tv babaeng tauhan [COPYING!] My paborito females from the shows I watch/watched // your favorite?

Pick one:
⇨Rachel Green [friends]
⇨Meredith Grey [grey's anatomy]
⇨Robin Scherbatsky [how i met your mother]
⇨Kate Beckett [castle]
⇨Peyton Sawyer [one puno hill]
⇨Carrie Bradshaw [sex& the city]
⇨Snow White [once upon a time]
⇨Rachel Berry [glee]
⇨Caroline Forbes [the vampire diaries]
⇨Ellie Torres [cougar town]
⇨Caroline Channing [two broke girls]
⇨Serena van der Woodsen [gossip girl]
⇨Sara Ellis [white collar]
Don't know/like any of these
 marakii posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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