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posted by LexisFaith
So here it is, right on time, something at is hard for me to do because I pag-ibig to procrastinate :) So here is 2, and it's in Bella's POV

Well I tell you what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna drive to the big old muddy river
I'm gonna park my car in the middle of the
mile long bridge
And there I'm gonna cry
Well maybe just a little
Then I'm gonna slip off the ring
that you put on my finger
And give it a big old fling and watch it sink
Down, down, down
And there it's gonna lie until the Lord
comes back around

Because you lie like a priceless Persian rug on
a rich man's floor
You lie like a coon dog basking
in the sunshine on my porch
Well you lie like a penny in a parking
lot at the grocery store
It just comes so dang natural to you
The way you lie

You Lie~ The Band Perry

After Dinner, we all went our seperate ways, I to my room. I flung my suitcase up on my kama and began unpacking. I picked up my cell phone and text Jake.

I'm home. Call me.-B

I put away my tolietries, put away the clothes I didn't lose and put the ones I did down the shoot in the hallway. Jake still hadn't called so I picked up the phone and called him myself, turning my engagement ring around on my finger as I held my phone up to my ear. It rang until his voice mail picked up. "This is Jacob. Leave a message." I hung up and called his house.
It rang twice and someone picked up.
"Who is this?" I asked.
"Leah. . .who is this?"
My stomach dropped. "Bella. Jacob's fiance."
"Fiance?!" She yelled.
"Oh, my freakin' god. Bella I am so sorry. He didn't any anything about a fiance or girlfriend for that matter. I had no idea."
"It's okay." I could hear the sincerity in her voice. "Could you tell him to have a nice life for me? And that I'm keeping the ring?"
"Oh, he'll hear madami than that. But I will make sure and tell him." He growled.
"Thanks." I told her. "Oh, and remind him that Claire is bringing his son down this weekend."
"His son? Hot damn he's dug himself a deep hole. I'll get him, Bella, don't you worry."
"Thank you, Leah. Bye."
I threw my phone on my bed, my ears blowing smoke, my body was shaking. I grabbed my phone and my keys and stomped down stairs.
"The wedding is OFF!" I yelled and threw opened the front door.
"Bella!" Emmett was sitting on the porche. "What's wrong?"
"You were right." I huffed. "He is an ornery, lieing, son of a bitch." I threw my arms up.
"Yeah." I rolled my eyes. "I called him and some girl picked up. She sinabi he didn't say anything about me or anyone else for that matter and she's pissed now too."
"God, the bastered." Emmett growled.
I walked of the porch and to my truck.
"Where are you going?" He yelled.
"The bridge!" I flung open my door, and started it, making it roar to life and black smoke a bit. I started down the drive way when I saw Edward. I hit the brake and crawled over to open the passenger side door. "Get in."
"What?" he asked.
"Get in." I told him. "I need someone who won't stop me from goin' but'll keep me from doin' suhum' stupid. Get tha hell in."
He dropped his dayami bail, not bothering to grab his sando and got it, closing the door behind him.
"Where are we goin'?" He asked
"The bridge." The ring was burning a hole in my pocket.
"Can I ask why?"
"If you want the whole story." I told him.
He shrugged.
"Basicly, my fiance desided he wasn't gettin enough and I called about 30 minutos nakaraan and a girl picked up. Never told her about me. Or about his son, Paul. So she's 'bout as pissed as I am."
"Douche." He grumbled.
That made me smile a little. "So now, we are going to the bridge so I can throw this peice of shit ring at the bottom of the lake."

I over onto the shoulder and got out, Edward behind me. I took the ring out of my pocket hoping I could get it out there far enough. But I knew I couldn't.
"Throw this." I handed him the ring.
"You don't wanna' do it?" He asked.
I shook my head. "I cain't get it out there far enough."
He took it from between my fingers, and turned to the water. "How far?"
"As far as you can get it."
He stepped back, then took quick steps to edge, throwing his hand over his shoulder than out. Out in the water all I saw was a small drop about a football field away.
"Where'd you learn to throw that far?" I was keeping my mind occupied.
"Baseball." He stuck his hands in his pockets. "I played in junior high and high school."
"Cool." It wasn't working. My throat was starting to restrict, my eyes were burning and I guess I wasn't doing a good job of hiding it because Edward took his hands out of his pockets and wrapped him around me, hugging me to his chest.
I wrapped my arms around his middle, enjoying that he was doing exactly what I needed him to, and cried.

~Edward POV~
My, oh, my, you're so good looking
Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends
But I've not tasted all you're cooking
Who are you when I'm not looking

Do you pour a little something on the rocks
Slide down the hallway in your socks
When you undress, do you leave a path
Then sink to your nose in a bubble bath

My, oh, my, you're so good looking
Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends
But I've not tasted all you're cooking
Who are you when I'm not looking

I want to know, I want to know, I want to know

Do you break things when you get mad
Eat a box of tsokolate cause you're feeling bad
Do you paint your toes cause you bite your nails
And call up mama when all else fails

Who are you when I'm not around
When the door is locked and the shades are down
Do you listen to your music quietly
And when it feels just right are you thinking of me?

I want to know, I want to know, I want to know

My, oh, my, you're so good looking
But who are you when I'm not looking Who Are You When I'm Not Looking~ Blake Shelton

She had me drive on the way back to her house. She hopped out when we got back and walked straight into the house.
"She's okay?" Emmett asked.
"Yeah. She's good. Still crying and pissed but she feels better. Had me throw the ring." I told him.
He smiled lightly at me. "I don't care what Jasper says. I pag-ibig my baby sis and you better believe Jacob Black hasn't heard the last of us, but you're good for her." He told me. "You guys just...mesh. The fact that you dropped whatever you did just to do what she asked because you could tell she needed you, that earns Brother and Daddy points." He clapped my on my shoulder.

I walked up to my room and heard the bath running on the other side of the bathroom door. The paliguan seperate Bella's and my room. There was a sink/ toliet, door, shower/tub, door, and her sink and toliet.

Listening to the water run made my mind wonder. I wonder if she leaves trails of clothes when she undresses. I wonder if she had put bubbles it in water, and if she let herself sink up to her nose.

I laid on my kama and watched tv with no soud, listening to her drain the tub, and walked back into her room. I could hear thumping as she would throw things onto the floor some breaking some nothing. I got up and walked down the hall to her bedroom door where I knocked. "Bella."
"Go away!" I could tell sa pamamagitan ng her voice she was crying.
"No. I'm not going to sit here and listen to you throw anything else."
"Then leave!"
"You just need to calm down!" I put my hands on her door frame. "What is breaking anything going to do? What if the susunod thing means something to you?"
"I don't care!"
"You will! Just open the damn door!" I yelled.
"It's not locked!"
Just as I opened it something hit the door and shattered. "Woah!" I opened the door the rest of the way, with Bella fuming, crying, wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt.
"Sorry!" She yelled back.
I stepped over the glass grabbing her as she fought me. I was sure I was going to have bruises on my arms and back but when she went limp into me I knew it didn't matter.
She sobbed onto my shirt. "I'm sorry." She cried.
"Don't be." I told her, bringing her over to her sopa so I could sit down and she laid her head in my lap on a pillow.
"I almost hit you with that glass. That could have really messed you up." She cried somemore.
"But you didn'." I wiped her hair out of her face.
"Why are you doin' this? Being' so nice to me? You don't know me." She sniffled.
"Because I know exactly what you are goin' through. I threw things, broke things, drank."
"I was engaged, too. I was with her for 4 years. Engaged for two when I came tahanan one araw and found her in my kama with another guy."
"Oh, god." She whispered.
"I know how it feels. I know. But I also know I did alot of things I regret. I drank myself into a coma, broke things my little sister got me."
"So when you say I would regret it later?"
"I knew you would."
"How old is your sister?"
"Four. My adoptive parents, my aunt and uncle, adopted her when she was born."
"What's her name?"
"What's she like?" She asked.
"Well, she has dark brown hair, almost black, and brown eyes, that are like gatas chocolate- like your's." I saw her blush. "She's too smart for her own good. Acts 24 insted of four. But just like everyother four taon old. She's roudy, talkative, asks all kinds of stupid tanong then some you cain't even answer. She likes asking why. And it's a continous tanong process until you fianlly say, 'cuz God sinabi so'."
Bella giggled. "She sounds sweet."
"She is. She gives stranger's hugs."
Bella laughed outloud but didn't asked for anything else. We looked out her window watching the clouds and when her breathing evened out and she sighed loudly, I knew she was asleep. I picked her up and placed her on her bed, pulled back the covers and tucked them around her.
I left her room, quietly shutting the door. I jumped when I turned around and saw Emmett standing there.
"Brownie points." He sang while he walked away.
 Bella's truck
Bella's truck
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