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This kabuuan drama ng isla litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Eva's Pov
Today was the reounion of TDI. Everyone was getting on the boat. Chris was standing their smiling. He probally have something planned for us. Maybe another season. A joke. Who know's what that Jerk planned for us. I sat on the boat. Lindsay was on my left and Trent was on the right.
"Hey Ava!" Lindsay shouted "It's Eva" I said
"Ohh yeah! Sorry Ava! So what have you been doing?" Asked Lindsay "I been doing angerment classes" I sinabi while staring at Bridgette. Bridgette slouched while looking away. We got to the island. I stepped on the broken dock then made my way to the sandy beach....
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super funny amd bad stuff happens to heather or just wach its funny
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This is Lydia again!I'm the one who leaves walang tiyak na layunin comments about mag-ihaw and stuff.This is my third artikulo series at the moment.Read them all!You won't regret it! Everyone on TDA and TDI were sitting in the open ground sa pamamagitan ng the trailers for their reunion when.... Duncan:Courtney,your eyes are turning red! Duncan yelled in shock. Courtney:No....it's not true!It can't be......NO!! She ran into the girls trailer. Geoff:Duncan,dude,I know things have been awkward with you lately,but you have to go check on her. Duncan:Yeah,I guess you're right. He followed her to the door. Duncan:I'm coming in Courtney....
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Eva: uy guys we have to go now

DJ: Why?

Tyler: Yeah I just got started

Eva: Come with me now or I'll break your arms

Tyler: OK!


LaShawna: Great heather a week of detention!

Heather: Its not my fault if you have anger issues.

LaShawna: I'll ipakita you anger issues!!!

Gwen: Guys we have to go to the science lab. It blew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather: So! I dont care! I hate all of you!!!

Trent: You are so heartless.

Eva: Come on guys!

Eva: Forget Heather.


Beth: Tyler keep up

Tyler: I cant Im too tired

Beth: You have too

Tyler: It hurts to run

Beth: Come on tyler!

Tyler: No!...
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