busy god donkey ass
Mellissa: goes to sleep
With rikki
Rikki: omg thw man cut the guys eyes out
Don: holy crap this kill splatter 3 is sick his dick ahhhh
in vinnys room kat I think we should see other ppl
Kat: why cause im pregnet thats why we're through I hate you slaps vinny
Cassidy: whats wrong kat
Kat: im pregnet but he broke up with me
Cassidy: your attractibe you fiery red head
Kat: thanks hugs her your the best oh my belly its kicking
Cassidy: the nurse can help you
Erika: umm cassy your in my bed

To be continued
Gwen:*yawns* What a night!
Courtney:Yes!But I'm still excited!
Izzy:*still is sleeping* No!This is a part of the mermaid!It's true!
Courtney:What is she doing?
Gwen:Just...Ask her!
Courtney:Izzy?*screams* IZZY!
Izzy:Ah! *falls off the bed* I'm still sleeping because I was at a movie with Owen at 23:15.
Courtney:Wow!How was that?
Gwen:Don't be so curious!
Gwen:Great!I'm not yelling at you, but I just said!*puts her hand on Courtney*
Courtney:No!I'm crying because I'm excited that I'm getting married!

At the guys' room...
Duncan:Dude!I'm so nervous.
Trent:Congrats, dude!You're getting...
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In the car...
Izzy:*opens the window* Wow!It's a clown!Hi, clown!
Gwen:*closes the window*What are you doing?The people are looking at us!
Trent:I pag-ibig the way that you care about people!
Gwen:Awwwwww!*puts her head over his shoulder*
Duncan:I can't wait!
Courtney:Me neither *hugs him*

At the shopping...
Courtney:Wow!These clothes are so cute!*a tear drops from her eye*
Gwen:Guess what I found!
Gwen:A paper for the baby and their personal dates.
Courtney:Awwwwww!So...Tomorrow I'm getting married and the name of the baby is Jackinson.
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posted by RandomFanGirl



What was that noise? It just kept going on and on. It was getting on my nerves; it just wouldn’t stop.

My head hurt so badly. I didn’t know why, but I wanted it to stop soon.

I slowly opened my eyes, looking around the room. Everything seemed to be white. Why? Where was I? I couldn’t tell. I didn’t have any clue of where I was. I slowly tried to sit up, but found that I couldn’t. I didn’t know if I was strapped down or if I just didn’t have the strength.

“Heather, you’re awake!” A voice called excitedly.

I turned my head to face where the sound of the voice was...
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posted by nanacrystal
Sierra kept on kicking the back of my seat.

"Could you stop that please?" i asked in fear.
"NO!" She screamed.
she was only mad at me because i asked Gwen to go to the Winter dance and not her. And Gwen agreed. i am pretty sure she only agreed because she had nobody else to go with. besise, Courtney practically FORCED duncan to go so she could get gwen mad.
i also think it is so crazy that Chris is our teacher. i think Chris mightve paid our parents to send us to this school so he could have better ratings for this season. i have to admit though, being in a High school, is where all the Drama is....
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Ms. Holley: *pops up on screen* Hi! I'm miss Holley! And you're watching TDMS! 20 contesants have signed up to come to this school, and we sinabi it was a free college that could offer them excellent eduacation! But little do they know, they will have to face challenges in classes and eliminations. *camera turns* Since the school forbids students dropping out, they will actually not leave the school, they will be staying with the WORST TEACHER HERE! Mr Antiedisastablishatarianism! I will also be one of the teachers with the students, I will be their Pagsulat teacher! And one madami thing.... There...
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