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This kabuuan drama ng isla kasanayan ng tagahanga might contain stained glass window, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Gwen in her dream:
I gently saoked my foot in the lakewater as I rubbed my baby bump.Duncan came to my side and told me everything would be alright,alright,alright.

*gwen wakes up in the hostpital*

Doctor:Gwen?Sweety?Oh,hi dear. You fell asleap.But your all awake now!

Gwen:uh,huh...*gently stirs to her side*

Duncan:Is she alright Doc?

Docter:She`s alright. *checks Gwen`s IV*

Duncan:Babe?Remember me?


Duncan:You Ok?

Gwen:Ya..I guess...

Duncan:Good.Just,stay calm.Yor going into labour.

Gwen:WHAT!?! *pants,wheezes*

Doctor:It`s ok. PUSH!

20 hours...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Warning: This is not reccomended for you if you're a hard core DXC or GXT fan, or if you just don't like insane amounts of imagination.
You have been warned.

Heather was walking in Camp Wawanakwa after a LOOONG elimination. She was happy that she was still in the competition. She was feeling happy, and walked around with a proud look alone.
Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the bushes. She jumped at the sound, and went over to the nearest puno to investigate.
She looked behind the palumpong from the tree, and saw an mahirap paniwalaan sight. A sight that no one would even dream to see.
Duncan and Trent were...
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hey! my name is courtney370 and im a courtney tagahanga and a leshawna tagahanga and i made mind over matter and i made this spot where leshawna and courtney can be mga kaibigan for ever and i need tagahanga to make cool pic and everything,so plz sumali anyway my fanfic is about courtney and duncan are getting married but gewn like him and duncan only like courtney but how will he say. part 1 the angel, duncan this is the cuteist ring ever sinabi courtney think you priness sinabi duncan then he kisses her. so,duncan how is my wedding dress going to look? sinabi courtney white with black sinabi duncan you think all my friends...
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 Their first halik on TDI.
Their first kiss on TDI.
It's been a taon since TDWT and everyone thinks that Gwen and Trent have forgotten all about each other.

*Gwen waking up*

Gwen: *Yawn* I don't wanna get up...

*Walks out into the kitchen*

Gwen's Mom: Morning Sweety!*Cheerful*

Gwen: Good morning...what's for breakfast?

GM: Pancakes. Why are you so...sad ever since you got back?

Gwen: What? I'm not sad!

GM: Well you sure seem sad. But, Happy Birthday anyways!

Gwen: Thanks, Mom. *Tries to be cheerful*

GM: You're welcome, Honey. Do you have any special plans with you're mga kaibigan today?

Gwen: No, but Izzy wants to take me out for ice cream...*Sits down*

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