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(both teams are at the front gate with Chris)
Chris:ok wow,both teams up for elimination this might be interesting,
ok its time to make your votes
(the teams make their votes)
Kate:the mga boto are in Chris
Chris:thankyou kate,ok lets see whose going home,
Theirs some for Travis,Jeanett and Rikki,
so the person going tahanan is....
Rayla:goodbye Rikki
Jeanett:take care
Chris:any last words?
Rikki:yeah i pag-ibig u al....
Chris:oh look were out of time
Rikki:but wait i haven't finished
(Chris pushes Rikki out with the zombies)
Chris:looks like Rikki is out,what challenge do they face next,
and who will be eliminated susunod find out susunod time on
total.... drama.... zommmbiefied
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Chris:last time on total drama zombiefied,the teams had to go on a survivor hunt,
and they found some familiar faces,who will win the susunod challenge and who will be
eliminated next,find out right now on

hi welcome back,so whats susunod for our contestants,lets find out
(Chris knocks on their cabin and wakes them up)
Travis:yes again
Jeanett:Chris why did u wake Travis up?
Jeanett:oh nothing
(the teams get up and see Chris)
Kate:morning contestants
Chris:so teams do you guys know how to make a cure?,
because my friend chef is a zombie and i need a cure...
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Chris:last time on total drama zombiefied,
the contestants were running for their lives for their first challenge,and team slayers lost
the challenge so Camile took the death taking elimination,who will win the susunod challenge
and who will be eliminated next,find out right now on

hi folks welcome back,i'm just waking the two teams up
to tell them their susunod zombieful challenge
(Chris bangs two pans together and wakes the teams up
Tyrone:what the?
Demetry:i guess we get up now
Travis:you think?
Jonah:Rayla whats wrong
Rayla:i hope Camile is ok
Rikki:don't worry Rayla she will...
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(Chris and team slayers are at the gate of the ligtas camp)
Chris:ok,team slayers you have to vote off someone in your team,
so you each have to write the one you want out on a piece of
paper,then put it in the skull vote box and whoever has the most votes
gets kicked out with the zombies the defend on their own
(the team make their votes)
Chris:ok the mga boto are in,
so theres 3 mga boto for Camile and 3 mga boto for Rikki,
and wait theres one madami and...its...for...Camile
looks like your outta here
Kate:sorry looks like your eliminated
Camile:well i hope i can live out there
Rikki:we will all miss ya
Camile:thanks guys i will miss you all
(Chris throws Camile a pistol)
Camile:whats this for?
Chris:its for protection,but be careful its only got two bullets,so
use them carefully
(Chris pushes Camile out)
Chris:ok so there you have it,what team will lose and who will
be eliminated next,find out susunod time right here on total...drama...zommmbiefied
(the bus is nearly to its destantion)
Chris:ok guys where nearly to our destantion any questions
(most of the contestants put their hands up)
Chris:ok no questions?
(Kate sagot some of their questions)
kelli:so where killing zombies?
Nikita:are we gonna live?
Chad:are we getting weapons?
Chris:yes to all those questions
Kate:so Chris tell them what their first challenge is?
Chris:so this is the town Animetama where u will be staying
Rikki:wait were staying in there?
Chris:yes,but first everyone take a paddlepop
Travis:so we have to eat a paddlepop?
Chris:yes,this will determin which team you will be on...
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Chris and Chef were around in the studio watching the old total drama tapes and auditions
for total drama island.some made them laugh and choke on air,others made tears escape their
little did they know,the government sent out a warning that zombies were headed their way
when they recieved the message,Chris just laughed it off along with Chef.
however,they weren't laughing for long when they peaked out the window.Everywhere,zombies,
running around.Chris and Chef had to get out of there!
As soon as they somehow escaped the mob of zombies,in the back of Chris' head,he was
plotting a whole new season....
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