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When will this end?
Mass shootings
Terrorist attacks
Police brutality

They say it's just a gun control problem
They say it cannot be fixed
I say the problem is deeper
I say there is hope

When will this end?
Income inequality
Veterans living on the streets, penniless,
Dying sa pamamagitan ng their own hands every day.

Some say they will make America better
But nothing has changed...
And I truly do fear
Nothing ever will

When will pag-ibig start?
The araw we offer a hand to the fallen
Instead of cringing back in shock
And running away

When will our world change?
The araw we pag-ibig too much to kill
The araw others' pain becomes our pain
The araw we act instead of just talking about it

"It's impossible"
"We're too broken to be mended"
"It's a hopeless battle"
Yes, it's hard, but let us try.
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posted by amoremusic
I write what i feel and try to
make them seem so-real to
you, but all you want from me
is honesty.

as i write out the facts
you act like you don't really
care where my puso truly is.

Let me tell you where it
is, it's in the honesty of my
poetry, deep inside my puso
it's the only thing that reveals
the emotions deep down inside
my soul.

as i hold onto the emotions
that creates honest mga tula
that i write, i see you looking
at my private diaries understanding
who i want to be.

you look at me and you
seem to know what i'm
feeling as i'm revealing
to you the emotions that
comes from within my

as i hold the key to this
honest mga tula that i compose
you seem to believe every-little
detail that i have to say to you.
Chapter One- My First Death araw (Oh The Joy)

Let me put this into words you living, breathing, humans can understand. I'm dead. You won't understand a thing if you keep on believing that I'm alive. I'm not alive and I will never come back from the dead. This isn't some crappy horror novel you picked up. This is real life. And in real life, once you're dead, you're dead, for good. There are no segundo chances and no undos. If you continue on this delusional journey that I'm alive and well, then you're better off putting this book down and going back to that lousy crap about the princess who received...
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posted by Problematic129 second...Part 12!
uy peeps, I'm back, how've you been doing? If no one's told you let I'm glad your alive right now, and I smile knowing that your still breathing. Darling, you are worth it, don't let them bring you down, take a breather and stand up. Because the best way to fight your enemy is letting them know there not getting to you. Laugh, smile, love, run, scream, do whatever makes you happy, do the right thing. And most importantly, live and dream, because nothing, NOTHING, is impossible. It can be done. I own nothing, and if I did I would totally make mention, but right now, nothing is mine, hope you enjoy, and don't worry, madami will be posted soon. I don't own anything, enjoy!
“Misery is optional, pain is an illusion, but pag-ibig is eternal” - Bam Margera
posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Tears were rolling down my face. My puso hurt, and my thoughts were scrambled.
It was a araw that reflected my emotions. The clouds covered the sky completely and were threatening to rain, the wind was howling and my family was being ripped apart.

My parents were both suicidal, and were always having what they call “accidents”. One week, I found my mother cutting her wrists in the bathroom. Her blood was puddling on the floor, and she was crying. I called her therapist, who talked her out of it. Again. My father was no better. He tried to thrown himself out the third story window of our...
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