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posted by nocofangirl218
So, part 16. :3 Yeah.....it's all good. I quickly wanna thank the two greatest co-writers ever! Aka: Rotcalex2011 and Cascada1007! You two are the best! X3 Anyway, onto the story!


*at elimination ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to podium with a bunch of bruises and scratches* Well, well, well, if it isn't little Alex and his big bad team of losers! *laughs evilly*

Alex: *glares at Chris* Better be careful Chris, those of fighting words!

Chris: *sarcastic tone* Oh, I'm SO scared of Alex! In fact, I'm shaking in my freaking...
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sammy:she`s gone yess PARTY!! no ore little cit whoo whoo

mike:haha courtney is gone blazing fawns is going down
gwen:yep *kisses him on the cheak*

ruby:that`s too bad i liked her and if camielle finds out she is going to kill somebody

camielle:aahh!!i can`t balive courtney is gone alll ready everyone one blazing fawns is so gonna to pay for what they did to my cuttie
*end of confessanails*

*la` reloaded*
chris:sorry that i called you down so early
eva:what ever
trent:um... yea shhh
camielle:what diffenerence does it make huh ILANA!!! huh you voted off my little swettie courtney...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Courtney and Duncan:
Nathan:Oldest of the three and twin of Cheyann. He is a little mama's boy and already has sinabi his first word "Mama" Born: December 30, 2009 9:45 PM

Cheyann:Middle of the three and twin of Nathan. She loves her daddy a lot. She also loves her mama a lot. She is really close of saying her first word, so far she is at "Da..." Born December 30, 2009 9:47

Spencer:Youngest of the three and is the oddest of the three and is different from the other two. When he first got tahanan he saw a gagamba and crawled so fast over to it. Courtney ran after him and Duncan was confused. Born May...
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mike:courtney is hot and i think we should be team blizzard

camielle:*sighs dreamily* i,m SURROUNDED sa pamamagitan ng hotties!...my paborito is courtney so hot yes i,m bi deal with it

ilana:oh my gosh this is my first show! i,m so excited this going to be so much fun and i think i know what are team names should be team blazing fawns! so what do you think? is some guy going to hit on me any time soon, sa pamamagitan ng the way? i want him to, but are they going to?

ruby:wow... this is really great i,ve never been on tv before *blushes* i,ve never been around so many cute guys at once, either ...hmmm... i...
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*Trent&Heather kiss*
Trent:that was awesome!
Heather:he tastes like homo sexual
Courtney:how do u know what homo sexual taste like?
Duncan:Courtney its like the time u told me i tasted like marshmellows
Trent:theres nothing wronge with being a homo sexual
Gwen:ur a homo sexual?
Gwen:ok Harold ur my new bf
Lashawna:what bout me?
Trent:make that 2 girlfriends and a boyfriend
Harold:sorry Trent no thanks

well Trent died alone AGAIN, like in my last story, hope u enjoyed, and there is NOTHING wronge with homo sexuals, im NOT a homo sexual, i was just talking to my friend, and i made up this story, hope u enjoyed!
posted by dxarmy423
*walking around the arena*

Chris: welcome to the newest season of total drama island.


Chris: the campers will be split up into 2 groups.

Chris: the divas and the superstars

Chris: the divas will be compeating for the TDI divas pamagat and the superstars will be competing to the TDI world title.

*chris appears on titantron*

Chris: the last diva and superstar at the end are the champions.

Chris: and heres chef with todays matches

Chef: here are todays matches


1. Falls count anywhere

Gwen vs. Izzy

2. Triple threat match

Lindsay vs. Bridgette vs. Eva

3. 6 diva tag match...
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Heather&Noah: *sleeping susunod to each other*
Katie&Sadie: *Walk up* uy Heather, Noah Wake up
Katie: Come on sleepy heads wake up!!!
Sadie: Come on Heather
katie: Come on Noah
Heather&Noah:*Barley raise heads*
Heather: Ugh Its you to
Noah: This better be frikin importent is the Camp on Fire?
Katie: No Noah, We found a map to cany mounton!!! kendi mountin Noah!! We'r going on an adventur!
Sadie: Yeah, an adventur! We'r going to kendi mounton Heather!
Heather: Yeah kendi mounton, right....
Noah: We'r just gonna you no, go back to sleep now
Katie:*jumps in air* *Lands on Heather and Noah* *Stars...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Gwen - After getting denied into art college, Gwen changed her name to Rina and started modeling for art photos. She is single.

Courtney - Courtney got the travel bug and wanted to make her own Tv show. So after studying filming, geography, and culture in college, she made her own TV ipakita on the Travel Channel called "Around the World with Courtney." She is Duncan's fiannce.

Katie - Katie ended up figuring out that Sadie didn't want to be mga kaibigan with her, she just had a crush on Katie. Figuring this out, Katie called a restraining order on her, called her a "dark spirit", became goth, changed...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
sOME PLACE-An alley on 21st street

AMY: Im sooo BORED!

Kyra:AGH! Me too!

KALIE:Ooooo! I know! Lets go rob the jewlery store!

SHAWNI:Girl you crazy! You just got out of jail and you wanna go rob a jewlery store?

AMY Yea! and besides I was thinking of going to the beach! Cuz I need to work on my tan!

KYRA:Amy! You are so tan all ready!

AMY:Well Miss.Albino! I think you need some sun!

KYRA:Well you know what you can halik my..

ROSALIE:WOAH! Ok you two thats enough. Lets just go to the beach. Ok?


Kalie:Forget it! Im going to go with my idea.

DANIELLE:Ooo! If you'r gonna rob a jewlery store...
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Total Drama Island is a reality ipakita where 22 teens settle at Camp Wawanakwa-a island in Muskoka, Ontario. The producers of the ipakita plan various challenges that the campers must participate in. Every few days, Chris calls the losing team (until the teams are disbanded) to the campfire where he passes out marshmellows. Those who recieve marshmellows stay; those who don't get a marshmellow must walk the Dock of Shame, board the bangka of Losers, and leave the camp. They cannot return, EVER. (except for Eva and Izzy, who returned) The campers are eliminated one sa pamamagitan ng one until only one camper remains....
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