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posted by just_bella
So for some wierd reason I have decided that Pagsulat 3 stories sounds like fun. I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep them all up, but I'm gonna try :) Thanks for the comments!!
Last time:

He came up to my father and shook his hand, he smiled at my mother and knelt down to say hello to Cynthia. When he came to me he seemed to look longer then he did with my sister.

"Mary, it is very nice to meet you. I have heard a few things from your father, and he thought that it might be a good idea if we had a conversation." He sinabi in a jolly tone.

I was very nervous and nodded at him because I knew that is what was expected of me.

I'm sorry to end these entries at strange times, but I need to write when I can and someone will be coming to check on me soon. I have to stop here for now."

Esme took a deep breath and set the book on the table, I didn't realize that she had stoped pagbaba until Jasper rubbed his hand down my arm breaking the spell that I was under.

I looked around and noticed that everyone was staring at me. Emmett and Jasper were looking at me with a look that I knew ment that they were sorry that I was hurting. Rose came over and knelt down infront of me, she put her head in my lap and nuzzled my hands. I knew that this was speaking a lot for her, she wasn't one to ipakita affection with anyone but Emmett. She was ipinapakita me that she cared, she was sorry that I was hurting then and now.

Lastly Esme came over and rubbed my shoulders, she looked down at me and winked.


The weather was nice the susunod day, so for obvious reasons none of us could go to school. We actually decided as a family that hunting in a National reserve might be fun.

"Where do we want to go on vacation this time?" Carlisle asked, a twinkle in his eye.

"California!!" Edward suggested.

"No, you chose last time." Emmett sinabi as he pushed Edward back from the map that was laying on the table.

"How about Montanna?" I sinabi quietly.

"What's there?" Emmett asked as he looked to Jasper who was still sitting sa pamamagitan ng the computer.

"Well, it says there are moose, elk, sheep, fox, brown and grizzley bears, wolves, deer and as of recently there is a cougar problem." Jasper said.

"Ohhh let's go!! I'm ready!!" Emmett sinabi as he ran up to his room and got a few pairs of jeans and shirts.

"I'm game!" Edward sinabi as he ran upstairs to get some things together.

"Ughhh, please tell me there's hotels in this park please!" Rosalie sinabi as she picked at her nails.

"Rose, please lets just go as a family. We'll all have fun." Esme pleaded.

"Fine! But so help me if anything gets messed up." Rosalie grumbled as she stomped up the stirs to follow Emmett.

"I'll go grab some things." I sinabi quietly.

Jasper was suddenly at my side and took my hands in his. He smiled as he began running up the stairs towing me along with him.

He ran into our room and started packing clothes, I smiled at him and helped him pack a few outfits for each of us, just in case.

We all met in the livingroom, and when no one was paying attention I grabbed the journal from the mesa and stuffed it in our little bag.

We drove out to Montana, no one saying much the entire time. When we got there we set up our "camp site" and Carlisle and Esme set up the chairs and campfire supplies.

I stood there smiling at them, they went to such extremes to make sure that we blended in with the rest of the families.

I looked around and noticed that everyone else was busy, Emmett and Edward were throwing a football to eachother, Jasper was walking around exploring the flora and fauna of the area, and Rosalie was grumbling about not finding a plug in anywhere for her curling iron.

I knew that no one would notice if I took off, and when they did they would probably just assume that I went hunting. I walked over to Jasper and my tent and grabbed the journal off the tuktok and began walking into the woods.

I walked into the woods where no one would see me anymore and ran as fast as I could up a bluff to a spot where there was a rock outcropping. I sat down, kicking my legs over the edge and opened the journal.

The susunod entry was dated April 22nd, the araw after the last entry.

I pulled my legs up to my knees and used them as a stand for my book, taking a breath before I read the susunod part.

"They are starting to allow me longer periods of time alone, I think this must be a good sign. I do my best to make them think that my visions are going away, but they insist on madami treatments to be sure. Now, where were we?

Oh yeah, Dr. Gordon and I walked into his office. I turned around once to look back at my sister, she was trying to break away from mother so she could come with. I smiled at her and shook my head lightly, she calmed down and smiled back.

"Mary, do you know why your father asked me to talk to you?" He asked sweetly.

"No sir, I mean yes sir. I see things sometimes, and I think it scares him." I sinabi quietly

"Yes, that is what your father has told me. He sinabi it has happened twice now? First with your sister, and the segundo time when you were in the park?" He asked.

"Yes, please sir. Is there anything we can do?" I sinabi worried that the answer wouldn't be what I wanted it to be.

I was sitting waiting for the susunod response when I had another vision of myself strapped to the mesa with Dr. Gordon standing sa pamamagitan ng my head attaching something to both sides of my head.

I gasped a breath and shrank back in my chair, as far away from him as possible.

He stood up, looking at me strangely. He walked over and knelt down infront of me.

"Mary, can you hear me?" He asked concerned.

I couldn't say anything, the fear taking over my body. I managed to nod once so he understood.

"Ok dear, take deep breaths." He sinabi

I sat there trying to remember how to breath, I knew I had to get out of this place before what I saw in my vision came true. I wasn't sure how that would happen, but I was going to try.

I took a few deep breaths and managed to get myself back together. I smiled up at the doctor.

"I'm sorry, I thought I saw something out the window." I sinabi as I pointed to the window behind him.

He smiled and turned to look out the window, realizing that I was lying.

"Mary, I am going to go have a conversation with your parents. Would you and your sister like to go look at the grounds? There is a pond with ducks, and a maze." He sinabi trying to make it seem inticing.

I nodded back at him and scrambled to the door, I ran out the door and over to my sister. I fell sa pamamagitan ng her feet and buried my head into her stomach the tears falling before I meant them to.

Cynthia looked down at me and ran her hand through my hair. She smiled down at me and helped me back to my feet.

"Mr. and Mrs. Brandon I would like to speek with you in private. Susan, could you please take the girls out to the pond, or the maze while I speak to their parents." He asked the receptionist.

"Yes Dr. G." Susan said

She reached her hands out so that we could take her hands, I wasn't sure I wanted to this but Cynthia grabbed on right away and I knew I had to go to protect her if nothing else.

Oh no, it's time for kama checks again. Please be patient, this is my best therapy and the way that G talks I will make it out of here way or another. Whatever that means."

That was the end of the entry, I put the book down on the rock susunod to me and looked out over the mountains that surrounded me.

I was enjoying the scnene when I heard someone running in my direction. I closed my eyes to see who it would be and was shocked to see that it was everyone.
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