TV Couples Your Favourite scene of your OTP? (I`ll add mine and another and YOU will add yours.:) )

Pick one:
Chuck & Blair I Gossip Girl I Rooftop:2x14
Damon & Elena I TVD I Don`t ever do that again:2x10
Kevin & Scotty I B&S I kevin forgives scotty : 5x07
Added by cicino1
Kurt & amp; Blaine| Glee | The KLISS: 2x16
Kurt & Blaine| Glee | The KLISS: 2x16
Added by MissKnowItAll
Lucas & Peyton | OTH | "I pag-ibig you too": 3x21
Added by kellyerin87
Lucas / Peyton (OTH) 'It's You' : 4x09
Added by AdeTiffSan
DE"I pag-ibig you Elena and it's because I pag-ibig you I can't be selfish with you..."
Added by katie15
Jack & Kate | "Because I pag-ibig you"
Added by sk91
Serena & Nate | Gossip Girl | "You Loved Me?"
Added by TheLiineGirl
Sawyer & Kate "I pag-ibig you too"
Added by Piria
Nathan & amp; Haley - One puno burol - First Proposal
Nathan & Haley - One puno burol - First Proposal
Added by Seddie4Ever
Brooke & Lucas - Rain scene: 3x13
Dance with me ... | Brooke & Lucas | 3x22
Added by Dean-girlx
Jack & Kate | Nawawala | The mariposa Hug
Added by FutureDancer
Tony & Ziva | Handle with care, contents.... priceless. | 8x04
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
Bangel/ The beauty and the beasts/ 3x4
Added by JulienBangel
Meredith & Derek ::: Grey´s Anatomy ::: 6x24 - halik me (...and many madami :))
Added by ItComesToThis
Tony & Ziva | No, I'm not going without you! | Til Death Do Us Part
Added by tonyziva1234
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