TV Couples Most romantic ILY? {You may add more!}

Pick one:
Jate- cliff I pag-ibig you.
Ryrissa- New year's I pag-ibig you.
Brucas- I forgive you I pag-ibig you.
Naley- first I pag-ibig you.
Jeyton- prison I pag-ibig you.
Leyton- I'm in pag-ibig with you.
Leyton- I still pag-ibig you.
Merder - ...I pag-ibig you. So pick me, choose me, pag-ibig me.
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CB - Kate, I pag-ibig you. I pag-ibig you, Kate.
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Delena :I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I pag-ibig you, Elena.
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Janto- Ianto dying
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LP: I want you to be my wife, because I pag-ibig you. I pag-ibig you with all my heart.
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Spuffy - I pag-ibig You (Chosen)
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