TV Couples paborito power of 4 couples who's your favorite?

Pick one:
booth & amp; Buto and angela & amp; hodgins (bones)
booth & Buto and angela & hodgins (bones)
cory & amp; topanga and angela & amp; shawn (bmw)
cory & topanga and angela & shawn (bmw)
barney & amp; robin and lily & amp; marshall (himym)
barney & robin and lily & marshall (himym)
tony & ziva and abby & mcgee (ncis)
brooke & amp; julian and nathan & amp; haley (oth)
brooke & julian and nathan & haley (oth)
nathan & amp; haley and clay & amp; quinn (oth)
nathan & haley and clay & quinn (oth)
max & amp; liz and michael maria (roswell)
max & liz and michael maria (roswell)
jd & elloit and turk & carla (scrubs)
loid & amp; clark and chloe & amp; oliver (smallville)
loid & clark and chloe & oliver (smallville)
seth & summer and ryan & taylor (the oc)
cristina & amp; owen and derek & amp; meredith (GA)
cristina & owen and derek & meredith (GA)
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