TV Couples Chameron is my favourite couple EvEr,so no contest.But I pag-ibig a lot of other couples.Which is your favourite?

Pick one:
House and Cuddy(House md)
Chuck and Blair(Gossip Girl)
Booth and Bones(Bones)
Michale and Sara(Prison Break)
Lois and Clark(Smallville)
Lois and Clark(The new adventures of Superman)
Lucas and Peyton(One puno Hill)
Nathan and Haley(One puno Hill)
Logan and Veronica(Veronica Mars)
Nate and Vanessa(Gossip Girl)
Ryan and Taylor(OC)
Seth and Summer(OC)
Rory and Logan(Gilmor Girls)
Monica and Chandler(FRIENDS)
Rachel and Ross(FRIENDS)
Pablo y Marizza(Rebelde Way)-(in case you know them)
 mimika_s posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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