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Chapter 2:
I woke up at 7 o clock, I was a little to excited to sleep any longer as today I was going to the kastilyo of Volterra for a tour. I pag-ibig my history, I learned that every taon the people of Volterra hold a festival celebrating St Marcus’s day. They believe that Marcus chased Bampira out of the Volterra and to this araw is still chasing Bampira to keep them out of the Volterra. It was absurd I know but they believe it. It was really hot out today so I wore light jean shorts, white belly tuktok with my white pumps, I put my hair in a messy bun, with my dark framed sunglasses, I brought a smallish bag for my camera, bottle of water and note book and pen. I put my key in my pitaka so I wouldn’t lose it. I walked out my room, across the hallway to the elevator.
I arrived outside the kastilyo along with many other’s waiting for the tour. We were waiting for 45 minutos till a woman came out of the kastilyo doors. I guess she was our tour guide.
“Hello everyone my name is Heidi and I’ll be your tour guide today.” She spoke loudly so that everyone could hear her.
“Please stick together.” She told us. We did as she asked. It was really hot, I was so glad that I brought a bottle of water with me. But the only problem now was that I need to use the bathroom. I walked up susunod to Heidi.
“Heidi, is there a bathroom here?” I asked her.
“Yes of course. Alec.” She called. A boy in dark clothes, with his hood up appeared.
“Can you guide this young tourist to the bathroom? you know where to guide her next.” Heidi asked.
“Of course.” He answered, then his body turned to face me, but I couldn’t see his face, his hood hid it. “Follow me.” His voice was soft and beautiful. I followed him as he led me to the bathroom.
“I’ll be out here, waiting to guide you back to the other’s.” He told me as he stopped a closed door, which I guess the bathroom was on the other side.
“Thank you.” I sinabi to him. I walked through the door, the bathroom was amazing, it was filled with mirrors with ginto frames, it looked modern, but also it had history to it as well. It was amazingly beautiful. I used the bathroom. I walked out the door, the boys Alec had his hood down, he looked beautiful from the back, he had dark hair that covered his ears and neck.
“Where to next?” I asked. He turned round, our eyes immediately locked, we stood there staring into each other’s eyes, my puso rate got faster. His was absolutely gorgeous, his eyes were really dark brown almost red. It didn’t scare me like it should have done, but instead drew me into him. He walked carefully towards me, his eyes never leaving mine.
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