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 kevin the ed edd n eddy one
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kevin tatlong bagay to tdi ed edd eddy one not me
kasanayan ng tagahanga
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This kabuuan drama ng isla kasanayan ng tagahanga contains sasakyang pangalangaang, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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(BTW, I'll be the teacher of this story!!!)

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class. Today's the behavior integer day.
Amy: (laughs) Integers are so dumb like my twin sister Samey.
Courtneyfan6: (scary voice) Amy, shut up! (normal voice) Anyways, I'm too lazy to do the classwork so here are your integers.
(-10: Courtney and Duncan)
Courtney: Yes! Me and my boyfriend Duncan got -10's!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Courtney and Duncan. You two are the best students ever! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(-9: Lindsay)
Lindsay: Yes! I got a -9!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Lindsay! You get 2 years off! Go...
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Yeah.. I made a tuktok 5 lest paborito couples. But I have nothing better to do so I decided to do this while I have nothing to do with my life. And here's the rules:
1:It has to be canon
2:You can't assume that your paborito couples would be on here.
3:You have to respect my opinion as it's.
ok we good now? Good! Let's get started!

5.Bridgette and Geoff
In season one they were great but as the series went on they were a snooze fest. I'm mean what happened you two used to be the best couple of the series why are you guys so boring now? Why are you guys so boring in tda it doesn't make since. In...
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